PHOTO: Dolores O’Riordan’s last day at school

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Thanks to Dominic Taylor for sharing today on Facebook group Revival Press this never seen before gem/photo of poet Mike MacDomhnaill with Dolores and 2 other students on their last day at school.

The other 2 girls could be Dolores’ school friends Rachel Real on the right and Anne Marie Cunningham on the left, thanks to Thérèse Hunt on Facebook. (Re)read the interview from February 2019 with Rachel Real.

Noel’s NYE performance of “Zombie” with Kodaline

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As you all know, Noel Hogan joined Kodaline and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra for a special performance that was broadcast on NYE on “Soundtrack To My Life”.

Unfortunately, it was a pretty short notice when we heard of it, and we haven’t found any way to watch the replay yet.

Instagram user @gallagher6309 was kind enough to upload her recording of the performance fo us and for fans to see on the below link :


Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par Angela Gallagher (@gallagher6309)

Thanks a lot to her for her kindness !

Tributes on Dolores’ third anniversary

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As January 15th is now behind, here’s a small recap on some of the tributes paid to Dolores for her third anniversary:

  • Olé Koretsky’s post on Instagram (2 photos)

  • Johanna Cranitch’s “No Need To Argue” cover tribute on Instagram (video)

  • Kellie Lewis’s “When You’re Gone “cover tribute on Instagram (video)

  • Flowers in remembrance of Dolores at Dolores O’Riordan Park in Bruff by Bruff Community on Facebook & Dreams Fest on Facebook

  • Article in Italian paper La Sicilia

Unreleased Cranberries recording to feature on “Salvation”

January 15, 2021  |  4 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

As announced earlier, Cork singer Lyra performed quite a stunning version of “Zombie” on “The Late Late Show” tonight as tribute to Dolores O’Riordan.

Ryan Tubridy, the host of the show, said the new album “Salvation” is expected to be released later this year with all profits going to Pieta Charity, confirmed the contribution of Sinead O’Connor, and unexpectedly announced that it would feature an unreleased recording from The Cranberries!!

Note that Lyra’s version of “Zombie” should not be part of the tribute album and was played for The Late Late Show exclusively.

The video is now available on YouTube

Special thanks to Kevin for the information, and for helping the CW team big time today!

15 January 2021: a message from The Cranberries

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The Cranberries posted a message and a never seen before photo of Dolores on their website and socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

15 January 2021

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3 years… The world misses you so, Dolores.
Forever in our hearts ❤️ “Late Late Show to pay special tribute tomorrow night”

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On “The Late Late Show” tomorrow (RTÉ One – Irish TV), Cork singer Lyra will perform a musical tribute to The Cranberries lead singer on the third anniversary of her death. “Derry Girl” and Bridgeton star Nichola Coughlan has also been confirmed for the show.

Full details directly on

“Women of Limerick” mobile phone app available now

January 7, 2021  |  Comments Off on “Women of Limerick” mobile phone app available now  |  by Axl  |  Other News

“Women of Limerick” is a new mobile phone app to remember and celebrate women from Limerick’s History. It is available to download for free onto Android and Apple devices. The app obviously includes Dolores even if there’s not that much information yet.

Download “Women of Limerick” from the Apple Store and/or from Google Play.


Limerick locals to organize a “Remember Dolores” podcast

January 4, 2021  |  Comments Off on Limerick locals to organize a “Remember Dolores” podcast  |  by Axl  |  Other News

This year will mark Dolores’ third anniversary as the world still faces the covid pandemic.
In this context, locals won’t be able to pay tribute to Dolores as they’ve now gotten used to on January 15th, mingling with fans travelling from abroad.

The organiser of 2019’s “Piano for Dolores” and 2020’s “In The End” remembrance events in Limerick has therefore partnered once again with the Limerick Arts Office and the Irish Arts Council to release a “Remember Dolores” podcast” on January 15th that will also be broadcast on the local radios.

The idea is to invite international fans and followers of The Cranberries and Dolores to share their memories, stories, poetries or songs and send these audio memories via messenger for these to be featured in the podcast, along with testimonies from local Limerick folks who witnessed the early days of the band.

For those of you who would like to contribute to this podcast, all information can be found on this link.


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