Coming Back To My Family (Red Line)

Label: Red Line (Italy)
Catalog: RFCD 1343
Release: 1994
Format: CD / Standard Jewel Case
Duration: 01:08:02


  1. Ode To My Family
  2. Sunday
  3. Linger
  4. Pretty
  5. Put Me Down
  6. Ridicolos Thoughts  Ridiculous Thoughts
  7. I Can’t Be With You
  8. How
  9. Wanted
  10. Everything I Said
  11. Not Sorry
  12. Dreams
  13. In Your Head  Zombie
  14. Liar
  15. Special  (Later called “No Need To Argue”)
  16. So Cold In Ireland
  17. Empty


  • Show: Dublin · Tivoli Theatre · 18 December 1993
  • Source: Professional (Mixing Desk)
  • Duration: 01:08:02
  • Almost complete show directly recorded from the band’s mixing desk.
  • There is a cut between “Not Sorry” and “Dreams” probably due to change of side of a 90min cassette. Rumor says “Waltzing Back” was played in between (?)
  • There is a second cut between “Liar” and “Special”, no music missing.
  • The first song of the encore is introduced by Dolores as, “…a song called Special” which will later be called “No Need To Argue”


  • 1st version (this is the original pressing).
  • There are 2 other versions of this CD, one released in 1995 on a label called Live Storm and one released in 1996 on a label called Rock Adventure. Audio content is the exact clone of this original pressing, only some parts of the artworks are different.
  • 2 mistakes on back cover about the tracklist, on tracks 6 and 13. Track 15 (“Special”) is not a mistake!
  • Incorrect date of the show on back cover, this concert was on 18 December 1993 not on the 17th.


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