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Feel free to email us.
Anything you want.


You can also contribute to this website… anyone can, it’s easy!
First you can point out any dead links, typo on any section of the website, it’s always very helpful!
Secondly any document or information missing is more than welcome:

  • About concerts, for example, you can point out an incomplete or incorrect setlist, a wrong setlist order, give us accurate dates/towns/countries, inform us on the soundcheck you may have heard (or recorded?), provide us with rehearsals dates or anything else we may have missed
  • Always try to mention the source of your information and remember that you can be a source yourself if you attended a gig you want to give us details about or if you’re in possession of a release we haven’t listed
  • Do not hesitate to attach files to your email such as photo or scan of poster, ticket, flyer, venue, the concert or any element of your collection we might add to the database
  • If you possess any CD/LP/Cassette/bootleg/merchandising/memorabilia/magazine/rare sticker/rare stuff not listed
  • Or anything else we don’t even think about!
  • Also let us know if you wish to be credited or remain anonymous for your contribution. Same thing if you recognize one of your pictures on our website

Please note this only concerns pages already online.
Cranberries World will continually be updated with new content both old and new and more pages will appear in the coming weeks/months/years.
Every new or updated content will be mentioned in the “Latest CW Updates” part located on the Home page.

Thank you for helping!

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