Artist: The Cranberries
Released on: No Need To Argue (Track #5)
Duration: 3:26


Something has left my life and I don’t know where it went to a-a-ahh
Somebody caused me strife and it’s not what I was seeking
Didn’t you see me, didn’t you hear me
Didn’t you see me standing the-ere a-a-ah
Why did you turn out the lights
Did you know that I was sleeping

Say a prayer for me-e-e
Help me to feel the strength I did
My identity has it been taken
Is my heart breaking on me
All my plans fell through my hands
They fell through my hands on me
All my dreams it suddenly seems, it suddenly seems

Empty-y-y, y-y, y-y, y-y
Empty-y-y, y-y, y-y, y-y

Empty-y-y, y-y, y-y, y-y
Empty-y-y, y-y, y-y, y-y

Empty-y-y, y-y, y-y, y-y
Empty-y-y, y-y, y-y, y-y
Empty-y-y, y-y, y-y, y-y


Music by Noel Hogan & Dolores O’ Riordan
Lyrics by Dolores O’ Riordan
Produced and Engineered by Stephen Street assisted by Julie Gardiner
Recorded and Mixed at The Manor Studios, Oxford and the Townhouse Studios, London
All string written & directed by Dolores O’ Riordan
Published by Island Music Ltd 1994


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  • A different studio version produced by James Birtwistle was recorded in 1994 for  BBC Radio 1 Evening Session. This was not a live, one-take recording like other media performances. This version was released on the “I Can’t Be With You” single.
  • The album version of this track was featured on the 1994 “Vox” magazine cassette compilation “Class of ‘94”.
  • Lyrics on this page were transcribed by our team and aim to be the exact ones (even including all the la la la’s as much as possible) as official lyrics available in different album releases are most of the time incomplete and/or sometimes have mistakes.
  • Official lyrics (above photo) off the “NNTA” commercial CD, catalog number CID 8029 524 050-2

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