Poster Bundled with Taiwan “Stars” DVD

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For those that have been keeping track, you’ve no doubt noticed the abundance of freebie pack-ins given to Taiwan in recent Cranberries releases: the deluxe “Stars” with a booklet and CD holder, “Wake Up” Asian Tour Edition, and the “Wake Up” boxed set. Now there’s a fourth reason to envy the small Asian country with disproportionate bonuses; the newly- released “Stars” DVD includes a promo-only poster. As seen below, the bundled-in poster lists the hits contained on the disc as well as the special features, and is limited only to the first edition of the DVD.

For those completionists interested in the set, the Taiwanese DVD is Region 0 in NTSC format, which makes it compatible with North American players. Asian online importer SolCD has the DVD and poster package available for $31.99 US

“Stars” #4 Album of 2002 on CNN

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In a poll of visitors on the website for CNN International’s “The Music Room,” The Cranberries’ “Stars: The Best of 1992-2002” was voted as the #4 album for 2002 in a ranking of the 20 top albums of the year. The Cranberries’ greatest hits compilation was beaten out by Coldplay at the #1 spot, and then Eminem and Avril Lavigne, respectively. Here’s the full list:

1. Coldplay “A Rush of Blood To The Head”
2. Eminem “The Eminem Show”
3. Avril Lavigne “Let Go”
4. The Cranberries “Stars: The Best of the Cranberries, 1992-2002”
5. Nelly “Nellyville”
6. Darren Hayes “Spin”
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers “By the Way”
8. Christina Aguilera “Stripped”
9. Norah Jones “Come Away with Me”
10. Bruce Springsteen “The Rising”
11. Vanessa Carlton “Be Not Nobody”
12. Carlos Santana “Shaman”
13. Matchbox Twenty “More Than You Think You Are”
14. David Bowie “Heathen”
15. Goo Goo Dolls “Gutterflower”
16. Foo Fighters “One by One”
17. Justin Timberlake “Justified”
18. Kylie Minogue “Fever”
19. Oasis “Heathen Chemistry”
20. Beck “Sea of Change”

This weekend’s year-end episode of “The Music Room” features a segment on these 20 top albums. Check out the Music Room website for times in your region. (Note that this is CNN International, so if you don’t have that channel specifically, you won’t be able to get it.)

Not bad for a greatest hits, eh? Thanks to celticyodels for the tip!

Source: The Music Room

Vatican Broadcast Screen Captures

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This past Tuesday, Italain channel Canale 5 made their traditional yearly broadcast of the Concerto di Vaticano in Natale (Vatican Christmas Concert). This year, Canale 5 changed the order of things, putting the finale “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” as the first part of the concert, where all the invited artists performed together. Dolores’s “Linger” and “Adeste Fideles” was broadcasted later. Also included as part of the broadcast was December 13th’s private meeting between the Pope and the Vatican concert performers. During that segment, Dolores’s son Taylor could be seen kissing the Pope’s hand, one of only a few rare moments where Taylor has been seen on camera.

Below are some large 800×600 (larger views no longer available!!) screen captures taken from Dolores’s “Adeste Fideles” performance, broadcasted on Canale 5. Thanks once again to Matteo for the screencaps.

“Blue Jean” Interview Translation

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Earlier today, Zombieguide posted scans from the Turkish magazine “Blue Jean,” which contains both new photos and an interview. We now have that interview translated into English, thanks to our contributor Haluk!

Blue Jean (Turkey)


(I have been waiting for you for 10 years. Where were you?)
Fergal: We were aware of you. Unfortunately, we couldn’t put Turkey on our tour list.

(You came last night so you had one to two hours to see Istanbul.)
Noel: No, we watched TV in our beds. We had been tired. I haven’t felt this type of fatigue before. Fergal: You’re getting old!
Noel: You’re still young anyway. I’ll see you at the concert. After the second song, you’ll be trying to find your hip!

