Hot Press Denies Rumors Once More

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Yesterday, Hot Press posted a clairification of their recent interview with Dolores, once again reiterating that The Cranberries are by no means in danger of splitting up. The article seems to be in direct response to a falsified news story printed by Irish tabloid “The Star”, which distorted Dolores’s current solo tracks into a story about the band breaking up.

Hot Press quotes an official representative as saying, “The situation is exactly as you reported… The rumours of a band crisis are simply untrue.” The rest of the article quotes liberally from the most recent update on the Official Page.

The entire scenario seems eerily reminiscent of this past December, when wild rumors started by a Hot Press story of a possible solo side project got out of hand. Hot Press editor Niall Stokes had to deny such rumors in a written statement on Hot Press’s website.

Surprisingly, since Hot Press’s last story, the news of a possible Dolores and Brian Johnson of AC/DC collaboration has gone global. The news has been relayed all the way to major news outlets such as, Undercover News, and today, Billboard. Although the major news outlets seem to have the story pretty well investigated, as with all news, some outlets choose to exaggerate it, including this ridiculously unfounded piece which claims that Dolores is to star in “Helen of Troy.”

On a side note, today’s Billboard article relays that the Nielson Soundscan ratings report “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” sales of 162,000 copies to date in the United States. That number makes up approximately one-tenth of the total worldwide sales of the album, which stands at approximately 1.5 million.

Thanks again to Jessica van Kessel for her help in this story.

Source: Hot Press

Cranberries Clarify Works-in-Progress

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When in doubt, just make something up! That’s apparently the general rule of thumb used by journalists time and time again when it comes to The Cranberries. Fortunately, we have the Official Site to continuously and diligently keep the record straight. With an official update yesterday, The Cranberries laid to rest a plethora of rumors that have suggested so much as a band “crisis”: everything from Dolores ditching The Cranberries for a “solo” career (this one’s gotten really old) to the notion that Dolores is co-writing Brain Johnson’s (AC/DC) on-stage musical rendition of “Helen of Troy”. So, to clear the air and state the facts, here are the meat and potatoes of what The Cranberries want fans to know, according to yesterday’s official update:

Everyone’s all smiles! Right now, The Cranberries are on vacation. The band and their families are spending time now in Canada, Ireland, Spain, and Italy. Everyone in the band remains optimistic; and the opportunities are pouring in. For one thing, alternative rock’s Moby has supplied The Cranberries with several songs to use at their discretion. For now, however, The Cranberries have decided that Moby’s material isn’t right for the band; but Dolores is keeping the door open to the idea, and hopes to be able to use the material in some form or another sometime in the future. And in addition to attention from the likes of Moby, members of The Cranberries have had lots of invitations to take part in films, television, soundtracks, collaborations with other artists, and more.

Though most of these projects haven’t been confirmed as of yet, it has been confirmed that Dolores has completed her recording of “Puro Amore” with Italy’s Zucchero. Contrary to assumptions from a recent LA7 interview with Dolores, the Official Site notes that Dolores did not record the song entirely in the Italian language. Instead, she worked alongside another lyricist to adapt portions of the song for English translation, although she does indeed sing some parts in Italian.

Speaking of false suggestions, the granddaddy of all rumors has surfaced once again. After Hot Press published snippets of Dolores’s interview with Hot Press staff writer Stuart Clarke for an upcoming Ritz Magazine Yesterday (Irish newspaper) article, “The Star” distorted the facts of the interview to suggest, yet again, that Dolores is striking out on her own to form an exclusive solo career. But The Cranberries Official Site seeks to clear out that tired notion once again to reveal that Dolores is indeed always interested in individual projects while simultaneously working alongside Noel and other members of The Cranberries to create Cranberries-related material. Over the coming years, Dolores and other members of the band will be involved with side projects such as their opportunities noted in the arenas of film, television, soundtracks, etc. The Cranberries reaffirm, however, that these side projects are not intended to abolish The Cranberries’ union. They’re merely future opportunities, with no known time frame of completion.

