The Termite Club, Cruises Royal Hotel (1990.08.16)


  • The Termite Club, Cruises Royal Hotel, Limerick, Ireland
  • Google Street View (no longer exists)

SETLIST (incomplete)

  • Sunday
  • A Fast One


  • ?


  • Full house (exact capacity unknown)


  • Venue


  • The Hitchers (headliners)


  • Audio: 0
  • Video: 0



  • The Cranberry Saw Us supporting the band The Hitchers (more likely a double-header but The Hitchers having played after The Cranberry Saw Us, one can consider The Cranberry Saw Us as support act).
  • The Termite Club was in fact the Ruby’s Club located downstairs in the Cruises Royal Hotel. The club was just renamed by gig promoter Dredds for a new season of alternative discos and live rock every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Dredds wanted Termites to have its own distinct identity. This very night with The Hitchers and The Cranberry Saw Us kicked things off.
  • Note the truncation “Cranberries” already appearing (maybe for the first time) in the small article/review published by the Limerick Tribune in August 1990.
  • Setlist is incomplete, only based on the Limerick Tribune article.
  • Exact duration is unknown. Probably not more than 30 minutes.
  • There is no photo from the show nor the venue that day. The above photos of the venue were taken in the early 90s.
  • Unfortunately the hotel was demolished in 1991 (see venue’s photo #3) after 200 years of existence to make way for the new pedestrianised street which opened in late 1992. One of the most important place in The Cranberries History has gone forever!
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