(My God! Whom am I together with? Fergal, you are like a minister, responsible for your fan works. In your web site, I always find your writings and letters. Is there a change in fans’ profiles so far?)
Fergal: The people got married and had children like us who listened the band 10 years ago. We are not sure if they are still listening to us. In general we are not addressing ourselves to teenagers. I can’t say anything about the ages of our fans. Actually, the ages between 12 and 24 our web site the most. But this isn’t important. The important thing is: Cranberries fans are wise and intelligent.
(You have some fans that you had problems with. For example that German fan who sent threat letters to you and your families.)
Noel: I don’t want to talk about it anymore. He disturbed us a lot; we had him arrested and taken to court. It was bad. He wanted to be a part of our family.
Fergal: And, as far as I remember he was a lonely man. I was worried about him.
Noel: We’re worried about people who are lonely.

(How is your social life? Can you talk about your families and life in Limerick a little?)
Mike: Can I participate in your conversation?
Noel: Yes, we’re just talking about our families. You are a member of my family, so let’s get closer.

Fergal: Limerick is a small town and we are happy there with old friends, mates, and kids. We are just a big family.
Mike: Yes, like mafia families in Italian films. But we are living a quiet and a peaceful life.

(You are getting old… your babies… and as far as I am concerned, all are reflected to your music. Can you mention about this change? Your last two album took part at the top of my “Top 10” peace and ease albums.) {Meanwhile, Dolores joins us. I repeated my words to her. Then a delightful smile appeared on her excellent face.}

Dolores: I am pleased with the way you’re thinking. Some people are still thinking that we’re performing songs which were written under adolescent psychology. Because of this, in a sense, they formed an opinion that were aren’t honest. But because we’re all in our 30s now, it couldn’t be realistic writing songs about our 20s. Moreover, while we are writing and singing our songs, we are caring about “what can be done for a better world!” All of us want to leave better things for our and others children.

(…that misunderstanding issue. In my opinion you’re the one that had troubles more than other groups. When you wrote Zombie, most of people thought that you’re a supporter of IRA and that you were advocating terrorism.)

Noel: How they thought this way was a mystery. Zombie was written for a little boy, who was murdered as a consequence of bombing at the center of London. And we dedicated Zombie for both British and Irish children, who were killed because of the Northern Ireland conflict.

(I know that you are so sensitive to war children. Dolores, you participated in Pavarotti’s “War Child Organization.” Is there any project like this in your agenda?)
Dolores: We are striving to do something. And of course it shouldn’t be necessary to do something under musical projects. We have some acquaintances, carrying food and clothes from Ireland to Europe, then to the wrecked nations with their lorries (Ed. note: British word for a semi truck). We are working for this type of organization. Actually I don’t want to mention “we did this, we did that.” We did it because we had to. We have to because we are all human.

(Bono Vox, Sinead O’Connor and you are all sensitive to world problems. I attribute this due to your being Irish. What do you think?)
Dolores: That’s right! Of course, I don’t want to say that other nations are insensitive and we are perfect.

Fergal: It may be related with the geographic condition and the history of Ireland. We’re not close to America nor Europe. And so, there is an isolation both cultural and geographical.
Mike: For me, it is because of Irish’s being faitfull nation. The Irish believed to equipped with missions from God. We believed that every human is equal and we have to run for destitutes in this unjust world.

Noel: We have this type of mission. Everyone has.Dolores: After all, the world is not a perfect place.

(There is an effective quote in Alan Parker’s “The Commitments.” The manager of the Commitments say that: “Irish are the negros of Europe.” Is this right?)
Dolores: It was true in the past. I think it has changed since 1980.

(Lets talk about your ten year old career. Do you think the band adds something new to todays music or, can you say that “We started this…”)
Dolores: Ah, as far as I am concerned everyone designates his own way. Although there have been some guides, and persons that influenced us, yet we followed our own way. This is the rule of a musician.

Noel: Right. As for me, no one resembles each other.
Fergal: I wanted to change the concept of “being a group.” If only everyone was like us.
Mike: Old? You see?
Fergal: Maybe, we can provide the feelings of going to the forefront more than other things in music. Noel: And not alone. Together with other groups who had their first album 10 years ago, like us.

