Noel Hogan’s new tattoo by Marco C. Matarese

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Title almost says it all. Noel got a new tattoo. Today the tattooer Marco C. Matarese from PURO Tattoo Studio in Milano, Italy posted on his socials a picture of him with Noel and his new tattoo:

It was a great honor for me to tattoo Noel Hogan, the lead guitarist and founder of the rock band The Cranberries. Thank you for your trust!

Sources: Marco C. Matarese Instagram, Marco C. Matarese Facebook

Happy Birthday to Noel Hogan 45 years old today!

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It’s now midnight in Ireland and it’s December 25, 2016.
It’s not only Santa’s day, it’s also someone’s birthday.

So Happy Birthday to Noel Hogan, 45 years old today.
Have a good one man.

Noel, last week in Perú
(Photo credit: Festival Vivo X El Rock)

…and Merry Christmas to all of you out there in The Cranberries world.

Noel Hogan at the “BMI London Awards 2016” (UPDATED)

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It all started a few days ago, on October 7th, when Noel Hogan twittedSo here’s what happening early next week. Dolores & I are up for an award” with a close-up photo of the possible invitation (?) received. What a great and unexpected news!


Earlier today Noel posted a route map of his flight from Shannon (IRL) to London (UK) with the following note “BMI awards tonight.” Good news: Noel will be attending the ceremony, though no sign of Dolores yet!


The BMI London Awards is a music industry ceremony which honors the UK/European songwriters and publishers of the past year’s most-played BMI songs on American radio and television. This year the ceremony is held at the Dorchester Hotel in London where Sting is to be named BMI Icon in recognition of his award-winning career and influence on popular music for more than four decades.
At this point we had no details regarding the Cranberries prize.



Later in the evening the first pictures appeared on the internet and fans discovered a very handsome Noel Hogan in a suit and a BMI medal on his chest, proving that Dolores would not show up at the event.

news-2016-10-10-bmi-5 news-2016-10-10-bmi-6 news-2016-10-10-bmi-7 news-2016-10-10-bmi-8news-2016-10-10-bmi-9

Following the ceremony, Noel published a photo of the BMI’s plaque he received “in recognition of the great national popularity as measured by over 3 million broadcast performances attained by DREAMS“.
Noel wrote: “So I got this. 3 million plays on US radio 🙂



UPDATE – October 15

More pictures of the evening by REXFEATURES.COM
Noel with Brandon Bakshi – BMI Executive Director.
Noel with his wife Catherine.

Image ref 6196673AA. Copyright Rex Shutterstock No reproduction without permission. Please see for more information.

Image ref 6196673AI. Copyright Rex Shutterstock No reproduction without permission. Please see for more information.

Image ref 6196673AH. Copyright Rex Shutterstock No reproduction without permission. Please see for more information.

and the last picture (HQ) with Warner/Chappell Music Ltd members, posted on Noel Hogan Productions:


Noel also gave a short audio interview to on influence of Sting/The Police.

Noel Hogan got tattooed last week!

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Last week Noel Hogan got tattooed by Ross Nagle, a tattooist based in Limerick, Ireland.
Here is the result posted by Ross on his Intagram:

2016.05.04 NH tattoo

Noel let the following comment: “Delighted with the result.”

Happy Birthday Noel (UPDATED DEC.27)

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Happy Birthday to Noel Hogan, 44 years old today.
His wife Catherine just Instagrammed a photo of « The Birthday Boy » taken today while driving his car. Great one !

2015.12.25 44yo catherine20insta

Source: catherine20


A few hours later Noel replied both on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook: Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Have a great New Year.
Twitter: Happy holidays all, thank you for the birthday wishes. Have a great day.

Sources: Noel Hogan FB, Noel Hogan Twitter

Noel Hogan at the University of Limerick yesterday

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Noel Hogan was yesterday at the University of Limerick with Dr Martin Power, Professor Eoin Devereux, Dr Aileen Dillane to open a 2-day international symposium devoted to Manchester post-punk band Joy Division. Noel recalled how Joy Division influenced The Cranberries / The Cranberry Saw Us early recording efforts.
People are more than welcome to attend the symposium for free on both days (Nov. 25 & 26).
It takes place in the Health Sciences Building on the North Campus in UL 9am-5pm

25/11/15 REPRO FREE The legendary Manchester band Joy Division are the subject of a two-day international symposium at the University of Limerick this week. Following on from previous events at UL on The Smiths, Morrissey and David Bowie, the Popular Music and Popular Culture Research Cluster are examining the legacy of the iconic Manchester band, whose career was cut short with the untimely death of their lead singer Ian Curtis in 1980. Best known for their song Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division are one of the worldÕs truly iconic and influential bands. Dr Martin Power, Professor Eoin Devereux, Assistant Dean, Research, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Limerick, Noel Hogan, The Cranberries and Dr Aileen Dillane at the launch of the two day symposium at the University of Limerick. The symposium was launched by Noel Hogan of The Cranberries who recalled how Joy Division influenced his bandÕs early recording efforts. Delegates have travelled from the UK, China, The US (including from Yale), Canada, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain and Portugal to dissect and debate the bandÕs contribution to Indie Music. The symposium heard papers on Joy DivisionÕs influences, their songwriting practices, the bandÕs legacy as well as their transition to New Order following CurtisÕs death. Pic Sean Curtin Fusionshooters.

