The Cranberries’ re-edited video ‘Analyse’ rushed back to broadcasters

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SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ —


In the wake of the Pentagon and World Trade Center tragedies, MCA Records and The Cranberries recalled their premier video from the Irish band’s upcoming new album, “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee,” mere weeks before its debut release date. “Analyse” had been filmed in London by Australian director, Keir McFarland, a month before it was sent to the world’s major video networks (including MTV/VH-1, Much Music, Viva TV, Canal Plus, Channel V) at the beginning of September.


As the video was being screened around the world (and on the band’s own web-site), the events that took place on September 11th eerily mirrored sights captured by amateur and news cameras on that fateful day. MCA Records and the band immediately recalled the video from broadcasters worldwide after it became clear that scenes in the video could bring to mind those tragic memories.


Keir McFarland quickly organised a few simple edits eliminating the questionable scenes of lead singer — Dolores O’Riordan — performing atop a building as a plane flew over two skyscrapers. Another scene, which included the outline of a dead body in police tape, was replaced by a child’s chalk drawing of a flower on the pavement.


MCA Records (a division of Vivendi/Universal) are having their affiliate in London air courier replacement masters to the world in record time. It is expected that all channels will have the new video by Monday, October 1, 2001.


The band also resumed media promotional appearances in Europe beginning this week, visiting the Netherlands, Germany and Spain, after cutting short their previous schedule as a result of the terrorist attacks in New York. “Analyse” debuted at no. 3 on the singles sales chart this week in Spain.
The band will continue with promotional appearances in Europe, North America and South East Asia through December 11.


The Cranberries’ new album, “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee,” was produced by Stephen Street, producer of the band’s first two albums. “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” will receive a staggered release around the world: October 3 in Japan; October 15 Internationally (excluding the United Kingdom and North America); October 22 United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland; October 23 North America.

Source: Press Release

Band appearances on Spanish radio

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The Cranberries made three appearances today on different Spanish radio stations. Zombieguide contributor Jesus Castillo was able to get a synopsis of all three interviews:

1) M80

The DJ just said the band had been interviewed in that station some minutes ago, but the interview wasn’t broadcasted. Instead, the DJ talked briefly about how he had found Dolores and, afterwards the DJ’s WUASTC favourite track was played (studio version): track 7 WUASTC. Later on, he introduced “In the Ghetto” (studio version).


First, they played ANALYSE (studio version) and then they put a fragment of the interview thay had had with the Cranberries some hours before (about 5 mins). They said they would broadcast the rest on Monday so that they can have time to dub and translate the member of the band’s voices into Spanish.

3) CADENA 100 (40 minutes!)

The most interesting one – it was a live interview (I mean, not recorded some hours beforehand like the previous one). First, they played the studio version of ANALYSE and then the interview, with Dolores and Fergal, started. Throughout the interview they put clips of NEVER GROW OLD, IN THE GHETTO, THIS IS THE DAY and to close the program, the entire studio version of PRETTY EYES. The interview was very very interesting: they talked about the children of the members of the band, terrorism, the new album cover’s meaning, the success of the band, the exact procedence and meaning of her name, priorities in life, the meaning of NEVER GROW OLD,the different album releases of WUASTC, Storm Thorgerson, about why the election of IN THE GHETTO as a cover, Dolores’s new tattoo, their relationship with Stephen Street and their new company, Spanish food -she likes paella- and other minor subjects. After the band went out of the studio, the DJs commented on Dolores ́s beautiful behaviour and good manners ; and how their perspectives had changed with regards to Dolores because they had been told to be careful with her due to her reputation of “difficult woman” in interviews. They made emphasis on Dolores’s eyes: “a woman who haunts you with her beautiful and honest way of looking at you… and, more importantly, she always looks straight to your eyes”.

Dolores sounded really relaxed and it’s obvious she enjoyed the interview.

Source: Exclusive

“Analyse” US release date revealed?

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According to CDnow, one of the major music e-tailers on the Internet, “Analyse” is listed to be released October 16th, one week before the release of “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”. However, with a suggested $12.99 price point, it is very difficult to determine if this is an import version or if this is indeed the US release. If so, few fans will have qualms at paying the $13 price point, but such a tag would likely turn off the casual listener. Stay tuned for more details!

Source: CDnow

The Cranberries content to appear on Windows XP

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The Cranberries Official Website has posted news today that the Microsoft’s much-anticipated operating system Windows XP will include new content from the Cranberries. The news originated from Universal Music in France, so we have yet to know if this applies to all regions.