(Are you always together, including work hours?)
Fergal, Noel, Mike, Dolores: Yes! This is wonderful. We never got bored.Dolores: There is still something to discover in them (the other band members). I keep striving to find out their unknown sides.
Noel (to Dolores): You’re interesting. You always create new ideas.
{At the moment of the conversation we all come together and hug each other.}

(Well, why do you need a best of album?)
Dolores: Because we have been together for twelve years and we want to bless it.
Noel: It means “The Second Baptism Of The Band.”
Fergal: We shared everything, that was bad and good. Now, we want to congratulate ourselves for bearing each other. It is a huge celebration and we want to invite our fans to this ceremony.

(You came to Istanbul and honoured us. What about new songs ‘Stars’ and ‘New New York’?)
Fergal: New New York is related with New York’s new silhouette like its name. The World Trade Center was ruined for nothing and many people were killed. Being human, it was impossible to accept it. In addition, the US government accepted it as a reason for war and resorted to violence for such severity. Everything will be worse. We have doubts. We loved New York. Last spring we visited the city and we saw that New York was not the same New York as before.

Noel: We understand what actually happened to New York because we had the same terrorism in our country.
Mike: !.. But! Stars talks about good things. The best thing in earth… Love. (smile)

(All right, do you have new plans for the new album? Please say “yes.” -smile-)
Fergal, Noel, Mike, Dolores (All together): Yes!

Fergal: Lots of completed songs are waiting for us. After the Stars Tour we will begin some studio work. I think we have to prepare a new album for 2003. And I can’t wait for it. (smile)
Noel, Mike, Dolores (All together): Me too!…

(2003 will be magnificent. I wish you luck. I’m a journalist so it may be wrong to say this but I have to: I love you!)
Fergal: So, absolutely come to Limerick one day.
Dolores: And we wish you luck. (smile)

Source: Exclusive

Pleasant Surprise for the United States!

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In a shocking revelation made in his periodic letter on the Official Website, drummer Fergal Lawler announced that The Cranberries will begin a tour of the United States beginning in April. It had been believed that The Cranberries would be taking time off for the first half of the year until summer — which is a plan that apparently was changed on Thursday night.

Fergal wrote yesterday that, “We are at home now in fact I’m in my kitchen having a nice cup of ‘Barry’s’ tea. We (the band) were all out to dinner last night and we were talking about some offers to play gigs in the U.S. in April which we all agreed we should do, as we haven’t spent enough time there in the last few years. We are just going to chill for January and then get working on our new bits and pieces in February. I was browsing some sites recently and YET AGAIN there are rumours that we are splitting up. IT IS NOT TRUE!”

Exactly how large this tour will be is unknown, but being that he says that the band “hasn’t spent enough time there in the last few years,” its reasonable to expect a more extensive tour than we’ve seen in years past — perhaps even a proper television tour, which the United States hasn’t seen since the release of “Bury the Hatchet,” three years ago. Hopefully, this tour will also include more of Canada, which has been woefully neglected in the past few years, with the “Wake Up” tour hitting only Toronto and Montreal.

As a bit of trivia, nearly a third of all The Cranberries’ album sales in their career have come from the United States. Over 70% of the total copies of “Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” were sold in the US alone. An average of 1 out of every 3 people in Canada own a Cranberires album.

Zombieguide is now counting down the days ’til April… You can be sure to find all the latest on the US tour here as soon as we know it!

Source: Exclusive

Official Site Squashes Breakup Rumors

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Finally, after nearly two weeks of rumors that have snowballed out of proportion, The Cranberries Official Website has put a halt to the widespread (and pathetically false) rumors that Dolores was planning to “quit” the band.