Dr Martin Power, Pr Eoin Devereux, Rock Star, Dr Aileen Dillane

2015.11.25 Joy Division UL -2 2015.11.25 Joy Division UL -3 2015.11.25 Joy Division UL -42015.11.25 Joy Division UL -5

Sources : Limerick Post, The Irish Times, Noel Hogan, Sean Curtis, ahssUL, DrDevereux

Watch “Mood Poem” The Pigtown Fling documentary on YouTube

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Yesterday Crude Films added on their YouTube account the documentary called “Mood Poem” about The Pigtown Fling Project.

Click here to watch the full movie available in HD 1080p.

Reflecting on their art, their community and their city, Mood Poem meets the musicians and artists of ‘The Pigtown Fling’, a 2014 National City of Culture musical legacy project, that invited over 50 artists of different genres & styles to work together on a collaborative album.

This is the very same documentary that was screened for free last September 20 in Limerick :

mood poem screening

mood poem NH🙂 🙂

You can find some pictures on The Pigtown Fling official Facebook.

pigtown fling hogans and robert hope

Robert Hope, Mike and Noel

Sources : Cruide Films, The Cranberries FB, The Pigtown Fling FB, Darren Ryan Photography

Noel Hogan will make his debut as a film composer

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According to this article, Noel Hogan will make his debut as a film composer for a short film called “Date: Time”. The Irish composer Patrick Cassidy who already made soundtracks for the movies “Calvary” and “Hannibal” will be part of the project as well. The short film is currently in post-production and is part of a Film Limerick Trilogy.
These past few years Noel Hogan has been very involved in several projects to support his hometown Limerick and this one is quite unexpected. And what a very nice surprise !
We all look forward to seeing the final results.

Source : IFTN

Noel Hogan : New self-produced project for release early next year

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Noel Hogan recently gave an interview published online at
Not necessarily well-known to the general public, Audient is a company producing professional audio equipment qualified by Noel as “perfect for me”.

2015.01.xx NH Audient

In this interview Noel talks about his personal equipment related to Audient and gives a clue on his recent work :

New material with vocals that I’ve been working on for a few years is coming together now. We don’t have a title yet, but it’s due for release early next year


The next few months will see me working from my home studio, but after that it will be a combination of here and working in France. The next project is in the early stages. It combines the talents of bands both in France and Ireland to see what the end result brings. This is a big project that will take up most of the year.”

Depending on when the interview was given the early next year probably is 2016.

Source : Audient

Noel Hogan : new official website launched !

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Last October 8, Noel Hogan posted a little teaser on his Facebook saying “Something is coming”. Most of people supposed it was a new website coming. They were right and yesterday Noel posted again about this topic and announced the official launched of

2014.12.06 NH

The Pigtown Fling on Irish TV tonight

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Tonight at 8:30PM (Irish time) airs on RTE One a TV show called “The works”.
Boxer Andy Lee will talk about the Pigtown Fling. This is a 30min show that includes a lot of various reports. So The Pigtown Fling part should not be that long… well, we’ll see !

Not living in Ireland or not receiving this channel ?
Not a problem :  you all remember how to watch the streaming on the internet like we did for “The Voice of Ireland” thanks to Irishsoul from Italy. Yes her great work still is online and works fine. You have then no excuse for not watching / recording tonight’s show.

Watch the streaming by clicking HERE

Sources: The Pigtown Fling Facebook, RTE ONE, Irishsoul

The Pigtown Fling next saturday’s concert now SOLD OUT

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The committee of The Pigtown Fling announced yesterday on their facebook that The Pigtown Fling gig coming this saturday has now completely sold out. The album on CD is ready and will be given for free at the venue. All the artists and team look forward to seeing you this Saturday (september 20) at the Crescent Hall Limerick. Doors are at 7.30pm with the gig starting at 8pm sharp.

Things are definitely going really well for this musical project. Two days ago Noel wrote on his Tumblr account it was great to be sitting at home listening to one of the tracks on the Radio. There were a lot of media appearances these last weeks in the press, radio and even on Irish TV where “The launch of the Pigtown Fling” aired this evening (Sept 17) on Sky 191.

