Former O’Riordan Nanny: “Life has never been better for me”

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Joy Fahy says she is putting the pieces of her life back together, one year after losing an expensive lawsuit against Dolores O’Riordan and Don Burton in the Irish High Court.

Ireland’s The Sunday Independent caught up with her this past week at London Heathrow Airport. Fahy is flying off to Manhattan, where she will continue to serve as nanny for U2’s Larry Mullen and his partner Anne Acheson while U2 tours the States.

“Larry and Anne have always been very supportive of me, as have Elle and the Rothschilds. Larry and Anne are great people,” she said. Acheson accompanied Fahy to the courts during every day of the trial last year.

The paper now dubs Fahy “Ireland’s most famous nanny” for the lawsuit that captured the covers of Irish tabloids one year ago. Fahy originally planned to appeal the verdict, although there have not been any developments since the suit closed last April.

Fahy told The Sunday Independent that her disastrous loss against O’Riordan has not affected her relationships with her other clients. Her previous clients have in fact all remained firm friends — she had lunch with Elle Macpherson, one of her most high profile clients, just days ago.

Despite being stuck with a legal bill topping €200,000 (approx. $250,000), Fahy says things are starting to brighten up.

“Life has never been better for me. I’m looking forward to America.”

Source: The Sunday Independent

Washington Symphony to Perform Cranberries Orchestral Arrangement on Sunday

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The Everett Symphony, based out of Everett, WA, will be giving Irish rock artists the orchestral treatment this coming Sunday in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day. Arranger Peter Brennan has produced several orchestral versions of classic Irish rock pieces to be performed live.

Performing together with the rock band Jeans n’ Classics, the Everett Orchestra will be performing tributes to The Cranberries, U2, Kate Bush, Sinead O’Connor, The Corrs, and Enya.

The orchestrations will be arranged by Peter Brennan, who has over 1000 rock arrangements in his repertoire, including pieces for Elton John, among others. Brennan says he is tweaking his arrangements with a Celtic tinge for the upcoming concert.

The Everett Symphony’s “St. Patrick’s Celebration of Irish Rock” will take place on Sunday, March 13, at the Everett Civic Auditorium in Everett, WA.

Source: HeraldNet

Cranberries Music Launched with Bell Canada’s Caller Ring Tunes Service

March 3, 2005  |  Comments Off on Cranberries Music Launched with Bell Canada’s Caller Ring Tunes Service  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Bell Canada announced Monday that The Cranberries will be among the first 150 songs introduced for their Caller Ring Tunes Service. The service will play a song for people who call Bell Mobility customers while they wait for the call to be answered rather than hear the traditional ringing sound.

The new service, introduced to Canada for the first time, is the result of a partnership with Universal Music Canada. Other artists available in the initial batch of songs include 3 Doors Down, Toby Keith, Mary J. Blige, Bon Jovi, Sam Roberts, Jann Arden, Supertramp, Kiss, Steppenwolf, and The Mamas & The Papas.

“The ability to download real music clips and have actual songs played on phones changes the way our customers, and the wireless market in general, will view music on a mobile phone,” said David Inns, VP of Wireless Marketing.

For more info, go to

Source: Press Release


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