Artist: D.A.R.K.
Duration: 2:09


4, 3, 2, 1
4, 3, 2, 1
This is a story of failure and glory
Based in town in the South in 1980
Where should I begin
Please come in
Where were you lately
He said with a smile
In a while
It’s an illusion
It’s all an illusion
This is my conclusion for now

uh, uh

I remember the crowd
They were loud and it was something
When you took control of my soul
Then it was nothing
It’s all an illusion
This is my confusion
It’s all an illusion
This is my confusion

(OK that’s the idea)




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  • The song has been published under the name “Track 47 Illusion” on November 23, 2017 on the Soundcloud account of JETLAG.NYC, the original name of the band before it was renamed into D.A.R.K.
  • It’s only been published during 25 days then removed on December 18, 2017 for unknown reason. Technically the song is therefore unreleased.
  • It is more like a demo or work in progress track than a final version of a full song.
  • Hard to tell if this is an old demo from the “Science Agrees” era or a new one from a recent (2017?) work. Probably second option.
  • It’s only one guitar and one voice, Dolores singing all alone.
  • “4, 3, 2, 1”  countdown is probably Olé Koretsky’s voice.
  • As there is no Andy Rourke around it’s unclear whether this track really belongs to D.A.R.K. or is just some ideas for a song in the mind of Dolores and Olé.
  • Lyrics on this page were transcribed by our team.

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