Dolores O’Riordan inducted in the Limerick Hall Of Fame

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Dolores O’Riordan was inducted in the Limerick Hall Of Fame during the “Limerick Person of the Year 2018” gala award ceremony that was held at the Clayton Hotel in Limerick this afternoon.

The “Limerick Person of the Year 2018” appears to be a different event from the “Limerick’s All Time Great” competition that Dolores O’Riordan won by a massive margin just a few days ago.
This gala award aims at honoring an individual or group of individuals who best exemplified the spirit of Limerick in 2018, so today, Limerick Hurlers were named “Limerick Persons of the Year 2018” and members of the team received the award.

Members of Dolores’ family also took part in the ceremony as details of a new Limerick Hall of Fame that is being established were also announced during the event, with the late Cranberries lead singer being the first inductee. Dolores’ mother Eileen was also presented with a special framed Limerick Leader newspaper article to mark the announcement according to the article posted after the ceremony.

Limerick Leader’s journalist Áine Fitzgerald posted a few photos of the ceremony on Twitter this afternoon, including a pic of the Hurlers with Dolores’ family, giving the song “Dreams” was the anthem of the team:

Tweet #1 – Dolores inducted in the LHOF

Tweet #2 – Limerick Hurlers

Tweet #3 – with Mayor James Collins and Dolores’ family, Eileen, PJ, Sandra O’Riordan

Tweet #4 – Special framed LL newspaper article

Special thanks to Elena Legaspi for the link!

“In The End” promo tour – first stop in London

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The band just posted a pic on their Instagram page from their label offices, BMG UK, a moment ago, announcing that they are on promo day in London today.

From what our team was told, they should be promoting “In The End” in other European capitals in the upcoming days/months, as well as America.

A lovely image posted by Olé Koretsky on socials today

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Posted earlier today on socials (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook):

Limerick’s All Time Great: DOLORES WINS (UPDATED)

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Title says it all. Dolores wins easily. Congratulations!
Thanks to The Cranberries community and all the others who voted for her. Well deserved.
The Limerick Leader should say more about it pretty soon…


The Limerick Leader just published an article to confirm Dolores O’Riordan has been named “Limerick’s All Time Great”.

They commented:
Dolores is an exceptionally worthy winner of Limerick’s All Time Great,” said Eugene Phelan, editor of the Limerick Leader. “She is an iconic figure in world music but never forget her Limerick roots and her love for her native place. We are proud that she has been named the All Time Great after an exceptionally popular series of online polls. All 16 candidates would have made for a worthy winner, but there can only be one!

Limerick’s All Time Great poll: FINAL VOTE!!!

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Here we go lads!

Dolores made it to the final run of the Limerick’s All Time Great poll launched earlier this month by the Limerick Leader.

From eight polls featuring 16 contestants and two first rounds of voting, four nominees are now facing each other for this final vote: John Kiely, Paul O’Connell, Richard Harris and our beloved Dolores O’Riordan.

This is the last time we’re asking you for your help to lead Dolores to the victory:


The vote will run until next Monday, 1pm (Irish time)

Make sure Limerick people know how loved she was and still is throughout the globe!

INTERVIEW: “The Cranberries: Fue un alivio saber que Dolores no murió por suicidio”

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New interview in Spanish with Fergal Lawler for the Spanish Newspaper ABC. Read it directly on or click image below to open pdf file:

Rare photo from Noel Hogan’s own personal unseen collection

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The Cranberries shared today on their socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), a rare and unseen photo from Noel Hogan’s personal collection:

“Derry Girls” series 2 trailer featuring Dreams by The Cranberries

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Watch trailer of “Derry Girls” series 2 coming soon… featuring “Dreams” by The Cranberries once more. Posted on YouTube today by Channel 4: “The Cranberries: La gente espera que el disco sea muy oscuro, pero tiene altibajos, como todos nuestros discos”

February 10, 2019  |  3 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Read this interview of Noel Hogan (in Spanish) directly on or click image below to open pdf file.

Never seen before bloopers video

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After their “The J Files: The Cranberries” last Thursday, the Australian radio station Double J published yesterday on Facebook a never seen before bloopers video of The Cranberries during an interview in Los Angeles in 1999 for the Australian TV programme “Recovery”.

INTERVIEW: “The Making of The Cranberries’ Haunted Farewell”

February 7, 2019  |  8 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Read the article/interview directly on or click image below to open pdf file.

AUDIO: The J Files Cranberries Special

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Listen to the 2-hour Cranberries special featuring a recent interview with Noel Hogan directly on

Thanks to The Cranberries Newspaper for the link!

INTERVIEW: “The unlikely success of The Cranberries”

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Read the new interview with The Cranberries directly on or click image below to open pdf file. “Limerick school remembers past pupil DOR with art exhibition”

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Read the article directly on or click image below to open pdf file:

Limerick’s All Time Great poll: second round (UPDATE: Dolores wins 2nd round)

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To all Cranberries fans, the Limerick Leader just published the poll for the second run of Limerick’s All Time Great !

Dolores is now facing Mick Mackey “the greatest hurler the game ever produced”.

Tough opponent this time, as Hurling is the national sport in Ireland and Limerick people are really into it, especially since Limerick won the All-Ireland Championship last year…

You thus know what you have to do: CLICK HERE to lead Dolores to the semi final!!!

Poll for this second round will close this Friday.


Friday deadline has now past… and the winner is:

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: “5 New Songs” rare CD (2004)

February 3, 2019  |  7 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Oldie but goldie!
This is a very rare CD-R containing demo/early versions of songs that would appear on “AYL?”
Some fans might not have heard them all before… and for the others it’s probably been a while!

Let’s note that the demo version of “Without You” never really surfaced before and the title “Apple Of My Life” on this CD-R became “Apple Of My Eye” on the “Are You Listening?” album. [EDIT: Fox Music probably made this CD-R to pass on to various music supervisors. Seems like a title transcribed too fast, just a mistake, as Dolores sings “eye” in this demo.]

Download WAV audio files (and CD scans) on Google Drive or listen to the songs directly on YouTube.

Thanks to YouTube user Dead Or Alive Icon (@pathetic_senses on Instagram)

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