Audio/Video recordings (1995.05.08)



Source: Audience (markit aneight)
Recording equipment: 8mm camcorder (unknown model)
Best circulating format: YouTube (@markit aneight), 480p, 4:3
Duration: 01:36:38

Intro tape (cuts in)
1. Pretty
2. Twenty One (cuts out)
3. Sunday
4. How
5. Linger
6. Dreaming My Dreams
7. Wanted
8. Daffodil Lament
9. I Can’t Be With You
10. I.J.S John Lennon
11. Ode To My Family
12. Yellow Skies
13. Not Sorry
14. Still Can’t…
15. Free To Decide
16. Waltzing Back
17. Ridiculous Thoughts
18. Zombie
waiting for the encore (cuts out)
19. War Child
20. Empty
21. Joe
22. Liar
23. Dreams
Outro tape (cuts out)
Extras outside the venue


  • Almost complete show.
  • 23 songs recorded out of 23.
  • Filmed from the stands, almost dead center.
  • The view is sometimes obstructed during Pretty, Ode To My Family, Zombie and Dreams. The rest of the time it is perfect.
  • The intro tape is only missing a few seconds.
  • Twenty One cuts out for an unknown reason and cuts back in towards the end, 1 minute missing.
  • There is a small cut before the encore (between Zombie and War Child) possibly for changing battery or tape, no music is missing.
  • The outro tape cuts out at the very beginning and only a few seconds of the Bob Marley song were recorded.
  • After the show taper recorded some extras outside the venue for about 2 minutes long.
  • Version captured directly off the 8mm master tape and uploaded on YouTube by user markit aneight.

Screen Shots

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