Will You Remember

Artist: The Cranberries
Released on: To The Faithfull Departed (Track #12)
Song Length: 2:49

Credit information

Music and Lyrics by D. O’Riordan.
Produced by Bruce Fairbairn and The Cranberries.
Engineered and Mixed by Mike Plotnikoff.
Recorded in November, December 1995 in Dublin, Ireland at Windmill Lane Studios.
Orchestration written and arranged by Michael Kamen.
Published by Island Music Ltd.


Will you remember the dress I wore?
Will you remember my face?
Will you remember the lipstick I wore?
This world is a wonderful place
Will you remember the black limousine?
Will you remember champa-a-agne?
Will you remember the things that we see?
I will return here again

Will you remember the flowers in my hand?
Will you remember my ha-a-air?
Will you remember the future we planned?
The world is not waiting out there

I won’t remember the dress I wore
I won’t remember champa-a-agne
I won’t remember the things that we swore
I will just love you in vain

Will you remember?
Will you recall?
Will you remember?


In an interview given to the  magazine Q in 1996, Dolores explained: “One day I went to the airport to meet my husband and I was wondering if he’d remember all those little tricks I’d done: lipstick, hair ,dresses, blah blah blah, things that men don’t remember. Guys don’t take much notice of lipstick colour…


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