The majority of the reports contained some quotes from the recent Hot Press interview, which were severely taken out of context. But to be fair, the original quotes would have seemed newsworthy to anyone who hasn’t been following the band’s interviews for the past few months. In typical tabloid fashion, with each rewrite of the story, there contained less factual quotes and much more speculation. By this week, such normally reputable sources as MuchMusic, Rolling Stone and Yahoo! were regurgitating whatever they could find elsewhere.

The Official Site threw a cold bucket of water on the flames, saying, “We have received numerous emails regarding the band ‘breaking up.’ Its just like 1994 / 1995 all over again! We would like to put an end to rumours that the band are splitting up, and / or are planning any solo albums. We realise there were some articles in various newspapers and magazines which cited Dolores as having said she was thinking about recording some solo work. The band have expressed their desire to change their approach to songwriting, and this could see them writing separately, initially. Dolores has performed solo before (e.g. ‘God Be With You’, Pavorotti Charity Concert) and no doubt will in the future. She is going to start recording new material in January and the band hope to begin recording a new album by February. They are already in discussions with various producers.”

Kudos go to E! Online who evidently did their own research into the matter today rather than simply believing another report as gospel. It appears that they’re the only online publication as of yet to have noted the Official Page’s report.

Of course this just tells us what we already (hopefully) knew: Dolores ain’t goin’ nowhere. The Cranberries are as much of a band now as they have ever been, and heck, they even have a sixth album in the works. In other shocking and revealing news today, the sun rose in the morning and it was cold at the North Pole.

Slap your comments/criticisms/cries of ecstatic relief onto the Zombieguide Discussion Forums.

Source: The Cranberries Official Website

More Vatican Press Conference Photos

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On the Italian site Papaboys, a site which appears to be entirely dedicated to Pope John Paul II, several new pictures from Friday’s X Concerto di Vaticano in Natale press conference in Vatican City have been published. The two photos show Dolores standing with one of the concert’s organizers and another which shows The Cranberries’ frontwoman sitting in the front row at the conference.

Thanks to Klarebel for the tip!

We’ll have more details on the Vatican Christmas Concert very soon. Check back here at Zombieguide very soon for more! We still do not have any pictures of Dolores’ performance, so if you have seen pictures or information regarding Saturday’s concert, email us and tell us!!

Source: Papaboys

English Cricket Captain Feeling Like a “Zombie”

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In a bit of off-key humor, English Cricket team captain Nasser Hussain has chosen The Cranberries’ track “Zombie” as his entrance theme for tomorrow night’s SCG match against Australia in Sydney, to be played over the stadium’s PA system.

The team’s players were given the priviledge of choosing their own entrance themes for tomorrow night’s match. Hussain, who has been feeling rather lifeless after a straight 11-loss tour, picked the song in an amusing bout of self-depricating humor. The Australian Associated Press notes, “By reputation, he’s no comedian at the best of times but he’s shown a lighter side by his pick of the pops.”

Other songs chosen by the English teammates include Elvis’ “A Little Less Conversation” and Queen’s classic “We Will Rock You.”

Source: Australian Associated Press

Hot Press “Astounded” by Magazine Sales

December 11, 2002  |  Comments Off on Hot Press “Astounded” by Magazine Sales  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

In an email sent out today to those who participated in the “My First Taste of Cranberries” section, Hot Press’ Executive Director Duan Stokes admits that the magazine staff has been “generally astounded” by the global response to the issue.

“Hot Press released the Cranberries Special Edition just over 10 days ago. They’ve been flying off our shelves and out by post to Cranberries fans all around the world. We’ve been generally astounded by how well its been received!” he writes.

He also warns that supplies are dwindling. “One word of warning, this is a limited edition and copies are finite.”

Order your copy of Hot Press here. (link no longer available!!)

Source: Hot Press

The Cranberries on Record About Their Future

December 10, 2002  |  Comments Off on The Cranberries on Record About Their Future  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

With the release of the Cranberries Limited Edition of Hot Press magazine and several recent gigs across Europe, The Cranberries have had the chance to briefly speak several times about what they plan for the coming year. Below are a few quotes gathered from various appearences.

