No Need To Argue

Release: 3 October 1994
Label: Island/Polydor
Format: 12″ Vinyl, CD, Cassette, DCC


1.     Ode To My Family (4:31)
2.     I Can’t Be With You (3:07)
3.     Twenty One (3:07)
4.     Zombie (5:06)
5.     Empty (3:26)
6.     Everything I Said (3:52)
7.     The Icicle Melts (2:53)
8.     Disappointment (4:14)
9.     Ridiculous Thoughts (4:31)
10.   Dreaming My Dreams (3:36)
11.   Yeat’s Grave (2:59)
12.   Daffodil Lament (6:14)
13.   No Need To Argue (2:57)

Additional “The Live EP” (CD 2)
01.   Zombie (Live)
02.   Dreams (Live)
03.   Linger (Live)
04.   Ridiculous Thoughts (Live)

Australian additional live CD (CD 2)
01.   Zombie
02.   Waltzing Back (Live)
03.   Linger (Live)

Japanese CD bonus tracks
So Cold In Ireland (4:45)

“The Complete Sessions 1994-1995” release (2002)
14.   Away (2:38)
15.   I Don’t Need (3:32)
16.   (They Long To Be) Close To You (2:41)
17.   So Cold In Ireland (4:45)
18.   Zombie” (Camel’s Hump mix) (7:54)


  • On this link, an attempt to list all the physical versions/releases of the album worldwide


  • The Manor Studio & Townhouse Studios
    Oxford & London, England, U.K. – January 1994 to (date unknown)
    Ode to My Family / I Can’t Be With You / Twenty-one / Zombie / Empty / The Icicle Melts / Disappointment / Ridiculous Thoughts / Dreaming My Dreams / Daffodil Lament / No Need to Argue
  • The Magic Shop
    New York City, New York, U.S.A. – date unknown
    Everything I Said / Yeat’s Grave
  • It is unclear at which studio those tracks were recorded:
    Away / I Don’t Need / (They Long to Be) Close to You / So Cold in Ireland


Dolores O’Riordan – Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Keyboards
Noel Hogan – Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Mike Hogan – Bass Guitar
Fergal Lawler – Drums & Percussion

Music: O’Riordan/Hogan except for “Zombie”, “The Icicle Melts”, “Dreaming My Dreams”, “Yeat’s Grave”, “Daffodil Lament”, “No Need To Argue”, “Away”, “So Cold In Ireland” and “Zombie (Camel’s Hump Mix)” composed by O’Riordan and “(They Long To Be) Close To You” composed by Burt Bacharach
Lyrics: O’Riordan except for “(They Long To Be) Close To You” written by Hal David
All strings written and directed by Dolores O’Riordan

All tracks produced and engineered by Stephen Street. Assisted by Julie Gardiner
All tracks recorded and mixed at The Manor Studios, Oxford and Townhouse Studios, London except for ‘Everything I Said’ & ‘Yeat’s Grave’ recorded in the Magic Shop, New York
Assistant New York – Edward Douglas
“(They Long To Be) Close To You” taken from the A&M album ‘Interpretations’. Published by XSXS
“Zombie (Camel’s Hump Mix)” Remixed in 1995. Published by Polygram International Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP) Remixed at BJG by Andy Hughes and LX Paterson (Orb). Skank by Sir David ‘on the road’ Jarrow. Assisted by Connor ‘ta sport’ & thanks to Paul at BJG

Photography: Andy Earl (‘Just A Photo’) with thanks to Ben, Driscoll, Alison Crosby, Rob Crane & Charlotte Villiers (hand lettering)
Design & Art Direction: Cally on ArtDalkyIsland

All songs published by Island Music Ltd.


Thank you very much to John & his string section.

Special thanks to Sett, for his never ending support!
P.J. O’Riordan, Alan McEvoy, O.J. Kilkenny.
All at Island & Polygram.
All at Rough Trade Management.
All at Metropolitan Ents.
To our fantastic road crew: Sett, Declan, Murt, Brefni & Davey.
And to anyone who we may have forgotten.

The Cranberries would like to thank all who enjoyed and understood our debut.
Here’s hoping you will understand this one.
Thanking our families, friends & lovers, and needless to say, fans!

Thank you to Zildjian Cymbals, DW Drums and Evans Drumheads.


  • The photos of the booklet were taken on Dalky Island and in Dublin. The buildings in the pictures are now demolished and replaced by nightclubs and bars.
  • The band was very involved in the nature of the images, and wanted to show the difference in appearance of the band between their debut and this second album. For this, we kept everything in colour, and the previous dark backgrounds were replaced by unashamed whiteness.” – Cally, Art Director.
  • The sofa used on the album cover picture is known as “The Alf Garnett Suite”. “It was later stolen from out of the Island Records promotional tent at the Phoenix Festival to be used as firewood by franticly cold ‘fans’. Pieces of it were rescued and appear in the various Pop Memorabilia Auctions around the world.” – Cally, Art Director
  • “The Cranberries” lower caps logo was made of a rubber stamp bought in Amsterdam.
  • Along with “Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can’t We?” , “To The Faithful Departed” and “Bury The Hatchet”, this album was re-released in 2002 as part of the Treasure Box set containing bonus tracks and new artwork. Each re-released album is now available individually replacing the now out of print original release.

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