Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Release: 22 October 2001
Label: MCA Records
Format: Cassette, CD


1.     Never Grow Old (2:35)
2.     Analyse (4:10)
3.     Time Is Ticking Out (3:01)
4.     Dying Inside (3:10)
5.     This Is The Day (4:15)
6.     The Concept (3:03)
7.     Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (5:15)
8.     Pretty Eyes (3:48)
9.     I Really Hope (3:42)
10.   Every Morning (2:24)
11.   Do You Know (3:09)
12.   Carry On (2:24)
13.   Chocolate Brown (3:29)

Asian Tour Edition (CD 2)
1.     This Is The Day (Video)
2.     Time Is Ticking Out (Video)
3.     Analyse (Video)
4.     Many Days
5.     Cape Town
6.     Shattered (Live At Vicar Street)
7.     Loud And Clear (Live At Vicar Street)
8.     Analyse (Oceanic Long Version)
9.     Time Is Ticking Out (Marius De Vries Remix Edit)

International CD bonus tracks
14.   Salvation (Live in Paris)
15.   In The Ghetto

Japanese CD bonus tracks
14.   I Can’t Be With You (Live in Paris)
15.   Zombie (Live in Paris)
16.   In The Ghetto

UK CD bonus tracks
14.   Dreams (Live in Paris)
15.   Promises (Live in Paris)
16.   In The Ghetto

USA CD & Cassette bonus tracks
14.   Cape Town


  • Windmill Lane Studios
    Dublin, Ireland – August 20th to September 22nd 2000
    Analyse / Time Is Ticking Out / Dying Inside / Pretty Eyes / Do You Know /
    Capetown (9 tracks in total)
  • Windmill Lane Studios
    Dubin, Ireland – April 16th to early May 2001
    Wake Up And Smell The Coffee / In The Ghetto (9 tracks in total)
  • It is unclear on which session those songs were recorded:
    Never Grow Old / This Is The Day / The Concept / I Really Hope / Every
    Morning / Carry On / Chocolate Brown / Many Days / Such a Waste / 7 Years


Dolores O’Riordan Burton – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Noel Hogan – electric and acoustic guitars
Mike Hogan – bass
Fergal Lawler – drums and percussion

Music: O’Riordan and Hogan except “Never Grow Old”, “Analyse”, “This Is The Day”, “The Concept”, “Pretty Eyes”, “Every Morning”, “Do You Know”, “Carry On” composed by O’Riordan
Lyrics: O’Riordan

Produced by Stephen Street
Engineered by Cenzo Townsend. Assisted by Emma Jane Lennon and Shay Dooher at Windmill Lane, Dublin
Mixed at Town House Studios, Shepherds Bush, London
by Stephen Street and Cenzo Townsend, assisted by Tom Stanley
Mastered at Sterling Sound by George Marino

Cover Design: Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon
Photography: Rupert Truman with Sam Brooks and Chris Jelley. Thanks to Jason Reddy and John Robertson
Band photos: Andy Earl

Publishing administered by Universal Music Publishing, Ltd. London


Thanks to our team: Stephen Street, Cenzo Townsend, Murt Murphy, Sett Neiland, Nollaig Slattery, Rainer Lindheim, P J O’Riordan and Artwest, LTD – Bernard O’Rourke, Elaine Kileen. Alan McEvoy and all at Live Wire, Tony English, Stephen Treager, Mark Passin, Windmill Lane (Andrew & Catherine), Town House Studios (Rebecca) for their assistance and support.

Everyone at the Universal Music Group – Doug Morris, Zach Horowitz, Jorgen Larsen, Jay Boberg, Max Hole, Eamon Sherlock, Jeremy Hammond, Lillian Matulic, Christine Wolff, Gary Ashley, Jeanne Venton, Karen Goodman, Nina Hansdotter, Matt Voss, Lee Ellen Newman, Ruth Flowers, Dan Waite.
Universal Music Publishing – David Renzer, Paul Connolly, Kim Frankeweicz, Laurence Kay, Barbara Zamoyska, Ross Pelling, Scott James, Daniela Bose.