Exactly what will be contained on the disc is still in the works. However, Microsoft (being the true friends of the environment that they are) have been known in the past to fill up Windows discs with bonus multimedia, such as Windows 95’s Weezer video.

The Cranberries Official Website has also been updated with an updated promo tour schedule for Europe and several new band photos.

Source: The Cranberries Official Website

Re-edited “Analyse” video returns to airwaves

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A re-edited version of the music video for “Analyse” has made a hasty return to music stations. The video was pulled last week from airplay due to suggestive scenes including airplanes and skyscrapers that reflected the tragedies in America earlier this month.

The new edit, which aired yesterday on Canadian station MuchMoreMusic, sheds any references to the airplanes found previously in the video. The plane seen circling through the two twin skyscrapers has been digitally erased. The most butchered scene occurs near the end, where two airplanes were seen flying directly over Dolores. That scene has been replaced with slow-motion footage of Dolores dancing. However, the slow motion eventually turns into an overtly sloppy freeze-frame.

It is currently unknown for certain if the chalk outline of a body outside the skyscrapers (which unambigiously signifies death) has been removed. However, such a change would be probable.

Thanks to Jeremy West aka Doloresfan2000 for the info.

Source: Exclusive

“Analyse” single delayed in Germany

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Mostly due to the “Analyse” video fiasco, the single has been pushed back in Germany.
According to a representative from Universal Music Group, the two major music networks in Germany — MTV Germany and Viva TV — refused to play the original video due to the questionable imagery. Because of this lack of publicity, the single has been moved back to October 8th, 2001 for Germany, in order to better coincide with the airing of the re-edited video (which has already been sent to stations).

Thanks to ZG Europe’s Norbert for the info.

Source: Exclusive

Dolores discusses 2002 tour, cynicism on 2FM

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Earlier today, Dolores had an interview via telephone with Irish radio station 2FM. The interview lasted only about 10 minutes, but that was plenty of time to hit several topics — the new album, the upcoming tour, and Dolores’s cooking!

We have some exclusive sound clips from that interview below… (Links no longer available)

One of the most (or least!) informative topics was discussion about the upcoming 2002 World Tour. On the topic, Dolores stated, “Yeah, what I’m thinking actually, we’re thinking about starting off in a hot climate, like maybe we’ll go to Australia, but I mean, God, I don’t know about America. Hopefully all this stuff will blow over and things will go back to normal there, you know? And we’re definitely going to do a few shows in Ireland on this tour. You know we did one the last time, I think it was Ministries — oh we did one in Dublin as well, and that was amazing, it was a castle! And it was totally cool, and the audience, and it was so into it, man! The atmosphere was absolutely killer!”
(MP3 clip, 410K) (Link no longer available)

Also, Dolores discussed her negativity and cynicism earlier in life and how she has changed.
(MP3 clip, 320K) (Link no longer available)

Source: Exclusive

Amsterdam gig setlist and impressions

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Earlier today, on the other side of the world — or more specifically Amsterdam, Holland — The Cranberries performed a seven-song live gig for 3FM Radio. The audience included a large chunk of fans who were able to score tickets via the official webpage’s contest earlier this month. Zombieguide reader Xan21 was lucky enough to attend the show and even walk away with a few autographs…

Well I just got back from the absolutely fantastic performance of The Cranberries.They performed seven (lucky number) songs, here’s the setlist:

1. Zombie
2. Analyse
3. Time Is Ticking Out
4. Linger
5. When You’re Gone
6. Free To Decide
7. Dreams

We arrived very early because I just wanted to be there on time. We waited in the car and there was this grey Mercedes which stopped at the entrance of the studio and this little woman got out of it and it was Dolores, she looked extremely cool I must say.

There were these bodyguards walking all over the place which was very cool, one of them was a very small guy, he looked like the brother of Mini Me from the Austin Powers film.

We went into the bar where they were playing ‘En Vogue’?? on the radio but then came The Cranberries, recorded live the day earlier, I think, because there were interviews between songs. Some people thought it was a bit out of tune and they were right and the tension grew for me, I really wanted her to sing [well].

Well Dolores proved it, it was absolutely fantastic, what a sound they had! It was extremely hard and very beautiful.

Dolores asked where the setlist was and then she saw it and it was written very small so she said, “Who wrote that? Micky Mouse? It’s so small!”. Well so is Dolores (and the rest of the band)!

