Flight attendant to proceed against Dolores after 2014 incident

January 8, 2017  |  2 Comments  |  by Sara  |  Dolores O'Riordan, Other News, The Cranberries

According to an article appeared this morning on The Business Post, Carmel Coyne, the flight attendant whose foot got injured during the Aer Lingus 2014 incident, has started a legal action against Dolores. High Court proceedings were filed last Wednesday and, according to the Business Post, Aer Lingus is listed as defendant as well.

We wait to get more information regarding the matter.

The Hand wishes a belated birthday to Dolores O’Riordan

September 21, 2016  |  1 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Dolores O'Riordan, Other News

These past days The Hand, the very famous cartoonist in The Cranberries world, was very prolific and drew several portraits of Dolores O’Riordan.
Yesterday he published his final work on the Internet as a GIF called “12DoloreS”
followed by a post on his Twitter account today with a message revealing his real intention:

actually and intentionally it was a GIF(t) for her birthday .. but I was late, as usual :/

Unfortunately it seems it won’t turn into a new “Calendolores” 😉

As the animation goes quite fast, you may have missed some drawings!
You’ll thus find below all his BRILLIANT sketches extracted from the GIF as well as the images they are related to (as usual click on each picture to see it larger):

Animal Instinct – video



Are You Listening? – album



Science Agrees – album



D.A.R.K. – promo photo



London Astoria II – 1994



I Can’t Be With You – video



Lublin Arena – 2016



MTV European Music Awards – 1995



Promises – video



The Journey – video



The Voice of Ireland 2014 – final



Zombie – video



The Hot Press Magazine archives free to view for Xmas

December 27, 2015  |  Comments Off on The Hot Press Magazine archives free to view for Xmas  |  by Webmaster  |  Other News

For one week only, the Hot Press archive of the famous Irish music magazine is completely free to view. Something like 25 years of articles about The Cranberries to read !!
News, Exclusive interviews, Album reviews, Concert reviews and more… a real treasure.
Thank you Hot Press, The Cranberries fans do love you.

More details by clicking here.


Source: Hot Press

A prolific “The Hand” much to our delight

October 22, 2014  |  1 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Other News

If you know the work of The Hand you must already know that he is a very prolific cartoonist. As you can judge on his Facebook account and official website he sketched a lot of international and local (Italian) celebrities with his own unique style.
These last months he drew a lot of new portraits of our favorite Dolores. CW already wrote a news about that last august but The Hand continued to draw of lot more after that.

2014.09.06 The Hand

One by one on our Cranberries World Facebook page we shared his works but that is something we don’t really like to do as many people don’t have, don’t like or simply don’t want Facebook. For all those people, here comes a summary of his work!

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2 New interviews: Noel Hogan on the radio and The Hand on Cranberriesitalia.it

September 8, 2014  |  Comments Off on 2 New interviews: Noel Hogan on the radio and The Hand on Cranberriesitalia.it  |  by Axl  |  Other News

More media for The Pigtown Fling: as just announced on their Facebook Noel Hogan and Eoin Devereux will be interviewed on Limerick Today on September 9. Interview airs at 11:25am on Limerick’s LIVE95FM

Second thing to mention today is an interesting interview published on Cranberriesitalia.it with the famous cartoonist The Hand well known in the world of The Cranberries and who recently drew new portraits of Dolores and The Cranberries as we reported here. He also posted still on his Facebook this new drawing for Dolores’ birthday.

2014.09.06 The Hand

Quite unfortunately the interview is in Italian (obviously!) so if like most of us you don’t understand a word you can use an internet browser like google chrome and put the address of the page inside and if you have a recent version of chrome a (not so bad) translation in your language may appear. Thanks chrome and thanks to cranberriesitalia.

The Ice Bucket Challenge continues, now The Sage Café feat. Mike

August 24, 2014  |  Comments Off on The Ice Bucket Challenge continues, now The Sage Café feat. Mike  |  by Axl  |  Other News

This time it is Mike Hogan’s turn to appear on an Ice Bucket Challenge video. The video was posted on the Facebook page of The Sage Café. Mike isn’t directly concerned as he is one of the guys pouring the bucket of ice water on others (hey ! he is the boss after all)… and he seems to enjoy it.