Giving her goodbye message last Monday, December 2nd in Amsterdam, Dolores told the crowd before announcing Dreams, “Thank you guys! This is our second time here in one year; Amsterdam absolutely rocks! Thank you for your support, seriously. You know, it’s coming up to Christmas, and we’re going to take a little break from touring at Christmas, ‘cos I think we’re all getting confused as to where we are every day, but after the summer next year we’re gonna come back here, so I look forward to seeing you again, OK? Thank you so much for your support again.”

Additionally, Fergal Lawler told a gathering of fans outside the Forest National in Brussels, Belgium on November 30th that plans to open for The Rolling Stones are, in fact, in the works, but that nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet. Unfortunately for Cranberries fans, tickets for The Stones’ European tour go in sale in a few short days, and Stones fans often gobble up tickets like chickenfeed. By the time we know for certain of the exact “opener” dates, it may be too late for some European Cranberries fans to get good seats.

But of course the quotes causing the most amount of discussion are the ones that Dolores made to Hot Press for their special Cranberries edition (scans). It seems that some of the quotes have been taken far out of context, causing organizations like Showbiz Ireland to draw the false conclusions that Dolores is quitting the band entirely. However, Dolores’ full statement reveals that this is only something she is doing for her own personal enjoyment and may not be something that is commercially released at all! For the record, here is the full quote, as it appears in Hot Press:

You’ve just come back from playing Turkey. Listening back to “Dreams” off the Greatest Hits album in that context, there was stuff going on in your vocal that was suggestive of Eastern European sacred music.

“When I was out in Turkey, at the Mosque at five o’clock in the morning, through the PA system they have this chanting every two hours — the day we flew out of there was the first day of Ramadan. And for me, I’m so taken with that, if I do a solo project I’m definitely going to go into that kind of stuff, ethnic music. I’m definitely going to mess around now after the Greatest Hits, I’m definitely not going to go back and do another Cranberries album. I need to do a different project completely, and the boys need some freedom for awhile. I’d like to do a little bit more work in the studio, or a little bit more flying out to places like Turkey or Africa and recording some different ethnic things and bringing it back for inspiration. Nobody might ever listen to it or get it, but these are things in life you have to do for yourself.”

You touched on that area before with Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart, and it was mooted that you’d work with Brian Eno at one stage. Is that still a possibility?

“It would be, yeah. The reason we didn’t at the time was because Brian likes to experiment in the studio, he likes to go in with pretty much nothing and just write in there. And we were like, ‘Aw, but sure we’ve everything written!’ So with The Cranberries we have a format and we write a certain way and that’s that, so I think it’s important for us to go and experiment now.”

Do you think the boys are capable of stretching as players?

“No, I think Mike’s a bass player, Ferg’s a drummer and Noel’s a guitarist and that’s it. I don’t think Noel’s gonna suddenly take up the piano or double bass. I think if he was going to he would’ve done it in the last five years, I think that’s his gift and his talent and he likes to stick with that. He likes time off to be time off. As regards people playing different instruments, you would have to pretty much hire those.”

And the last new revelation of great importance comes to us from the December 6th issue of the Irish gossip tabloid The Star. In it, Dolores tells the paper, “It’s a relationship, as if you were going out with a girl for a long time but needed a break. If you miss her, you go back, if you don’t, you don’t go back.” The rest of the article is quoted as saying, “The relationship is now on a temporary break, as all involved decide if they want to continue together or seek pastures new… As for the future, she talks about working again with The Cranberries, on their own terms, and maybe getting involved in film soundtracks.” Of course, when reading this, keep in mind that this is a gossip magazine, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Zombieguide will have more as we know it. Thanks to Stéphane, Mickael, and an anonymous contributor for the information.

“Ooof, now I’m becoming verklempt, talk amongst yourselves!”

Source: Exclusive!

Exclusive: Hi-Res Hot Press Scans!

