14 Days

Release: 01 March 2009
Label: Gohan Recordings
Format: CD single, Digital downloads


1.     14 Days [radio edit] (4:01)
2.     14 Days [album version] (4:29)
3.     Pacing [acoustic version] (5:33)


Music by Noel Hogan
Vocals & lyrics by Richard Walters
Guitar by Noel Hogan
Strings arrangements by Ken Rice
Programming by Noel Hogan
Produced Noel Hogan and Gareth Manix


  • This release was supposed to be the first single of an upcoming album. The album never came out as Noel joined back The Cranberries in August 2009. New versions of all the tracks from the 14 Days single and the Black Hair EP were released on Richard Walters album Pacing in 2011.

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