Then they started playing Zombie, really really powerful, Dolores played guitar on this one.

Analyse is much harder live, which I think is way cooler, everyone really enjoyed that song, Dolores played guitar on this one too.

Then came Time, really funky track that is. I really like it and Dolores sang it extremely well, she just danced and sang.

Linger was beautiful, I can’t say more about that, she played the acoustic guitar.

When You’re Gone was very good, although Dolores’s low voice couldn’t be heard as well as on the other songs (because the music was so loud). I sang along with this one too and this woman looked at me as if she wanted to say, “Shut up!”.

Free To Decide, that one got everyone moving and at the ending Dolores started yodeling, I have never heard her doing that on this song, I loved it

Dreams was great as always, but I have to say that the back up singer was very very good, he didn’t annoy me at all, I even laughed at him when he looked at me, Dolores was being very funny because on the instrumental part of the song she started playing with the lights to make it look like a disco.

Dolores also asked if some girls knew some good shops because Dolores wanted to go shopping, she said!

Then the performance was over, it was short but I expected that, but we were a little pissed that we couldn’t get her [Dolores’s] autograph. BUT as we were grabbing our jackets I saw Fergal walking towards the toilets and I ran after him. When he came out I asked him to autograph The Complete Sessions for me and he did. He asked if we liked the performance and we were like, “Oh yeaaaaaahhh”. He said he found it very intimate and very cool, well so did I. [As for] Dolores, her voice was in great shape I must say

Can’t wait to see them back on the next tour, I’ll be there!

Source: Exclusive

3 new promo CDs

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A slew of new promo CD’s have been sent out to radio this month, so here are some of the highlights.

In the UK, MCA has released a full 16-track version of “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”, including the three bonus UK tracks.
Full tracklist is:

1. Never Grow Old
2. Analyse
3. Time is Ticking Out
4. Dying Inside
5. This is the Day
6. The Concept
7. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
8. Pretty Eyes
9. I Really Hope
10. Every Morning
11. Do You Know
12. Carry On
13. Chocolate Brown
14. Dreams (Live in Paris, December 9, 1999)
15. Promises (Live in Paris, December 9, 1999)
16. In the Ghetto


A second new promo CD is also out in the UK, another promo for “Analyse”.
We lack a picture for this one.
The track listing is:

1. Analyse (Oceanic Remix)
2. Analyse (Radio Edit)


And lastly, “Analyse” is featured on the Leeza Gibbons “Hollywood Confidential” Hot Radio Countdown, which aired earlier this month. The promo contains 3 CDs and several different artists.

Source: Exclusive

The Cranberries on cover of “Monitor”

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The band’s new “red ball” art was featured on the cover of the publication “Monitor” earlier this month. “Monitor” tracks Top 40 titles, so of course both the cover and article were related to “Analyse”.

Source: Exclusive

Fergal speaks out about US disasters

September 24, 2001  |  Comments Off on Fergal speaks out about US disasters  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

In a press release about the recalling of the “Analyse” video, both Fergal and director Kier McFarlane are quoted. The video was filmed in August near London’s Canary Wharf, which is where the questionable images of the skyscrapers and airplanes were taken.

The press release said director Keir McFarland designed the clip as an “alien nation story following a man who appears in the video as a shadow, and chronicles his shock at the corporate build up of the environment.”

“The incidents in New York, Washington and elsewhere in the USA were the most horrific, saddening images I have ever seen,” the band’s Fergal Lawler said. “I’ve felt sick and numb since then. I would like to offer our sincerest sympathy to anyone who was affected.”

Source: Press Release

“Analyse” to be released in the US

September 23, 2001  |  Comments Off on “Analyse” to be released in the US  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Official Cranberries Webpage has confirmed that MCA Records of America has plans to release the 2-track and 4-track versions of the new single “Analyse” in the US! If this does indeed occur, it will be the first single released in the US since 1996’s “When You’re Gone/Free to Decide” mini and maxi-single. Exact release details/dates have yet to be announced, so stay tuned for that info.

Fans may also recall that there were plans for a 1999 release of “Just My Imagination” in single format, but those plans were eventually scrapped.

Source: Official Cranberries Webpage

Exclusive: Festivalbar 2001 shots

September 21, 2001  |  Comments Off on Exclusive: Festivalbar 2001 shots  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Last week’s Festivalbar 2001 gig in Verona, Italy was broadcasted on Italian TV — which means we’ve got exclusive vidcaps for you!