December 7, 2002  |  Comments Off on Exclusive: Hi-Res Hot Press Scans!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Major props to Hot Press! With this month’s release of The Cranberries issue of The Hot Press Collectors’ Series, the staff over at the Irish magazine have put together an awe-inspiring ode to Limerick’s finest. The 80-page issue is jam-packed with Cranberries material ranging from a 1991 interview to a brand new one taken less than a month ago.

So as you take a look at our exclusive, high-res scans, just take it from us that the new issue is worth every bit of the $5 plus shipping that they ask for international orders (about $11 total for the US). The Hot Press staff no doubt put a good bit of time and effort into putting this issue together, so if you like what you see, be sure you patronize them. After all, if the staff (and other any other magazine, for that matter) gets a good response to this issue, they’re more likely to do something like this again in the future with The Cranberries. Case in point, put your money where your mouth is and head over to and order the new the new issue online — you won’t regret it!!

And now that you have your issue ordered (we know you do!), head over to the Magazines section and check out our high-resolution scans! We’ll have more scans very shortly, as soon as time allows!

Also, if you see one you like, be sure you save it to your hard drive, as we probably won’t be able to host these images in hi-res format forever… Enjoy!!

Source: Exclusive!

Help Kids This Christmas Through New Hernandez

December 7, 2002  |  Comments Off on Help Kids This Christmas Through New Hernandez  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

We told you days ago about the New Jersey-based organization New Hernandez, which is holding the 2002 Time Is Ticking Out Awards. As we told you before, New Hernandez is dedicated to sponsoring and assisting less-fortunate kids in their area, and they’re asking for a bit of help from the Cranberries fan community.

Cordell Adams, one of the group’s organizers tells us that, “We do not want any money form the fans, we just would like unopened toys or store gift certificates (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc.) for the kids! … the kids here & the center nominated you, we just help build the site. There are over 30 kids here at the center and it is hard for us to give the kids what they want for Christmas! We usually just settle for things we can afford and we know it isn’t what they want but we teach them ‘It’s the thought that counts!'”

So if you’d like to help the organization with making a kid’s Christmas a little brighter this year, you can email them at for the mailing address or for more information.

Source: N/A

Cranberries Proud to Say “I’m From Limerick”

December 3, 2002  |  Comments Off on Cranberries Proud to Say “I’m From Limerick”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries are starring as part of a new cinematic short film entitled,“I’m From Limerick,” created by the town in order to boost citizens’ morale after a strong recent wave of bad press against the city. The video presents many native-born celebrities relating their pride in their identity as residents of Limerick.

“I’m from Limerick is a campaign whose message is directed at and for the people of Limerick. It is designed to impart a sense of identity and belonging, confidence and civic pride. The message itself – I’m from Limerick – is simply stated, yet lends itself to broad application and interpretation,” related the city’s center coordinator, Andrew Mawhinney.

The short film is being shown in the Irish city’s cinemas until the end of the year, being placed before such blockbusters as Harry Potter II and Lord of the Rings II. The film is also being shown in primary (elementary) schools in the community, and the campaign also extends with posters and other propaganda.

Other local native celebrities joining The Cranberries include Frank McCourt, JP McManus, Ciarán Carey, Geri Maye, Sam Lynch, Mick Hanly, Vincent Browne, and Peter Clohessy. The Cranberries’ famous track “Dreams” is the main musical feature in the film, several scenes from the song’s music video included.

The city’s Mayor John Cronin helped launch the video in the primary schools this past September, commenting, “I want… people to be more proud of being from Limerick than anything else, because they should be. I’m from Limerick and I’ve always been so proud of that and am delighted to tell anyone I meet that I’m from Limerick. I want to see others doing that too. This will have a huge impact on children. It will be right up their alley as it’s snappy, enjoyable and not at all boring for them to watch.”

Recent negative “outside” press has blighted the town’s reputation, a trend which the campaign’s organizers hope to reverse. “We are turning people’s perception of how we view Limerick around, and are promoting Limerick as a wonderful place to live in.”

Speaking of the people and personalities that appear in the video, Mawhinney commented that “The people in the video come from many walks of life, and were filmed in a variety of settings in Limerick city and county.”