As to Dolores’s proposed solo work with Brian Johnson (AC/DC vocalist) on his play “Helen of Troy”, the Official Site states that Dolores is not co-writing any of the material. She is simply listening to Brian’s work, and being considered, as are other artists, for inclusion in the project. As Zombieguidereported earlier, “Helen of Troy” has been Brian Johnson’s project for a number of years. After his meeting with Dolores during The Cranberries tour with The Rolling Stones, he and Dolores spoke about a future collaboration. Naturally, Johnson brought up his pet project, “Helen of Troy”. Dolores’s final involvement in the play remains yet to be determined.

And finally, there’s Dolores’s autobiography. The Official Site reports that author and record producer Paul Russell, has already completed eight chapters, and the finalized project is expected to be released some time in 2004.

So, when they’re not busy dispelling rumors, it looks like The Cranberries are continuing to work in the same fashion that’s brought them to 2003: writing, recording, touring, vacationing, and keeping their options open for new projects that come their way. Doesn’t sound too complicated to understand… yet as long as there are tabloids, there’ll be rumors. Here at Zombieguide, we’ll keep you up to date. For now, you can check out the unabridged facts straight from the source at

Source: The Cranberries Official Web Site

Crans’ Music in Australian Daffodil Day TV Ads

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The Australian Cancer Council has designated August 22nd as the national Daffodil Day for 2003. The council, who run national public service announcements throughout the year, are dedicated to rasing funds and awareness to the various types of cancer that afflict Australians.

This year, the council has chosen two Cranberries songs to accompany the national TV announcements. The titles chosen are “Dreaming My Dreams,” and, of course, “Daffodil Lament.” Both songs run for approximately 15 seconds each in the background of the current 30 second TV spots. Another TV announcement features the song “Ode to My Family.” The campaign encourages Australians to purchase a paper daffodil for $5.00 AU, which will be used to fund research. The TV spots will run for approximately one month. Last year, the Council used Coldplay’s sublime “Yellow” as the background music.

One such “Daffodil Day” TV public announcement
For more on the Cancer Council Australia, go here, or click here for the Official Australian Daffodil Day website. (LINKS NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

In 2001, The Cranberries lent their support to the Irish Daffodil Day bydonating an autographed lithograph for auction. However, that auction was organized by The Irish Cancer Society, not The Cancer Council Australia.

Thanks to Bruce Miller for the news.

Partial Source: Cancer Council Australia

40 Principales: Dolores 1 of Sexiest Singers of All Time

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Massive Spanish radio network Los 40 Principales has constructed a poll of the Top 40 Sexiest Arists of all time — and Dolores O’Riordan is currently at a staggering position of #2. Dolores is among a huge variety of female singers ranging from the trashy chic of Courtney Love to the vintage appeal of Donna Summer.

However, only a handfull of votes have been accumulated at the moment, so that position is likely to change. Voting can only be done by Spanish residents via cellphone. Visit Dolores O’Riordan’s page here and check out the current poll results by clicking “Encuesta” under “13.” (Note that the singers here are listed by their first names alphabetically, not by rank.)

Currently leading the pack at #1 is Cher. Apparently Sonny Bono has access to the internet and a Spanish cellphone in heaven.

Sources: Los 40

Dolores Speaks about “Solo Album”

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Yesterday, Zombieguide relayed that Hot Press has reported on a confirmedDolores and Brian Johnson collaboration and also renewed its claim of a forthcoming Dolores O’Riordan solo album.

Dolores’s quotes in the article certainly seem to justify that claim — the lads “are cool with it” — despite previous denials from the Official Site that any solo projects were in the works.

“I’ve started working with this English programmer called Matt Vaughan,” she tells Hot Press. “When I joined the Cranberries I used to write everything on piano – I didn’t play guitar properly at all. So, 14 years on, I’ve come up with these piano-driven songs that I’m recording using Pro-Tools and all that other computer-y stuff.