Quite funny indeed, but this one is not the direct response to Noel challenging him. So we might have another video with Mike very soon… and this time he will not enjoy it as much as he just did. Stay tuned…

Noel Hogan accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge

August 23, 2014  |  1 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Other News

This summer if you live on the same planet earth as us, you probably noticed tons of videos of celebrities or friends pouring a bucket of ice water on their head. This is called the ice bucket challenge and Noel has just agreed to do it and posted the video on his tumblr account. Take a look at it really, it is quite cool and funny especially the way his family reacts.

The Ice Bucket Challenge spread over the internet these last months and kept growing and growing this summer. It all started from an athlete suffering from a degenerative disease combined with a good dose of self-deprecating media from the celebrities. Bill Gates even did it ! The principle is based on having more and more videos all over medias/internet of people doing it to get funds for the ALS association. ALS is for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Those who are nominated have 24 hours to do it and can challenge 3 people of their choice to do the same. If they don’t accept they have to donate $100 to the association. It appears that most of celebrities are doing both. On this day ALS raised more than 60 million dollars.

In turns out that Noel has nominated 3 people of his choice and an interesting name for us, fans, surfaced : Mike Hogan

So who’s gonna challenge Dolores? Noel didn’t… Mike maybe?
Even if there is not much chances that Dolores will do it as she tends to avoid the Internet and everything that revolves around it, it may reach her one way or another. Mike may nominate Russell, Russell may nominate Don and Don… well… we’ll see!
Good cause and good fun!

Zombieguide.com To Fully Go Offline In June

May 21, 2014  |  12 Comments  |  by Shannon  |  Other News

Next month, the popular fan site www.zombieguide.com will no longer be available online.  Website creator and owner, Alex Kraus, will allow the site, as well as all of its archived content, to go offline in June of this year.  The popular website was a mecca of Cranberries news and information and was home to the most active forums for fans of The Cranberries in the history of the internet.

Most fans and visitors to the website will remember that in September of 2007, zombieguide.com became inactive when its creator was threatened with legal action by Dolores O’Riordan’s attorney.  Though, as a result of legal issues, the website was no longer active after the autumn of 2007, the web files from zombieguide.com remained online in an archived status.

In June of 2014, the archived files on zombieguide.com will no longer be accessible.  Visitors to the website are encouraged to take this opportunity to browse through the catalog of information stored on zombieguide.com before it is removed from the World Wide Web.

You can visit zombieguide.com through the end of May here.

You may also save files from the website for your personal use before they are taken offline.

You may also read through the forums, also available until the end of May, at http://www.zombieguide.com/forums/

On behalf of all of us at Cranberries World, we would like to thank Alex Kraus for his creation of and years of service to www.zombieguide.com.


December 13, 2013  |  Comments Off on DOLORES SUPPORT CAMPAIGN: 1 DAY TO GO…  |  by Camille  |  Other News

Dear all,

Thank you so much for your contributions, we managed to gather 42% of the required amount to pay for the advert, which was really of help for us.
It seems Fundrazr allows us to keep the campaign alive for a little while, so those who want to take part in the fundraising effort can still donate money for a few days!

As for the messages, we’ll keep on posting those we receive until Saturday – 23:59 GMT so feel free to send yours to supportdolores@cranberriesworld.com along with your name/username and country.
If you don’t get any confirmation from us to tell you your message will be posted on www.cranberriesworld.com/supportdolores, please do send your email again as we do answer everyone!

We’re very happy so many countries are represented, people from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Macedonia, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, Uruguay and the USA sent their support messages to Dolores.
This really is heartwarming!
Well done, guys!



December 9, 2013  |  Comments Off on SUPPORT DOLORES CAMPAIGN: THIS IS HAPPENING!  |  by Camille  |  Other News

Dear ‘berries fans,

We’re very pleased to tell you that the advert WILL be published in the LIFE magazine this Sunday. The CW Team paid the required amount to make it happen.
Those who are willing to support our effort still have 3 days to help us by giving money on Fundrazr.

What matters most, now, is to gather as many messages as possible to encourage Dolores.
Send your support messages (+ you name/username and country) to supportdolores@cranberriesworld.com, they will then be published on http://cranberriesworld.com/supportdolores.

We’re giving you until SATURDAY 14TH, 23:59 GMT to send your messages!

It’s time to give back, peeps!

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