Both the campaign and the film, which will continue to run for several weeks, are being funded by both the EU Lodis Project and Dell Computers.

Source: Limerick Leader

Translated Interviews from “Rockstar,” “A Night With…”

December 3, 2002  |  Comments Off on Translated Interviews from “Rockstar,” “A Night With…”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

In two recent interviews from Italy, Rock Star (scans) and A Night With the Cranberries (video captures), singer Dolores O’Riordan and guitarist Noel Hogan talked extensively on what the release of “Stars” means to the band’s outlook. Furthermore, both Dolores and Noel dropped several hints about what they would like to explore in the near future, including several more hints about ethnic music and instruments and studio experimentation. Read the English translations of both interviews below for yourself for more detail.

Thanks to Maurizio for the translations.

Rock Star (Italy): UNDER A GOOD STAR

Exclusive: Revealing Interview with Dolores O’Riordan

Stars is out: The compilation with all the singles of The Cranberries to celebrate the 10 years career of the band. But it’s not just a Best of; it’s also, according to the words of an enigmatic Dolores, the end of an era.

One meter and sixty centimeters tall, enclosed in her totally black dress and apparent frailty, Dolores gladly accepted to spend part of a grey Milan afternoon talking to us about the first 10 years of the Cranberries. Allusive but at the same time also elusive, Dolores let us understand that the future, somehow or other, will be more interesting than the past.

Q – The Cranberries celebrate the first 10 years of their career. How has been this adventure?
A – If I had to draw a diagram, (on the next page) the start of this adventure was not in 1992 but in 1990, 12 years ago! We had a first peak in 1992-93, when our first album went out; than we disappeared in 1996, the year of To the Faithful Departed; After that the ascent restarted: since 1996 I spent much time searching my own dimension and spirituality; And finally now I’m very well and at peace with myself.

Q – What allowed you to reach this higher level of spirituality?
A – The experiences I had, in particular the negative ones. When you are near the limit and all everything’s close to breaking off, and you succeed in getting out of this situation, you feel stronger than ever. The difference between now and before is that nowadays I don’t feel under pressure and I don’t care about the number of copies we sell. When our first album went out, Everybody Else is Doing it So Why Can’t We?, we felt a lot of pressure, we were immature teenagers; Now we’ve grown up and we are able to do our best when we write songs.

Q – But many people say your first album is also the best!
A – This is what people think; now we’re talking about what I think!

Q – In this 10 years have you ever seriously risked splitting up?
A – Yes, In 1996 we didn’t just risk, we really split up even there was no official communication: we didn’t meet each other for approximately 1 year and we had no plans to come back.

Q – And what let you change your ideas?
A – Noel sent me a tape with some songs he had written when I was in Canada, and they were beautiful! So one night, in the middle of a drink, I phoned him and I told that I missed him and that he was an extraordinary person! So we decided to meet and try the new songs.

Q – In Stars there are two new songs: one is New New York, clearly in regard to September 11. Don’t you think you are just one of the people that wrote and sang about it?
A – I don’t care about what the others do. I just do what I like and what is going throuth my mind.

Q – Have you ever thought to write a song called “New Kabul”?
A – No, and I think I’m not going to do it now; I was in New York when I wrote that song and I wrote just the one thing that made sense for me.

Q – Are you worried about the possibility of a War in Iraq?
A – Yes of course. I think that the situation could just get worse not better: bombs are never the best way to achive something good. Instead they are just used to start something wicked! History says this, not myself.

Q – Coming back to the GH, do you think it could synthesize the essence of the Cranberries?
A – It’s just a collection of our singles. It’s a good CD to give as a gift to someone and, at the same time, let him know The Cranberries. There are all our most popular songs.

Q – Do you think there’re still people that don’t know the Cranberries?
A – There’re a lot! Maybe they sing the refrain of Linger or know other songs, but they often don’t know that it’s played by the Cranberries and they have never seen our faces. I often go to shops or malls and no one recognizes me. A few days ago some people asked me for some information. They thought I was a shop assistant!!!