“It’s completely different to the Cranberries – very experimental and out there. A couple of tracks have a David Lynch movie soundtrack feel, but they’re fully developed songs. I’m going to Toronto for an extended holiday, so Matt’s going to fly out for a week and do some mixes with me in the Metalworks studio.”

Dolores reveals that she’s recorded several rough versions at home in her own kitchen, and that some will consist of more than just piano and vocals. “I’m going to put real guitar on some of them, and redo the vocals which at the moment are rough ones that I did in the kitchen in my little gate lodge. The staff in the farm here thought I was bonkers roaring away on my own!”

Unfortunately, Hot Press doesn’t give any real specifics about her collaboration with Brian Johnson on “Helen of Troy.” Dolores does comment that she’s taken a liking to him — “It’s always fun working with other artists, especially when they’re operating in a totally different area to you. He’s such a darling, not in the least bit arrogant or full of himself. I ran into him last month when we were both supporting the Rolling Stones. Don (Burton, Dolores’s husband) had to tell me who he was ‘cause I didn’t recognize him!” Don beware!

After all this, we shouldn’t forget a certain little something that is still a big part of Dolores’s life — The Cranberries. She hasn’t forgotten either, as she relates to Hot Press once again, they’re still the biggest part of her musical career. “Very much so,” she resumes. “They’ve heard a couple of the piano songs I’m doing and are cool with it. Everybody needs a bit of space because we’re at that different place in life. We’re not a bunch of kids just starting.”

Additionally, she reveals that the band has finished a four-track demo of new songs for their next release. Earlier, the Official Site noted that this demo would be used to secure a new distribution contract for their next album. “As well as opening for the Stones and playing Killarney last week with Counting Crows, we’ve recorded four demo songs for the next Cranberries album. We’ve got another three really beautiful ones in the pipeline, so it’s shaping up well.”

Things are shaping up well, indeed. Hot Press states that the Dolores O’Riordan solo album is due to be released sometime in 2004.

Thanks again to Jessica van Kessel for fetching us the info! Zombieguide will have more developments as they happen!

Sources: Hot Press

Dolores and AC/DC Collaboration Revealed!

July 22, 2003  |  Comments Off on Dolores and AC/DC Collaboration Revealed!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Dolores O’Riordan’s biographer Paul Russell reported weeks ago that he had spotted “Dolores singing a song from a musical with Brian Johnson of AC/DC” in a restaurant. Foreshadowing comes from the strangest places.

Although a less ambiguous instance was when Fergal Lawler noted last month that Dolores and Brian were considering the idea of working together.

Irish magazine Hot Press reported Thursday that Dolores is collaborating with AC/DC singer Brian Johnson on a project related to “Helen of Troy,” a musical that Johnson has been working on for nearly seven years.

“Helen of Troy” is a humorous “‘Les Miserables’-style musical with rousing anthems, tender ballads and minimal dialogue.” The project has been Johnson’s dream for several years, finally deciding to put the songs together with British composer Brian Healy. Johnson was inspired to create the musical after seeing “Cats” several years ago. “I couldn’t wait to leave,” he said. “It was puerile drivel. That’s when I started thinking I may as well try to write a show. Then I went to see ‘Grease’ in New York, and it was friggin’ drivel, too. That spurred me on more.”

The $1.2 million dollar production was originally to debut in March 2003 at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota, Florida. However, the show has been pushed back to a November 2003 debut. If all goes well, the musical may tour nationally. For much more on “Helen of Troy,” check out the page dedicated to it at the excellent AC/DC fansite Crabsody in Blue.

But the headline to Hot Press’s news story is this: “Dolores Readies Solo Album.” All we can say is, let’s hope they’re right this time: Hot Press stirred up some nasty rumors late last year when Dolores expressed that she wasconsidering doing a side project apart from the band. We now know that she recorded several songs this past spring by herself. Additonally, Matthew Vaugahn’s section of The Smoothside Organization’s website refers to Dolores as a “solo artiste.” All of this would certainly support Hot Press’s headline.

