Artist: The Cranberries
Released on: To The Faithful Departed (Track #15)
Duration: 5:40


I would like to state my vision, life was so unfair
We live in our secure surroundings, and people die out there

Bosnia, was so unkind
Sarajevo, change my mind
And we all call out in despair
All the love we need isn’t there
And we all sing songs in our rooms
Sarajevo erects another tombs

Bosnia, was so unkind
Bosnia was so unkind

Sure things would change if we really wanted them to
No fear for children anymore
There are babies in their beds, terror in their heads
For the lo-ove of life

When do the saints go marching in
When do the saints go marching in (saints go marching, saints go marching)
When do the saints go marching in (saints go marching, Rummmpatitum)
When do the saints go marching in (saints go marching, Rummmpatitum)

(Saints go marching, Rummmpatitum)


  • Music and Lyrics by Dolores O’Riordan
  • Produced by Bruce Fairbairn and The Cranberries
  • Engineered and Mixed by Mike Plotnikoff
  • Recorded in November, December 1995 in Dublin, Ireland at Windmill Lane Studios
  • Orchestration written and arranged by Michael Kamen
  • Saw performed by Henry Daag
  • Published by Island Music Ltd


  • In 1996 in an interview given to “Seventeen” magazine, Dolores was asked if there is a political meaning in this song, she answered: “I’m more in the humanitarian aspect. I don’t care who wins or who rules, but if I see children suffering, it bums me out.


  • On the album released in 1996 “Cordell” is track #14 and “Bosnia” track #15 but on the “Complete Sessions” released in 2002, the order permuted: “Bosnia” is track #14 and “Cordell” track #15.

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