Q – Where did you take the cover picture? It looks like a runway of an airport.
A – It’s a road in Las Vegas. We were there for some shows and we liked the place very much. So we called Andy Earl, our photographer, and he found this road. It seems that part is just the end of the road and behind it there’s nothing.

Q – On the back of the cover the band walks away straight toward the horizon line. Is there a metaphor?
A – Yes. We’re arrived at the end of an era and no one knows what there is beyond the horizon.

Q – What will happen?
A – The world has arrived at the end of an era and ironically, this is linked to the destiny of the Cranberries. I can say that there’s some expectation in the air.

Q – Are you thinking of starting a solo career?
A – I’m not sure. I would like to do many things that I couldn’t do in the last 10 years. Everytime I tried to take a break, I had a baby or I got a nervous breakdown. That’s 2 babies and a nervous breakdown!!

Q – Will you try something different from the Cranberries?
A – I am attracted to ethnic music and ethnic instruments, from flutes to bongos, and every type of steel drum; I don’t like the didgeridoo, I tried to play it but I’m a total disaster; I don’t Indian music, the kind that you hear in restaurants, there’s too much stuff inside. I like the music with many pauses just like African music.

Q – Will you act, maybe in a musical?
A – Maybe I will act, but certainly not in a musical! I hate them. When I was 12, at school, I was asked to do an audition for the part of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, because at that time I already had a good voice; Disgusting! I arrived in a hall with all the teachers looking at me, and all I could do was laugh, laugh and laugh. At that time I already had my strong character; In the classroom I made a lot of jokes and I made a real mess. I was a leader and I was too much of a “bully” to act the part of that idiot Dorothy. Obviously I didn’t get the part! They let me do a peasant, I had to sing offstage and walk across the stage pushing a cart.


Dolores: We’ve completed a circle. It’s been an incredible lesson in life but we feel like we’re at the end of an era and at the beginning of a different kind of era. We started as teenagers than we went to America and we become very big, [only] a few Irish bands did it — we did! Than we played around the world and we decided to take a break because we lost our own identity. And than we got together just for fun and we’ve got the fun back into the band that we’ve lost to become such a big and famous band. We captured that fun again and now we feel like beginning again just like we were teenagers.

Noel: Stars in many ways sounds like the other stuff but some people tell us that there’s something different. It’s hard to say if this will be the direction we’re going! We haven’t thought about it yet.

Dolores: We always start from music, I think that if I started from lyrics the result would be less natural. When there’s something that only involves me, I can start writing music by myself with the piano; Other times Fergal or Noel write music and record it on a tape; then they give me the tape and just by listening I can think about something and I start to write lyrics.

Noel: In the future, I think we would like to, maybe with the next album, experiment with our sound a bit more and see if we can take a different direction for awhile.

Dolores: We definitely know that it’s time to try different kinds or ways of writing because, as Noel said, we have a couple of formulas but we’ve never actually gone into a studio and said, “Oh, let’s experiment!”

Noel: You become a little too comfortable, things get too easy and you don’t push yourself to your limit, so I think it’s definitely what we are going to try over the next year or so.

Dolores: For example we could start from the bass line — dododododo dodod dodod — and continue from it. We’ve never experimented with different music writing; So we kinda need to do that; Just different stuff… and it will be different!

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Special Edition Hot Press Released

December 1, 2002  |  Comments Off on Special Edition Hot Press Released  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

We’ve heard bits and pieces about it over the past month, but finally the Special Edition Hot Press Cranberries Edition has been released in Ireland. The new Cranberries issue is Issue 1 of an upcoming Collectors’ Series of the magazine.

Our first picture of the new magazine’s cover is below, showing Dolores with her arms covered in embroidered hosiery, gazing over the rim of a glass of wine.

Of course if you’re among the lucky ones pick up the new issue, we’re on the lookout for high-resolution scans! Send them to


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