We should know exactly what is up with the purported “solo album” and the nature of Dolores’s Brian Johnson collaboration as soon as we can get our hands on the full Hot Press article — which will be very soon. Keep it tuned here!

Sources: Hot Press, Crabsody in Blue

“Zombie” Gets Punked Out (Again)

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British punk outfit “Dogshit Sandwich” (delightful name..) have just put out a 4-track EP entitled “Royal Sponger.” The 7″ vinyl includes three original songs by the band and one cover, which happens to be of The Cranberries’ “Zombie.” All four songs were newly-recorded for the EP. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Royal Sponger
2. Fuck the Law
3. R Ya Makin’ the Tea
4. Zombie

The vinyl EP can be ordered from indie label Weird Records.

The rather vile cover art, which inbues the not-so-subtle political criticism of Queen Elizabeth gone topless, can be seen here, if you are so brave to click. You’ve been warned.

Sources: Nihilism on the Prowl, Weird Records

LA7 Interview: Cranberries “Very Selective” about Album 6 Tracklist

July 12, 2003  |  Comments Off on LA7 Interview: Cranberries “Very Selective” about Album 6 Tracklist  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Cranberries World has posted a full transcript of this past Tuesday’s interview of Dolores O’Riordan, broadcasted on “Access All Areas” on Italian channel LA7. Cranberries World has also made more video captures (seen below), plus an animated gif from the interview (here). Very interestingly, she reveals that the band is being very selective about what songs will go onto their next album. As an example, she suggests that more than half of the songs they are currently putting together may not end up on the final disc. Here’s a translation of Dolores’s (separate) monologue sequences from the show:

“We were on tour for more than a year [when] we all have small children, and at this moment of our lives we prefer to take it slowly — we don’t want to lose our children’s best years of childhood. When they start to turn about ten, you can start to go on tour longer because it becomes easier, but for this year we have 7 support slots for the Rolling Stones and 3 alone.

“I didn’t grow up with the Rolling Stones, because I’m only 31, but I think that it’s an experience that we can learn a lot from. It’s a source of inspiration see them still going on. It’s been very nice, the Stones came into our dressing rooms to greet us at the first gig, and it was almost surreal to meet them in person, because we’ve gotten used to seeing them on TV, so much so that you almost don’t believe it. It was great!

“We’re concentrating on writing right now, taking our time to do a really beautiful album. Even if we write 4 songs, we’ll throw 3 of them away and we’ll choose 1 (to keep). We’ve got to be very selective to be sure that the next album is really good, because it doesn’t make sense to make an album otherwise, so we prefer to take our time, to enjoy the period of writing, and time spent at home. Then we can go out with a really great disc and a good tour.

“Looking back at myself, I think that success isn’t the thing that matters most in life. It matters more instead to have friends and to enjoy every small thing because you will never be able to come back to that precise moment.

“I think that people are too stressed and are too worried about tomorrow. Women are very engrossed in their careers and are afraid to start a family, but perhaps thinking only about your career is not enough — for me it’s a matter of knowing how to balance things. I’m 31 and I think I’m in the best period of my life. It’s my favorite time in my life. I’m living better now than when I was 20.

“Artists are always forced, particularly from the media, to analyze everything they do, but if you start to analyse everything, you get mental block, like when you’re too deep in studying — (you’re) singing and have a problem with a single word, and if you repeat it continuously, surely you’ll continue to screw it up, because you’re thinking too much. It’s the same thing with music, writing, life — it’s better not to plan anything, just enjoy what you’re making without thinking too much. Thinking too much is bad, really!

“I sang a song for the new Zucchero album. I memorized the verse in Italian, but he didn’t want me to sing in your language cause we, English-speakers, when we sing in Italian we sound so foolish. It’s also true that Italians sound foolish when they sing in English.”


