STARS The Best Of 1992-2002

Release: 16 September 2002
Label: Island
Format: Cassette, CD, 2LP


1.     Dreams
2.     Linger
3.     Zombie
4.     Ode To My Family
5.     I Can’t Be With You
6.     Ridiculous Thoughts
7.     Salvation
8.     Free To Decide
9.     When You’re Gone
10.   Hollywood
11.   Promises
12.   Animal Instinct
13.   Just My Imagination
14.   You & Me
15.   Analyse
16.   Time Is Ticking Out
17.   This Is The Day
18.   Daffodil Lament
19.   New New York
20.   Stars

Limited 2-CD Edition
1.     Zombie (Live)
2.     Ode To My Family (Live)
3.     Animal Instinct (Live)
4.     Salvation (Live)
5.     Daffodil Lament (Live)


  • Criteria Hit Factory Studios
    Miami, FL, USA – June 3rd to 6th, 2002
    New New York / Stars


Dolores O’Riordan Burton – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Noel Hogan – Guitars
Mike Hogan – Bass
Fergal Lawler – Drums & Percussion

Music: All songs written by Dolores O’Riordan and Noel Hogan
Lyrics: Dolores O’Riordan

Produced by Stephen Street
Recorded in Miami at Criteria Hit Factory Studios on June 3-6 2002 during a break in the American tour
Thanks to Trevor Fletcher, Steve Robillard, Demacio Castellon, Simon Soong & Barbara Rodriguez
Mastered at Soundmasters, London by Gordon Vicary

Cover Photography by Andy Earl
Collage photos by Rupert Truman and Dan Abbott
Research & Archive: Rainer Lindheim, Cheryl Braje and Cally
Design by Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon

Publishing administered by Copyright Control, Ltd


The band would like to thanks everyone who has supported us – there are too many names to list, but most importantly, to our fans. Thank you!

Thanks also to:

Timeless Music – Don Burton, Lewis Kovac, Sett Neiland, Rainer Lindheim, Nollaig Slatery.
Our Touring staff – Cary “Slim” Richter, Murt Murphy, Declan Hogan, Joe O’Herlihy, Gordon Pitts, Talbot Eustace, Harold Danker, Nicole Erin Kuhns, Linda “L.A.” Augustine, Mike “Tiny” Sackson, Phil Doherty, Vicky Michelle Beever.
Touring side-musicians: Russell Burton (keyboards), Steve DeMarchi (Guitars and Background vocals).

To all of the labels & staff who believe in us now and throughout the years.

Special thanks to – Alessandro Ragni and all at Universal Music Italy. There are too many of you to mention here. Michele Olcese, Zoe Stavrakis, Xavier Lhoest, Olivier Caillart, Olivier Descroix, Jean Christophe Harel, Annick Millet & all at UM France. Laura Ceballos, Gabriela Carrilho, José Lui Dela Péna, Daniela Bose & all our friends in Spain. To Faisel Durrani, Cheryl Braje, Livia Tortella, thank you.

Lindsey Holmes & Dierdre Cookes (LHP), Annie Ohayon, Ana Adame & Ohayon Media Relations, Paul Russell, all at the Left Bank Organization, Geoff Travis, Patsy Winkleman, Olivier Dahan, Hervé Humbert & Manu Films, Tony English & Stephen Treager at Russell’s Solicitors.
Jay Sendyk & Jeri Leonard and all at Sendyk/Leonard Organization, Tommy Manzi & Sharon Tapper at the Umbrella Group.

P.J. O’Riordan and Bernard O’Rourke at Artwest Ltd., Alan McEvoy & Company.
Mitch Rose, Allison McGregor, Brian Loucks, Erin Cully La Chappel and all at CAA.
John Giddings & all Solo UK.

Denny Cordell (R.I.P.) who signed the band.
Stephen Street who produced “Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can’t We?”, “No Need To Argue” & “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” and “Stars” and “New New York”.
Bruce Fairbairn (R.I.P.) who produced “To The Faithful Departed”.
Ben Fenner who co-produced “Bury The Hatchet”.
Mike Plotnikoff who engineered & mixed “To The Faithful Departed”, “Bury The Hatchet” and “Beneath The Skin – Live In Paris”.
Cenzo Townsend who engineered “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”, “Live at VicarSt” and “Stars” and “New New York”.

Everyone at MTV, VH1, MUCH MUSIC, MUSIQUE PLUS, VIVA, Channel V and too many others to mention, thanks for your kind support!

Very special thanks to all of our parents, spouses and children – Molly, Taylor, Donny, Don, Rachel, Sophie, Catherine, Jacob, Laurie, Jamie and Siobhan.
Sorry for missing all of those precious moments!

Equipment: D’Addario Srings, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Gibson Guitars, Taylor Guitars, Parker Guitars, Marshall Amplifiers, VOX Amplifiers, Hartke Bass Heads, D.W. Drums, Zildjian Cymbals and Stricks, L.P. Percussion, Shure Microphones, Remo Drum Heads.


  • This 20 song compilation encompasses 10 years of singles released during the Cranberries career.
    Hollywood” and “You And Me” were only released in certain countries but never the less have been included. Two brand new tracks were recorded specially for this album. Fans were also offered the opportunity to vote for their favourite “non” single for inclusion in this album and “Daffodil Lament” was by far the overall winner.
    As there are 20 tracks on the album we used a number of different single versions of several songs, plus created a few new edits.
    This is a sample of Cranberries music across 5 albums. Enjoy!
  • In an interview given in 2002, Dolores spoke about the pictures of the booklet, said where they were taken and explained the metaphor of the picture on the back cover where the band walks away straight toward the horizon line: “It’s a road in Las Vegas. We were there for some shows and we liked the place very much. So we called Andy Earl, our photographer, and he found this road. It seems that part is just the end of the road and behind it there’s nothing. […] We’re arrived at the end of an era and no one knows what there is beyond the horizon. […] The world has arrived at the end of an era and ironically, this is linked to the destiny of the Cranberries. I can say that there’s some expectation in the air.”

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