Audio/Video recordings (2012.10.13)



Source: Audience (industrykills)
Recording equipment: Possibly mobile phone (?)
Best circulating format: YouTube (@industrykills), 720p, 16:9
Duration: 01:04:09

1. Analyse
2. Animal Instinct (cuts in)
3. How
4. Just My Imagination (cuts in)
5. When You’re Gone
6. Wanted

7. Waltzing Back
8. Schizophrenic Playboys  (cuts in)
9. Put Me Down
10. Ordinary Day
11. The Journey (cuts in)
12. Ridiculous Thoughts (cuts in)
13. Interlude
14. Empty (cuts in)
15. Twenty One
16. Losing My Mind
17. Linger
18. Tomorrow (cuts in)
19. Show Me (cuts in + cuts out)
20. Salvation
21. I Can’t Be With You (cuts in)
22. Promises (cuts in)
waiting for the encore
23. Conduct

24. No Need To Argue
25. Zombie (cuts in + cuts out)
26. Dreams


  • 17 songs recorded out of 26.
  • Filmed from the stalls, front row or maybe 2nd, dead center.
  • No zooming at all, the frames are the exact same size all the time, that’s why we can guess the recorder probably is a mobile phone.
  • Filming with a mobile phone in 2012 was in 99% of the cases totally useless and almost without any interest to make a great or even decent recording but this one is the 1% exception as taper is about 1 meter away from the stage.
  • Most of the beginnings of the songs are missing but nothing really annoying as that’s just a matter of seconds (except for “Just My Imagination” & “Schizophrenic Playboys”).
  • Uploaded on YouTube in 17 parts.

Screen shots

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