Finally, a very special thanks also to our friends and colleagues at Mercury / Island International – Alessandro Ragni, Laura Ceballos, Boris Loehe, Sven Kilthau Landers, Moritz Trapp, Yukiko Takahashi and a warm welcome to our new friend at MCA International. We look forward to seeing you all in the future.

Strings by D’Addario, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, D.W. Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, L.P Percussion, Microphones by Shure.

A personal note from Dolores:

Hi there,
I would like to start by thanking all you guys out there for the loyalty and support all these years.
This, our fifth album, “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” is an extremely up and grateful album. Life is never as “black and white” as one may assume it to be… guess the lows make the highs far superior. Since “Bury the Hatchet” was released we toured: fortunately I became pregnant again and gave birth to a beautiful little girl.
I guess family and friends are essential key to happiness. It is from such simplicities that we create love – “for me love is all” – I meant it! So, a far cry from “To The Faithful Departed”, but life is short and meant to be enjoyed. Thanks to my family, thanks to my friends, thank you!
Lots of love,
Dolores – Peace and Love.


  • The band started writing new songs for this album during the last part of the Loud and Clear Tour. “On the subject of new songs we have been working away in between concerts and we have about ten or so. We hope to have around twenty-ish songs when we go into the studio in August. That way we have extra songs to choose from and you have extra songs for B-sides!! We are really looking forward to recording again ’cause the new stuff is staring to take shape and you can get a rough idea of what it’s basically going to sound like, but the fun of recording is that they change so much with all the different layers. It’s been a long time since we worked with Stephen Street and he always managed to capture that special something, so roll on August.” (Source: Fergal, cranberries.ie, June 20th, 2000)
  • The band recorded a first session in August and September 2000. “We began recording our new stuff on August 20th and it’s starting to sound “mega” already. We had eight songs practically ready to go when we got into the studio, and we re-arranged some of them when we were there. We were flying through them and the inspiration was flowing “big time”. We wrote two new tracks last week, one of which still needs the lyrics to be completed and we revamped two more old songs that had been around for a while (but we had never done anything with), so I must say, we are sitting pretty!!! It’s fantastic to be working with Stephen (Street) again. He really manages to capture that elusive “x” factor when we play and he brings something to our music that hasn’t been there since the first two albums. We are all getting along like “a house on fire”. I am bursting to tell you the names of the songs, but I think it’s better to wait for a while as it’s always nice to create an air of mystery. (I’m such a tease, sorry). We are going to finish recording on Friday week (the 22nd) and then we will mix in London for two weeks. Then the plan is to spend the next few months writing at home and in February Dolores is due to have her second child, so she will obviously need some time off. She is looking and feeling great by the way. So around April we plan to go back into the studio and finish off the second half of the Album, which means we will hopefully have it ready for release around late summer next year. Woo hoo!!!” (Source: Fergal, cranberries.ie, September 14th 2000)
  • The band ended up recording 9 songs during the first session.“The mixing of the new recordings went really well. We were in London for two weeks and everything ran smoothly. Nine songs in all, two of which we played at the MTV gig in Dublin on the 11th of November last. “Analyse” and “Time Is Ticking Out”.” (Fergal, cranberries.ie, November 22th,  2000)
  • The band recorded two tracks, which were written for previous albums, but never used (“Dying Inside”, “Do You Know”). “The first is ‘Dying Inside’ which was written on the tour for ‘No Need To Argue’ in 1994. We tried recording it on the ‘TTFD’ session and on the ‘BTH’ session but, we never quite captured it, until now. The other song is ‘Do You Know’. This was written the first week we returned to rehearsals after our year-long hiatus. We unfortunately had forgotton about it until the ‘WUASTC’ session.” (Source: Fergal, cranberries.ie, October 30th, 2001)
  • The band went back into studio for a second recording session in April and May 2001. “We are back in Dublin recording the second half of the Album. We have most of the songs completed, there are just a few bits of backing vocal and percussion to be done before we start mixing. We ended up recording seven songs and yesterday we did a cover of an Elvis number called “In The Ghetto”. They all turned out better than we were expecting, and to be honest I’m blown away (goosebump-city), although now we have the awkward situation of having to choose which songs go on and which stay off the record. Not an easy decision!!” (Source: Fergal, cranberries.ie, May 1st, 2001)
  • Last album of the Cranberries before their 6 years break.

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