Thanks to Andrea Russo for the shots!

Source: Exclusive

MuchMoreMusic’s “Story of The Cranberries” airs Oct 1st

September 21, 2001  |  Comments Off on MuchMoreMusic’s “Story of The Cranberries” airs Oct 1st  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Canadian music station MuchMoreMusic will air their new documentary “The Story of… The Cranberries” on October 1st at 9:00 PM EST. The hour-long biography, which has been in production for several months (see archived news) includes both old and brand new interview footage with the band. To check out MMM’s schedule for that day.

Thanks to Jeremy West aka Doloresfan2000 for the tip.
If anyone can record this and make copies, please email me at alex at
I will trade generously!

Source: MuchMoreMusic

“Wake Up” cover: Raw coffee?

September 20, 2001  |  Comments Off on “Wake Up” cover: Raw coffee?  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Some observant folks on the Zombieguide Forums have turned up another interesting aspect, one I would have never thought of. Apparently the giant red balls on the cover of “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” bear a striking resemblance to actual unharvested coffee. Coffee grows on trees in bright red circular pouches, as seen below. Interesting…

Thanks to Jesus and ZG Europe’s Norbert for the tip.

Source: Exclusive

The Cranberries at Festivalbar

September 19, 2001  |  Comments Off on The Cranberries at Festivalbar  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries performed at the Italian “Festivalbar” music festival last week in Verona. The official website has posted some backstage photos of Dolores warming up, seen below…

Thanks to Francesca for the tip.


“Analyse” video pulled, Euro tour continues

September 18, 2001  |  Comments Off on “Analyse” video pulled, Euro tour continues  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The official page has updated with the note that the video for “Analyse” has been officially cut from airplay. Concerned fans have noted that many of the cityscape scenes allude to scenes of last week’s terrorist attacks in America. The video was shot several months ago, and this relation was not meant in any way, shape, or form. However it seems in the best interest of the band to do this. A new edit of the video will be made and sent to music outlets shortly.

In related news, the upcoming single and album have both been pushed back in the UK. “Analyse” will now be available on October 15th and “Wake Up” on October 22nd, one day before the US.

The band has decided to resume their European promo tour later this month. The first event will be a live media performance to take place in Amsterdam on September 24th. Tickets for this show will be given from a contest earlier this month on the official page. Winners will be announced soon.

Source: Cranberries Official Webpage

Dolores interview at

September 18, 2001  |  Comments Off on Dolores interview at  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries has posted a short interview with Dolores about “Analyse”, along with the news of the cut European tour. Read it below…

(9/18/01, 1 p.m. ET) — The Cranberries cut short their current European promotional tour due to the terrorist attacks on the East Coast of the United States last week (September 11). A terse statement on the group’s official website ( explains: “They are returning home to be with their families.”

The group promo tour, like a similar one in the United States in August, is in support of its fifth album, Wake Up And Smell The Coffee, which arrives October 23 from MCA Records. The album features first single, “Analyse,” which entered the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart two weeks ago and now resides at Number 31.

Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan tells LAUNCH that if the song recalls the classic Cranberries sound, it’s not a coincidence. “It’s kind of like a typical kind of Cranberries melodic, upbeat-type song,” she says. “I think it’s one where Stephen Street, actually being the producer, has really captured that sound from the first two albums. You know, when he works with us he just kind of, he has a certain technique in his production and it really seems to work, really. I guess, you know, if it’s not broken, why try to fix it? So it’s good to be back with him, you know?”

The Cranberries teamed up with Street on their 1993 debut, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?, and the next year’s follow-up, No Need To Argue.

– Neal Weiss, Los Angeles

Source: Launch

“Analyse” 2-trk, 4-trk tracklistings

September 15, 2001  |  Comments Off on “Analyse” 2-trk, 4-trk tracklistings  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Zombieguide contributor Jesus Castillo has been able to get his hands on some pre-release copies of “Analyse”, which is due in stores in Europe next week. And from this, we now know the full tracklistings of both the 2-track and 4-track versions of the single.

“Analyse” 4-track version:
1. Analyse (Radio Edit)
2. Analyse (Oceanic Remix)
3. I Can’t Be With You (Live at Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland, November 11th, 2000)
4. In the Ghetto (Live at Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland, November 11th, 2000)

“Analyse” 2-track version:
1. Analyse (Album Version)
2. Wanted (Live in Paris, December 9, 1999)

Source: Exclusive

New high-res Andy Earl photos

September 15, 2001  |  Comments Off on New high-res Andy Earl photos  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Another set of professional band photos have been released in promotion for “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”, taken by Andy Earl.

