14 Days

Artist Arkitekt (featuring Richard Walters)
Released on: 14 Days (track #2)
Duration: 4:29


A cause to fight
There is nothing else tonight
And do not pick, do not start
We were lying through the
sides of our mouths again

All costs unheard
There’s a reason no one knew
And did not meet, did not talk
We were making up the words
as we spat them out

There’s means to start
Please don’t take this all to heart
And did not say what you meant
Dig our heels in the ground
again and again

You get me wrong
Get me wrong
Every time
You get me wrong near every time
In 14 days I’ll be gone
In 14 days I’ll be gone
I’ll be gone away

A sound like stone
Everything was overblown
No one hears no one moved
We were wrapped up in all
of these other words then

A place like this
Everything is overthrown
And no one steered, no one moved
We were wrapped up in all
of these other words then

It caused this fire
There was nothing else to light
And do not speak, do not say
You’ve been lying through
the side of your face again


  • Music by Noel Hogan
  • Vocals & lyrics by Richard Walters
  • Strings arrangements by Ken Rice
  • Produced by Noel Hogan and Gareth Manix
  • Mixed by Gareth Manix and Noel Hogan


  • N/A


  • A demo version was posted on the Gohan Records website.
  • The acoustic version of “Pacing” is inaccurately identified as “14 Days (acoustic)” on the iTunes “14 Days” single.
  • A new version of the song is featured on Richard Walter’s album “Pacing”.

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