Universal to Release 3-Disc Version of “Stars”

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Universal Music announced today that they will release a 3-disc “Deluxe Sound & Vision” version of “Stars: The Best of The Cranberries 1992-2002” in October that will be made up of a greatest hits CD, a B-sides CD, and a bonus DVD.

The B-sides are all previously available tracks that you can find on 2002’s “Treasure Box” and the DVD will include the same videos 2002’s “Stars: The Best of Videos.” The “Deluxe Sound & Vision” series in the UK has included previous greatest hits installments by artists like Abba, Elton John, The Cure, Roger Waters, Texas, Tears for Fears, and Robert Palmer, just to name a few.

The set will include:

CD One:
1. Dreams
2. Linger
3. Zombie
4. Ode To My Family
5. I Can’t Be With You
6. Ridiculous Thoughts
7. Salvation
8. Free To Decide
9. When You’re Gone
10. Hollywood
11. Promises
12. Animal Instinct
13. Just My Imagination
14. You & Me
15. Analyse
16. Time Is Ticking Out
17. This Is The Day
18. Daffodil Lament
19. New New York
20. Stars

CD Two:
1. Reason
2. Them
3. What You Were
4. Liar
5. Pretty – Pret A Porter Movie Remix
6. How – Radical Mix
7. Away
8. I Don’t Need
9. Close To You
10. So Cold In Ireland
11. Zombie – Camel’s Hump Mix
12. Cordell
13. The Picture I View
14. Ave Maria
15. Go Your Own Way
16. God Be With You
17. Baby Blues
18. Sweetest Thing
19. Woman Without Pride
20. Such A Shame
21. Paparazzi on Mopeds

1. Dreams
2. Linger
3. Zombie
4. Ode To My Family
5. I Can’t Be With You
6. Ridiculous Thoughts
7. Salvation
8. Free To Decide
9. When You’re Gone
10. Promises
11. Animal Instinct
12. Just My Imagination
13. You & Me
14. Analyse
15. Time Is Ticking Out
16. This Is The Day
17. Stars

HMV lists the set for release on October 17th in the UK. EIL lists it for release on October 30th. No word yet on a release outside the UK.

Thanks to YSGone for the tip.

Source: HMV, EIL

Universal Demands Removal of “Zombie” Lyrics from Website

September 2, 2005  |  Comments Off on Universal Demands Removal of “Zombie” Lyrics from Website  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

In a rather surprising move, Universal Music has sent a cease and desist order to Spanish lyrics website Portaldeletras, demanding that the website remove the lyrics for The Cranberries’ “Zombie” — or else pay for the right to reproduce them.

Universal claims that by posting the lyrics to the song (written by O’Riordan), the unauthorized website is infringing upon the copyright of the artist. It appears that “Zombie” is the only song that Universal is requesting be removed.

Portaldeletras has complied by removing both English and a Portuguese translation of the lyrics. However, the website has posted a long letter in its defense, saying, “Today, portaldeletras has never at any time supported piracy, and even furthermore, we have tried to support different music artists. Like how you can see from our website, you have the possibility of buying the artists’ discs, downloading the ringtones, and Real Audio clips and wallpapers and many other things. Everything is 100% legal.”

While the site claims to have no links to piracy — they even offer a link to download songs from iTunes — there are also links to much grayer P2P programs scattered throughout the page.

Thanks to Scott for the news.

Sources: Noticiasdot.com, Portaldeletras


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