Source: Cranberries World

New Storm Thorgerson Merchandise

July 10, 2003  |  Comments Off on New Storm Thorgerson Merchandise  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

An update to the “shopping” section of the Official Storm Thorgerson Website makes a new item available for purchase: A set of 16 Thorgerson art postcards, two of which were designed for the covers of Cranberries releases. The two Cranberries-related pieces in the set are the covers to the “You and Me” single (2000) and the “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” international album cover (2001). The cards come housed in a custom hardback case. If you’re interested, the set will set you back £10.00, or about $16 US, not including shipping.

Set of 16 Thorgerson postcards

If postcards that you’ll likely never actually use don’t suit your fancy, there are other previously-available Cranberries-related items in the shop. One item is a 2002 silkscreen reprint of the “Bury the Hatchet” cover art, part of “The Bodies Series.” (The BTH artwork had also been issued as a lithograph in 1999, limited to 800 copies.) According to the site:


Set of six fine art limited edition silkscreen (serigraph) prints. Printed on 410gsm Somerset Tub Sized paper. Print size 33″ x 25.5″, image size approximately 19″ x 19″. Edition of 125 only. Printed by Brad Faine at Coriander from original artwork. Signed, titled and numbered by Storm Thorgerson.

The BTH print will set you back a measly £300.00, or about $490 US, not including shipping of course.

Lastly is Thorgerson’s 1999 book entited “The Eye of the Storm.” The book includes four pages dedicated to The Cranberries, and luckily enough, the sample picture shows the double-page spread for “Bury the Hatchet.” The books are autographed and are priced at £20.00, or $33 US each.

“The Eye of the Storm” book, featuring 4 pages on The Crans

The Official Storm Thorgerson Website itself has lots of interesting production notes on his work with The Cranberries, which alone makes the site worth a visit. Just choose “Sort by Artist” and then scroll to “T” for “The Cranberries.” (A librarian would have a fit for indexing by a demonstrative article, but hey, this is art, its supposed to break the rules.)

Happy artful shopping!

Source: Official Storm Thorgerson Website

LA7 Dolores Interview Screencaptures

July 10, 2003  |  Comments Off on LA7 Dolores Interview Screencaptures  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Yesterday we told you that Italian television station LA7 had aired a brandnew interview with Dolores O’Riordan, recorded after last month’s Milan gig with The Rolling Stones. She told the station that, for the first time in her career, she will be singing in Italian with Zucchero on the upcoming “Duets” CD.

Lorenzo has captured some screenshots from the interview and sent them to us, below. Thanks Lorenzo!


Source: Exclusive!

Dolores Contributes to Upcoming Irish Music Charity Book

July 3, 2003  |  Comments Off on Dolores Contributes to Upcoming Irish Music Charity Book  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

RTE Radio Presenter Alan Swan is putting the last touches on his first book,“From the Cradle to the Stage: A Complete History of Irish Music,” a chronicle that promises to cover every genre of Irish music. Several artists are directly contributing to the book, of which proceeds go to charity, including The Dubliners’ Ronnie Drew, U2’s Larry Mullen, Christy Moore, and The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan. The book is due to be published by Christmas 2003. (Editor’s note 8/29/03: Author Alan Swan tells us that it will be Fergal, not Dolores, who appears in the book.)

The book is being comissioned by Fighting Blindness, the only Irish charity dedicated to finding cures for blindness by funding Irish-based research. The organization is receiving all proceeds from the book.

A press release for the upcoming book states, “This chronicle allows Irish artists, from every genre, to share memories of what helped to shape their success. Alan Swan and all the musicians who have co-operated in the production of this volume did so in a way that will be of extraordinary help to the only Irish charity committed for finding cures for blindness, through Irish research.” The release also states that the musicians involved have been “generously giving their time to help Fighting Blindness.”