No doubt there will be more media appearances after the show. So who’s going? If you are, don’t hesitate to send us live reports and/or pictures of the show, poster, setlist, crowd, venue, ticket, the limited edition CD or anything else that you can judge interesting it’s up to you, we may publish that here.

2014.09.20 Limerick Post Noel Hogan Kenneth Rice

In the meantime Noel is appearing this coming weekend in the Limerick Post Newspaper (to be published on September 20) and in 2 different categories. You can already read the online edition by clicking this link or the digital edition by clicking this other link. (page 55 and page 86)

Sources: Noel Hogan Tumblr, The Pigtown Fling Facebook, Limerick Post

The Pigtown Fling officially launched and going well !!

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Last tuesday, september 02, was the official launch of The Pigtown Fling, a major musical project to develop a sustainable music industry in Limerick.
To celebrate this, a special event was organized at The Blind Pig bar restaurant located on Thomas Street in Limerick. For obvious reason this could not happen anywhere else !

2014.09.02 TPF launch 1

An invitation was posted a few days before the event on the official facebook account of The Pigtown Fling and everyone reading was invited and welcome for a lunchtime gathering between 01:00 and 02:30pm. Some of the artists were there and things were quite simple : there was food, drinks, a mic on its stand and a promotional poster for background. Noel Hogan (producer) as well as John Greenwood (creator and director) and Eoin Devereux spoke to the guests to explain what the concept of this album was all about. Rest of the time seemed like a long and pleasant meet and greet. You can see some of the pictures below and something like 25 more on their facebook. Some of you will discover the new (well… not so new) beard look of Noel. Isn’t he cool !

2014.09.02 TPF launch 2 2014.09.02 TPF launch 32014.09.02 TPF launch 42014.09.02 TPF launch 52014.09.02 TPF launch 62014.09.02 TPF launch 7
About the music itself, to this day we can discover 4 songs on a total of 17 that will appear on the coming CD. During august, 2 songs have officially surfaced : “In My House” and “Hide & Creep“. Those 2 tunes airplayed on a few Irish radio (ClareFM, TippFM, 8 Radio…) and have been posted on the internet as well. The reaction so far has been positive. Since then a 3rd song called “Peppermint Love” and a 4th song called “February 13th” were posted last week and yesterday (respectively) on the internet . All these 4 samples are also gathered on a promo CD whose Noel posted a picture on his Tumblr account the same day as the official launch.

2014.09.02 TPF promo cd

Media coverage seems quite good too even if still local for now. You can find 2 different articles in the Limerick Leader, one published on august 30 called “Sounds of The Pigtown Fling” a story according to Noel and the other published today called “Musical legacy project brings together 47 great performers” a report about the launch event at The Blind Pig bar.

2014.08.30 Limerick Leader2014.09.05 Limerick Leader






Dont’ forget this over a year of workshops project will culminate in a showcase gig at The Crescent Hall in Limerick on september 20. Just for this show CD is given free when purchasing a ticket.

Sources: Noel Hogan Tumblr, The Pigtown Fling facebook, Darren Ryan Photography

The Pigtown Fling showcase on September 20th is free with new CD purchase

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Noel Hogan published today on his tumblr account a new picture of something that looks like a poster or a flyer of the upcoming concert of The Pigtown Fling project on September 20th.

And good news, the concert/showcase is free if you purchase the limited edition CD (12 euros) via the following website :  (scroll down and you’ll see the information link).

2014.09.20 flyer
The concert will take place at Crescent Hall in Limerick and starts at 8PM.
Hurry up, there are only 500 tickets available !!

If you have no idea what The Pigtown Fling project is then take a look here and here.

Noel Hogan & The Pigtown Fling, a small video for more explanations.

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For those of you – and there is a lot – who are still wondering what exactly is hidden behind this weird name/project The Pigtown Fling, Noel Hogan and John Greenwood respectively producer and creative director of this big collaborative musical project recently recorded a small video where they clearly explain what it’s all about.

If you are following Noel on his Tumblr account you may have seen these last months a lot of pictures of musicians working with him in studio very conscientiously. Pictures were published raw without real comments or larger explanations so if you were not paying attention closely you probably just understood that Noel was doing some music for his hometown on the occasion of the Limerick 2014 city of culture. If you recognize yourself in these last few words or if you never heard or understood what was this project all about, then this video – which is a sort of Pigtown Fling EPK – is made for you. Just focus 4 minutes and all will be clearer.

The next step will be a presentation of the 18 tracks live on stage on the 20th of september 2014 in Limerick.

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