The Parkway (1991.10.03)


  • The Parkway, Limerick, Ireland


(No intro)
1. Them
2. Nothing Left At All
3. How
4. A Íosa
5. Serious
6. Put Me Down
7. Pathetic Senses
8. Reason
9. Uncertain
10. Linger
11. I Still Do
12. Liar
13. Same Old Story
14. Dreams
15. A Fast One
16. A Íosa
(Outro: Speaker’s announcement)


  • 57 minutes


  • 400 / 600


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  • THE CRANBERRYS and 2 discos at The parkway that night!
  • The Parkway was once a hotel. Back in 1991 it was a disco and, after “The Cranberrys” gig, there was a disco night!
  • The Cranberrys started the show after midnight.
  • They played “Íosa” (also known as “Atosa” or more likely “A Íosa” as per the band setlist back in the 1990s) twice on this show as, during the 2nd encore, crowd asked for more shouting “arís, arís, arís” (again in Irish). Dolores thus re-entered stage saying “Since ye said arís we are going to play the Irish one again”.
  • According to the article titled “Cranberries ready to go” (see Related Article) published in a newspaper in October 1991 (exact newspaper unknown) the Irish song “Íosa” (Atosa / A Íosa) was written for Dolores’ grandfather.
  • Photo of the setlist is Mike’s setlist.
  • The above photo of the venue was taken in 2018. Stage was on the first floor near the 2 windows on the very left.


  • Setlist · Alan Martin
  • Poster · Alan Martin
  • Show 1 · Select (1991.12)
  • Related Article · “City Limits favourites…” · Limerick Tribune (1991.09)
  • Related Article · “Cranberries ready to go” · Limerick Leader (1991.10.16)
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