Losing My Mind

Artist: The Cranberries
Released on: Roses (Track #5)
Duration: 3:39


Come into bed, switch off the light
Close your eyes, sleep tonight
Think of all the things we did today
You touch me then, I fall apart
I lose control, the hardest part
I wish that it could be another way

Losing, I’m losing, I’m losing my mi-ind
Ruining, you’re ruining, you’re ruining my mi-ind

You cut me deep like broken glass
I wonder when this time will pass
Or will I fall asunder everyday
Sitting here beside the fire
The flames they grow just like desire
Will I hold asunder everyday

Losing, I’m losing, I’m losing my mi-ind
Ruining, I’m ruining, you’re ruining my mi-ind

ha-a, la-a
la-a, ha-a
la-a-a-a-a, la-a, la-a
la-a-a-a-a, la-a, la-a


  • Music by Noel Hogan & Dolores O’Riordan
  • Lyrics by Dolores O’Riordan
  • Produced & Engineered by Stephen Street
  • Recorded at the MetalWorks Studio, Toronto (Canada) · April-May 2011
  • Published by Kobalt Music Ltd./Fairwood Music (UK) Ltd


  • N/A


  • Noel Hogan explained on Twitter that “Eyelash” was the working title for “Losing My Mind”
  • On 2 December 2011 a preview of this song was put online on the Australian iTunes store along with the other tracks of “Roses”
  • “Losing My Mind” was played live for the first time in concert in Kuala Lumpur during the “Roses Tour” on 4 April 2012.

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