Source: The pretty Cranberries

Final US cover art?

September 15, 2001  |  Comments Off on Final US cover art?  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Zombieguide has obtained what appears to the final US cover art to “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”. In yesterday’s press release, it was revealed that not only will each region have different tracks, each will have different covers and liner notes as well.

Source: Exclusive

“Analyse” #1 HyperActive song in America

September 14, 2001  |  Comments Off on “Analyse” #1 HyperActive song in America  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Great news for The Cranberries fans, especially those in the US. According to Gavin, the primary radio “spin” tracker in the US, The Cranberries have beat out all other competitors for rise in airplay for this week in the adult contemporary category. “Analyse”, the band’s premiere single for the new album, stands at #1 for the week for most dramatic rise in airplay in the A/C category, beating out even the “king of pop” Michael Jackson, with his new single “You Rock My World”. Riding on the influx wave, The Cranberries track stands at #29 on the overall A/C charts, and will hopefully continue to ride the momentum.

In related news, “Analyse” has been added to VH-1’s “Medium Rotation” list, which means there’s an excellent possibility of seeing the video soon if you live in the US. Unfortunately, it’s currently “90’s Week” on VH-1, and all of their videos are following suit. VH-1 will probably return to newer videos next week.

Source: Gavin

Press release: streaming “Analyse”, “Wake Up” cover, inserts

September 14, 2001  |  Comments Off on Press release: streaming “Analyse”, “Wake Up” cover, inserts  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ —


“Analyse,” the premiere video from The Cranberries’ new MCA album WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, has been uploaded to the band’s website and is now available for streaming. This marks one of first times a new music video has been made available to fans in full streaming mode. The entire full-length “Analyse” video can be found exclusively on The Cranberries’ own official website —, viewable using Real Player or Quicktime (click on the WUASTC section within the site).


WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, the new album, is due from MCA Records on October 3 in Japan, October 15 internationally, October 22 in the UK, and October 23 in the US and Canada. Each of the four different versions of album (Japan, International, UK and US) features slightly different front cover images, inner band images and bonus tracks. The artwork was created by internationally renowned designer Storm Thorgerson.


The album follows the premiere single, “ANALYSE,” which is currently at radio around the world. The international commercial single “Analyse” is due for release September 18, and features a remix by Marius deVries (“Analyse” Oceanic Remix) plus two previously unreleased live tracks. The UK version of the CD single will be released in the UK October 15.


Comprised of singer Dolores O’Riordan, Fergal Lawler, and brothers Noel and Mike Hogan — The Cranberries released their multi-platinum debut, “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” in 1991. Two years later, the single “Linger” reached the Top 10, with their debut album selling 1 million in North America and debuting at #1 on the UK charts. Their second album, “No Need To Argue” (1994), sold 12 million copies, propelled by the hit single “Zombie.” The Cranberries’ third album “To The Faithful Departed” was released in 1996, while their 1999 fourth album “Bury The Hatchet” hit #1 in 17 countries. “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” was produced by Stephen Street (The Smiths, Morrissey, Blur), producer of the band’s first two albums.

Source: Press Release

That “thing” on the cover…

September 13, 2001  |  Comments Off on That “thing” on the cover…  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

I’m not quite sure how I didn’t think of this, but the small image on the cover of “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” is a person waking up in a bed (with the flying field of red balls to the left). The bed appears to be the same one on the “Analyse” cover. Once again, Thorgerson has used some comically metaphoric art. We should have a high resolution scan soon.
Thanks to Pedro Augusto for the tip.

Source: Exclusive

“In The Ghetto” on “Analyse” single?

September 13, 2001  |  Comments Off on “In The Ghetto” on “Analyse” single?  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries Tape Trader is reporting that the cover of the Elvis classic “In the Ghetto” will in fact be the B-side for the single for “Analyse”. The band told Tribe Magazine that the song was recorded “live” in one take, much like the ending track “Chocolate Brown”. A fourth track for the maxi- single has yet to be revealed (“Analyse Oceanic Remix” was the other). “Analyse” hits stores in Europe, Canada, and other areas next week.

Source: The Cranberries Tape Trader

The Cranberries Press