Cranberries Members May Speak at Limerick Music Seminar

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According to the latest print issue of the Irish music mag Hot Press, members of the Cranberries are “to be confirmed” to speak at a music seminar in Limerick on April 10th targeted at small independent bands.

Hot Press says: “In other live news, Upstairs In Dolan’s — the imaginatively titled new venue in Dolan’s — will be hosting the forthcoming AMC weekender which will bring lots of great acts to the venue, the highlight of which will be a music seminar on the 10th [of April] which will include speakers from Woodstar, The Cranberries (tbc) and Mike Sound from Dolan’s. All info is avaliable on”

The seminar will cover basic “do it yourself” topics for indie bands like recording, promoting, and touring. Doors open at 12 noon for the seminar and tickets are only €5.

Also of interest to Cranberries fans, former Cranberry Saw Us singer Niall Quinn will be performing with his band The Pennywhores at Dolan’s on the same day. The Pennywhores are part of a “Vibe for Kurt” Nirvana tribute concert to take place at 8 o’clock that night. Ticket prices are still undetermined. Update 04.01: The Pennywhores will no longer be playing at Dolan’s on April 10th. However, Niall Quinn tells us that he will still be attending the seminar.

Thanks to Des for the info!

Source: Hot Press, Upstairs In Dolan’s

More Bad News: Cranberries Lost €1.3 Million During 2002

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According to articles published this weekend by the Irish tabloids The Mirror (Saturday) and the Sunday Independent (Sunday), The Cranberries lost a whopping €1.3 million of their own funds during the year 2002. This information comes from the recently-filed financial reports for their self- owned company, Curtain Call Limited.

The filed accounts show that Curtain Call began the year with a surplus budget of €647,500 and ended with a deficit of €673,500. Directors’ fees for the year were €12,000 and €818,431 was paid for what’s denoted as “other services.” Perhaps the most costly expense was the €1.2 million in taxes that hit the company for the year.

The Sunday Independent is quick to point out that despite the harsh year, The Cranberries still have plenty to fall back on; the band is estimated to be worth around €50 million.

In usual tabloid style, both papers quote anonymous sources with dubious credibility. A “music insider” for the Sunday Independent said, “The year 2002 was a hard one for the Cranberries. They were still getting back on their feet after the album Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, which was slated by the critics and did not do well sales-wise.” The Mirror quotes a source “close to the band” as saying, “The tax was on their profits of the year 2002 in which they performed around the world and released new material. It’s a big bill but they can afford it because they made so much money in the early 90s.”

This news compares with an article published last year by The Sunday Tribune which shows hefty touring costs cutting into the band’s profit in 2000 and 2001.

The Sunday Independent tried to call the Curtain Call offices for comment on the 2002 loss but received no response.

Sources: The Mirror, Sunday Independent

More Photos from Sanremo

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More media is coming in from Dolores O’Riordan’s first solo performance yesterday at the Sanremo Festival 2004.

The first three photos below are from Reuters. The first is taken from Friday’s press conference, while the next two were taken during her performance on stage late last night (1:00 local time).

Photo 4 is from Corriere della Sera (thanks Little_Dolores).

The next four photos are from Cranberries fan Mara (Irishsoul), who had the supreme good fortune of meeting Dolores at the hotel where she was staying. Check out her post in the forums to read Irishsoul’s interesting storywhich includes a cryptic encounter with Cranberries backup singer and guitarist Steve DiMarchi. Is Steve working with Dolores on her solo material? Makes you wonder…

The last photo is from Virgilio Musica, and appears to be taken at the same time as the photo from Corriere della Sera but at a different angle. If you have found more news or photos from the Sanremo festival, please send them to us!

Dolores Confirms Cranberries Break Up

March 5, 2004  |  Comments Off on Dolores Confirms Cranberries Break Up  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

In a press conference in Sanremo, Italy, today at 17:30 local time, singer Dolores O’Riordan confirmed that The Cranberries have split for the foreseeable future.

When asked if The Cranberries will get back together, her frank response was, “I don’t think so, perhaps in ten years.”

She continued, “We have worked together for 13 years and now we have closed a circle. Maybe a new Cranberries album will never come out. Maybe we’ll return together in 10 years, who knows? Nothing lasts forever. The reason of this decision is that my main priority are my children. The band used to take away too much time from my life. The Cranberries were becoming only a routine. I need new things like a solo album. The album will come out in 2005 0r 2006.”

“It was all becoming a routine and I think a solo record is the only way for me to release something. At first, the boys were unhappy [with the decision]. Then I spoke to Noel Hogan and he told me that was happy, because now he has a way to discover new musical paths. We were always saying that if a day comes when it was no longer exciting or fun, we would stop. And so we have.”

“There will be plenty of variation from what I’ve done before. I am continuing my musical evolution, but not chaning my core spirit, and I’m still the same person, frankly. The songs that I am writing now are all born out of the piano, as it happened for the song ‘Pretty Eyes.’ It’ll be an album with a more modern and contemporary sound.”

“I had known Lady Diana, one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. While we were at dinner together, her humanity struck me, very rare for people of her kind. The song [Ave Maria] will be included on the soundtrack for Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ.’ Last week I tried to see it in Toronto. Even though there were five showings, I couldn’t. There were too many people. But I’ve read a lot about this movie. I know that it has raised many controversies, but it’s reasonable considering the topics that it touches. I allowed them to put it in the film, despite the controversey, because it respects the contents of the Bible from the point of view of a Catholic.”

Dolores also revealed what Mel Gibson himself thought of her song. According to the article on Rockol, Gibson said of the song, “It was as if Dolores herself knelt down and prayed.”

Below is a photo of Dolores from the press conference, her first public appearance in months and Dolores’s first press conference since the day of September 17th, 2003.

Zombieguide will have more news on Dolores’s appearance at Sanremo 2004 as Saturday approaches. Thanks to many, many people for help with this important news piece.

Sources: Rockol News, Yahoo News

Two Cranberries Articles in Italy’s “Tutto”

March 3, 2004  |  Comments Off on Two Cranberries Articles in Italy’s “Tutto”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The March issue of the Italian magazine “Tutto Musica” carries two articles about The Cranberries, though neither carry any new information.

The first article is one called called: “Dossier: Music and Drugs Special: But What Do the Songs Say?” According to Tutto, there is a kind of “drug discrimination” going on in music with one type pitted against another: “The topic of drugs has been drawn in music in multiple ways; hardly ever are there exaltations of their use, but rather descriptions of the effects. Of course, heroin is nearly always associated with death, but not marijuana. You read and judge.”

The article then examines the lyrics of “Salvation” in English and Italian. Under a circa 1996 photo of Dolores, the magazine states, “Dolores had written it after a long phase of depression. In the photo, she provacatively extends her untouched arms.”

In another section of the magazine, one rather confused fan wants to knonw the same thing that everyone else does: What’s going on with The Cranberries? Unfortunately, Tutto can’t say much more than we can, but nevertheless, here it is:

QUESTION: I’m a big Cranberries fan and I’m looking forward to hearing their next album. Do you know anything about?

ANSWER: From what we can see on the official website of Dolores O’Riordan’s band, the band is working on several projects, but no mention of a new recording. Most likely Dolores will release a solo work (perhaps a soundtrack, expected for this spring [Songs Inspired By The Passion of the Christ]) and so will Noel Hogan. The Cranberries have anyway denied about their breaking-up.

To check out scans of the new issue of Tutto, head over to the Magazines Gallery.

Thanks to Eva and Lorenzo for the scans and info.

Source: Exclusive

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