Release: 27 February 2012
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Format: 12″ Vinyl, CD, Digital downloads


1.     Conduct (5:10)
2.     Tomorrow (3:56)
3.     Fire & Soul (4:32)
4.     Raining In My Heart (3:27)
5.     Losing My Mind (3:39)
6.     Schizophrenic Playboys (3:39)
7.     Waiting In Walthamstow (4:18)
8.     Show Me (3:26)
9.     Astral Projections (4:44)
10.   So Good (3:53)
11.   Roses (3:41)

2-CD Deluxe Edition (CD 2)
1.     Analyse (Live in Madrid)
2.     Animal Instinct (Live in Madrid)
3.     How (Live in Madrid)
4.     Linger (Live in Madrid)
5.     Dreaming My Dreams (Live in Madrid)
6.     When You’re Gone (Live in Madrid)
7.     Wanted (Live in Madrid)
8.     Salvation (Live in Madrid)
9.     Desperate Andy (Live in Madrid)
10.   I Can’t Be With You (Live in Madrid)
11.   Ode To My Family (Live in Madrid)
12.   Free To Decide (Live in Madrid)
13.   Ridiculous Thoughts (Live in Madrid)
14.   Zombie (Live in Madrid)
15.   Shattered (Live in Madrid)
16.   Promises (Live in Madrid)

Japanese CD bonus tracks
12.   Someday
13.   Animal Instinct (Live in Madrid 2010)
14.   Linger (Live in Madrid 2010)
15.   Salvation (Live in Madrid 2010)
16.   Zombie (Live in Madrid 2010)
17.   Promises (Live in Madrid 2010)

Canadian iTunes bonus tracks
12.   Always
13.   Stop Me
14.   Dreams (live)

German Amazon Exclusive Edition bonus tracks
12.   In It Together
13.   Serendipity

International iTunes bonus tracks
12.   Dreams (live in Madrid)
13.   Always
14.   Perfect World [+UK & Japan Deluxe CD Edition]

US iTunes bonus tracks
12.   Always
13.   Linger (live in Madrid)
14.   Zombie (live in Madrid)


  • Metalworks Studios
    Toronto (Mississauga area), Ontario, Canada – April 18th to May 15th, 2011
    Producer: Stephen Street
    Engineer: Kevin Dietz
    Conduct, Raining In My Heart, Someday, Astral Projection, Tomorrow, Fire & Soul, Eyelash (Losing My Mind), Roses, Show Me The Way, Serendipity, In It together, Perfect World, So Good, Stop Me, Schizophrenic Playboys
  • Miloco Studios
    London, England, U.K. – June 20th to 22nd, 2011
    Producer: Stephen Street
    Engineer: Rhys Downing
    Always, Waiting In Walthamstow, third track*, fourth track*
    *Unconfirmed information


Dolores O’Riordan – Vocals, lyrics and string melodies
Noel Hogan – Guitars, keyboards, melodica and drum programming
Mike Hogan – Bass
Fergal Lawler – Drums and percussion

Music: all songs written by N. Hogan and D. O’Riordan except ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Waiting In Walthamstow’, ‘Show Me’, ‘So Good’, ‘Always’, ‘Perfect World’, ‘Serendipity’ and ‘Stop Me’written  by D. O’Riordan
Lyrics: D. O’Riordan

Additional musicians:
Stephen Street: Acoustic guitar, keyboards and tamborine
Dan Brodbeck: Strings and string melodies
Kebin Hearn: Accordion
Duke Quartet: Strings
Louisa Fuller: Violin
Rick Koster: Violin
John Metcalfe: Viola and string arrangements
Sophie Harris: Cello

Produced & Engineered by Stephen Street
Engineer at Metalworks: Kevin Dietz
Enginner at Miloco: Rhys Downing
Studio assistant: Jeff Crake

Photography: Jess Baumung
Design & Illustration: Andrew Swainson

All songs published by Kobalt Music Ltd./Fairwood Music (UK) Ltd. except ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Waiting In Walthamstow’, ‘Show Me’ and ‘So Good’ published by Kobalt Music Ltd


Thanks to:
D.W. Drums, Zildjian cymbals, Evans drumheads, Pro Mark drumsticks, L.P. Percussion, Roland electronic drums, Ampeg, UAD. Native instruments and Diezel Amps.

For all their help: Sett, Deci, and Murt.

Thanks to the fans all over the world.

A very special thanks to our families for their support over the years.


  • The band started working on a 6th album as early as 2002. At least 7 songs were recorded for the unreleased album between February and May 2003, amongst others “Astral Projections”, “Raining in My Heart”, “In It Together”, “Someday” and “The Fall”. The first four were recorded again during the first Roses session in the Metalworks Studios. For more information on the 2003 recordings sessions, see the History section.
  • Dolores and Noel continued to send each other ideas for songs during the hiatus. ‘Schizophrenic Playboys’ and ‘Fire & Soul’ were written in that period (around 2006) (sources: “On Connait la Musique” interview and Illinois Entertainer).
  • The band performed “Astral Projections” and “In It Together” during live shows in 2003. “Astral Projections” was performed live again in 2010 during the Mexico-South America Tour.
  • The band performed “Tomorrow” for the first time at the London Feis Festival on June 18, 2011. “Schizophrenic Playboys” was first performed live a month later on July 16 at the Marés Vivas Festival in Porto (Portugal).
  • The band considered 23 songs for the album (according to Dolores in an interview with, recorded 19 tracks, completed 17 tracks (according to  Stephen Street) , and plans to release 15 as album tracks and bonus material (according to Dolores in the same interview).
  • The band might have recorded 4 tracks at the Miloco Studios. On their Twitter account on June 21, 2011, the band said: “Our 2nd day in the studio with Stephen. 3 new backing tracks down one more to go.” Only “Waiting in Walthamstow” and “Always” are known to be recorded there.
  • Alternate song titles: Tomorrow (Tomorrow Could Be Too Late), Losing My Mind (Eyelash) Schizophrenic Playboys (Schizophrenic Playboy), Show Me (Show Me The Way), Astral Projections (Astral Projection).
  • Andy Earl was supposed to take pictures of the band in Limerick on July 11th to work on the album cover, but according to Noel, this session never happened because of illness. The Jess Baumung’s pictures were used instead.
  • Roses was mixed at The Engine Room and The Bunker (Miloco Studios) in June 2011.
  • Roses was first due to be released on February 14th for Valentine’s day, this date was postponed to February 27th in December 2011.
  • Roses leaked on the Internet on February 11th 2012.

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