Author Alan Swan, 24 years old, is clearly “moving up” quickly. He was formerly presenter and producer for the regional station CKR FM’s Breakfast Show, but has recently been hired by Ireland’s national RTE Radio. “From the Cradle to the Stage” will be his first book, but according to, he has several others “in the pipeline.”

Source: Fighting Blindness, Radiowaves

Grab Original Cran Bootlegs for $6.99 Each

July 2, 2003  |  Comments Off on Grab Original Cran Bootlegs for $6.99 Each  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Fans can usually expect to pay a minimum of $15-$20 for a factory-pressed live CD, but for a very limited time, you can pick one up for less than $7 each.

Asian-based importer SOLcd is currently offering two different versions of two different bootlegs (4 total) for the ridiculously low price of $6.99 US each. It appears SOLcd is clearing the titles out of their catalog, so once they’re sold at this price, they’re gone.

The two offered titles are “Live in Concert” (MTV Unplugged 1995) and“One’s Better Self” (Hamburg, Germany, 1999). There are two variations of each, however, the tracklisting is the same on each variation — the only difference is the art. Having owned both of these titles for awhile, I can tell you that they are of excellent quality, both in sound and artwork.

At this price, they’re a complete steal, and won’t last long, so snatch them up quickly if you’re interested.

Source: SOLcd

“Dreams” in Trailer for “Mona Lisa Smile”

July 2, 2003  |  Comments Off on “Dreams” in Trailer for “Mona Lisa Smile”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The classic Cranberries track “Dreams,” a soundtrack favorite, is being used yet again in the movie trailer for the upcoming film “Mona Lisa Smile.” The movie stars Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, and Julia Stiles, among others, a lineup that alone is sure to make the movie a major hit with the female demographic.

The trailer and a plot synopsis can be viewed at the Coming Soon Film Database in Windows Media, Quicktime, and Real Player flavors.

The film hits theaters on December 19th, 2003. No word yet on whether “Dreams” will be used in the actual movie or on the soundtrack, but Zombieguide will stay on this story until we find out.

Thanks to Uriel for the tip!

Source: Exclusive

Paul Russell: Cranberries Meet Rolling Stones, AC/DC

July 2, 2003  |  Comments Off on Paul Russell: Cranberries Meet Rolling Stones, AC/DC  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Weeks ago, The Cranberries Official Website relayed that Dolores has been collaborating with RTE producer Paul Russell on an upcoming autobiography. Due to some ambiguous wording, we weren’t sure what to make of it, but we now know definitively: Paul Russell is writing Dolores O’Riordan’s official biography.

Russell has been travelling with The Cranberries throughout their summer tour and took some time to check in with Irish music mag, Hot Press. In an article published two weeks ago, he describes how touring mates The Rolling Stones and AC/DC have been getting along with The Cranberries — with some humorous anecdotes.

The Rolling Stones stopped into The Cranberries’ dressing room on opening night, June 4th, and Russell was lucky enough to witness the exchange.

“Mick [Jagger], needless to say, made an immediate beeline for Dolores while the others talked to the lads,” Russell writes. “Charlie Watts was a bit quiet, but everybody else was in flying form. Needless to say, the Cranberries floated on stage to play their set which lasted 45 minutes and got a good percentage of the 17,000-crowd up on their feet.”

As well as the Crans hit it off with the Stones, it seems to be not nearly as well as they got along with AC/DC, as Fergal wrote days ago.

Russell reports, “I was in the Thai restaurant where Liam Gallagher had his teeth kicked in, and saw Dolores singing a song from a musical with Brian Johnson of AC/DC, who then told some of the rudest stories I’ve ever heard! They’re also on the bill for three of the Stones’ German shows, so it was a good getting-to-know-you session.”

Paul Russell and Dolores O’Riordan’s co-written autobiography is due to be published sometime next year. We can expect to hear more from Russell over the next few months.

Thanks to Jessica van Kessel for fetching us the info!

Source: Hot Press

The Cranberries Press