Bury The Hatchet

Release: 19 April 1999
Label: Island
Format: Double 12″ Vinyl, CD, Cassette


1.     Animal Instinct (3:31)
2.     Loud And Clear (2:45)
3.     Promises (5:27)
4.     You And Me (3:35)
5.     Just My Imagination (3:41)
6.     Shattered (3:42)
7.     Desperate Andy (3:44)
8.     Saving Grace (3:08)
9.     Copycat (2:53)
10.   What’s On My Mind (3:12)
11.   Delilah (3:32)
12.   Fee Fi Fo (4:47)
13.   Dying In The Sun (3:32)

Australian and Japanese CD bonus tracks
14.   Sorry Son (3:28)
15.   Baby Blues (2:38)

Australian 2-CD “Limited Bonus Edition” (CD 2)
1.     Promises (Live)
2.     Dreams (Live)
3.     Linger (Live)
4.     Zombie (Live)

European and Asian CD, International Cassette and UK LP bonus tracks
14.   Sorry Son (3:28)

“The Complete Sessions” 2-CD release (2000)
1.     Baby Blues (2:38)
2.     Sweetest Things (3:34)
3.     Woman Without Pride (2:26)
4.     Such A Shame (4:23)
5.     Paparazzi On Mopeds (4:33)
6.     Promises (Live)
7.     Animal Instinct (Live)
8.     Loud And Clear (Live)
9.     You And Me (Live)
10.   Shattered (Live)
11.   Desperate Andy (Live)
12.   Delilah (Live)

“The Complete Sessions 1998-1999″ release (2002)
15.   Baby Blues (2:38)
16.   Sweetest Things (3:34)
17.   Woman Without Pride (2:26)
18.   Such A Shame (4:23)
19.   Paparazzi On Mopeds (4:33)


  • Metalworks
    Toronto, Canada – October 1997 and January 1998
    Shattered / Desperate Andy / 3 other demos in October / 8 demos in early 1998 (13 songs in total)
  • Windmill Lane
    Dublin, Ireland – March 1998
    What’s On My Mind
  • Le Miraval
    Le Val, France – May 3rd to mid-June 1998
    More than 10 songs
  • Sarm West
    London, England – Mid-June to July 1998It is unclear at which studios (Le Mirval or Sarm West) the remaining tracks were recorded, but most of them were at Le Mirval (see “Notes”).


Dolores O’Riordan Burton – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Noel Hogan – acoustic & electric guitars
Mike Hogan – bass guitars
Fergal Lawler – drums and percussion

Music: O’Riordan/Hogan except ‘Promises’, ‘Saving Grace’, ‘What’s On My Mind’, ‘Dying In The Sun’, ‘Sorry Son’, ‘Baby Blues’, ‘Sweetest Thing’, ‘Woman Without Pride’, ‘Such A Shame’ and ‘Paparazzi On Mopeds’ composed by O’Riordan
Lyrics: O’Riordan

Produced by The Cranberries and Benedict Fenner, mixed by Mike Plotnikoff, engineered by Benedict Fenner
Recorded at Metalworks (Toronto), Windmill Lane (Dublin), LeMiraval (France), Sarm West (London), and Olympic (London). Mastered at Gateway Mastering Studios (Portland, Maine)

Cover design: Storm Thorgerson
Graphics and illustration: Jon Crossland
Photography: Andy Earl and Rupert Truman

All titles published by PolyGram International Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)


Special thanks to Don Burton, Sett, Murt, Steve, Russell, Davy, Deci and Rainer, Eileen O’Riordan.

Everyone at Polygram and the Universal Music Group. Lewis, Allen, Jeff, Annick and all at the Left Bank Organization. Alan, PJ and all at Curtain Call / Timeless Music. Lindsey Holmes and all at LHP. Mitch Rose and all at C.A.A.
Sealandair – Mark Justin, Pat and Sue. Jat Syndyk and Jerry Leonard. Mark Passin and Don Engel.
D’Addario Strings, Gibson Guitars, Taylor Guitars, PRS Guitars, Parker Guitars, Marshall & Vox, Zildjian Cymbals and sticks, DW Drums, Remo Drum Heads, LP Percussion.

A very special thanks to all our fans!!!!!!


  • The Cranberries recorded 13 demos in Metalworks studios between October 1997 and March 1998. “We continued rehearsing for the next few months and in October ’97 we went to Metalworks Studios in Toronto, to record some demos, with Dolores in a fully pregnant state!! We spent two and a half weeks there and we recorded five new songs which we were really happy with.” (Source: Fergal, cranberries.ie, 29 January 1998).
    “OK we’re home, all went well in Toronto, we did a weeks rehearsal and then we demo’d eight new songs over the next nine days. They are sounding pretty good, but they are still quite rough. Unfortunately I can’t give you the names of any songs yet, as they are still at quite an early stage and with new songs emerging all the time, we’re not quite sure which ones will make the album. So, please be patient!”  (Source: Fergal, cranberries.ie, 12 March 1998)
  • Out of these 5 demos recorded in October 1997, two (Shattered and Desperate Andy) were kept for the album without recording them again (Source: Noel on Bury The Hatchet: The Interview CD ).
  • “What’s On My Mind” was recorded for the X-Files movie, but was not selected for the final cut. It is most probably the only song recorded in Dublin for this album.
  • The band recorded most of their tracks for this album in Le Miraval Studio in Southern France. “Still here in France, and all is going well. We have recorded about ten songs, and are very happy with the results so far. We plan to stay here until the end of this month, then we will have a short break, after which we will continue work on the new album, in London. In all, we plan to fully record a total of 20 songs” (Source: Fergal, cranberries.ie, 2 June 1998)
  • Few songs were recorded in London (Source: Noel on Bury The Hatchet: The Interview CD ).
  • The Cranberries recorded a total of 20 songs for this album. “Greetings from London. We moved from the Studio in France (namely ‘Mireval’) to a studio here in England. We felt that we needed a change from the beautiful tranquillity of the French countryside. The vibrant city life will contribute to the final recordings for the forthcoming album. We have recorded 20 (mostly complete) tracks, not all of which will be used on the album, and those which don’t get on the album will be used as B-sides for singles” (Source: Fergal, cranberries.ie, 22 June 1998).
  • The 20th song recorded for “Bury The Hatchet” remains unknown, as only 19 tracks were released. It might be an early version of “Do You Know” which is known to have been created during the “Bury The Hatchet” era. This song was later released on “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”.
  • “Dying Inside” which was written during the “No Need to Argue Tour” was considered for this album. It is unclear if the song was recorded though.
  • Along with “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?”, “No Need To Argue” and ” To The Faithful Departed” this album was re-released in 2002 as part of the Treasure Box set containing bonus tracks and new artwork. Each re-released album is now available individually replacing the now out of print original release.
  • Storm Thorgerson,‘I was both suprised and heartened that The Cranberries chose the design at all … they had previously used pictures of themselves, often on a sofa. Our image was clearly a departure, not a sofa in sight. The second miracle arose after we decided that red earth was paramount to contrast with a blue sky, which had to be empty (ie cloudless, to echo the empty landscape and to emphasise that the All Seeing Eye can get you anywhere)”

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