Dolores on Astral Projections…

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The term “astral projection” (also known as an “out-of-body experience”) isn’t one that you typically hear every day. Astute Cranberries fans may know that it’s not the first time we’ve ever heard the term related to the band. Dolores talked about her own astral projections in Part 2 of the “The Band” interviews on the first release of the Beneath the Skin DVD. (Thanks to Insider27 for the tip!)

“There are certain times in the gig where I will just forget about what I’m doing and I forget that I’m the singer for a minute. It’s not really good because you’re like, ‘Oh God, what’s the lyrics?,’ you know? But sometimes I’ll just try an astral projection-type thing? [giggle] I’ll try to leave my body and try to look at it from the outside looking in, you know? And it’s pretty weird, sometimes it’s like, ‘Is this really happening?’ But then you flick back in — [mimicking ‘Linger’] ‘Do you have to…?’ Usually you’re singing and you’re playing, so you don’t really get too much time to take it in. But I guess that’s why it’s nice to make videos, because you get to look at it and say, ‘Wow! That was cool! Were we really there?'”

Will the new song have anything to do with this experience? Perhaps not, but it’s certainly good background information while we wait on more news coming out of the band’s current European tour. Stay tuned to Zombieguide for more…

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Official Press Release Reveals Summer Plans

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The Cranberries 2003 Tour with the Rolling Stones isn’t just a big deal; it’s big news. So through a press release issued yesterday from The Cranberries’ promoter, the band is getting the word out on their enthusiasm for the upcoming gigs.

Sounding a bit like a commercial message for the tour, Dolores commented: “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to go the distance with Rock’s finest troubadours, as they take their record-breaking world tour across Europe this year.”

According to the press release, the performances that The Cranberries will share with The Rolling Stones will primarily be comprised of the band’s best-known material. So throughout Germany and Italy, The Cranberries will be performing their hits to audiences of over sixty thousand rock ‘n roll fans. The first show of The Cranberries 2003 Tour with The Rolling Stones happens June 4th in Munich, Germany.

In addition to The Cranberries appearances with The Rolling Stones, the band will also be making a few solo stops throughout Europe, and a special show in Killarney, Ireland with fellow 1990’s “alternative music” pioneers, Counting Crows.

Perhaps most newsworthy for Cranberries fans, was the press release’s mention of the band’s off-tour plans this summer. According to the press release, The Cranberries will spend the remainder of the summer recording and working on “various” projects for release in 2004. Perhaps the next year will hold even more new material than the anticipated sixth album, slated for release in early 2004.

To read The Cranberries press release in its entirety, visit The Cranberries Official Web Site

Source: The Cranberries Official Web Site

Two New Songs at Belfast: “Astral Projection” and “In It T ogether”!

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Earlier tonight, The Cranberries kicked off their nine-date 2003 European tour in Belfast, Ireland. Those lucky enough to attend got to hear the premiere of two brand-new Cranberries titles: “Astral Projection” and “In It Together.”

Patrick Hann tells us, “The concert started off on the Wake Up and Smell the Coffee intro, then the lost classic Analyse. The monster song Zombie was next which Dolores reminded us that it was about us and written for us. The usual classics followed including Linger, Salvation, Hollywood and Free to Decide. Every song on the Best Of album was performed including blow away performances of New New York and Stars. Promises literally blow me away being next to the speakers.”

After some recognizable opening tracks, The Cranberries broke into their newest material, “Two new songs were performed. The first was Astral Projection, a dreamy rock song which could be catchy. The other new song had only been finished today, it is called In It Together and is a very feel good song creating the same type of atmosphere as Stars — colourful. The show ended with a rocking performance of Dreams and Dolores saying she would see us next year (glad it won’t be another 7). Overall the band look really well, Dolores sporting the 1990s DM boots with the dress bringing back memories of the first album and the lads looking ready to seriously entertain this summer. I’m so glad they came and kicked off our summer with such a bang.”

Below are some photos that Patrick managed to snap during the concert.

Did you get to attend the Belfast show, or will you be attending one of the ones coming up soon? We at Zombieguide want your concert photos and impressions — especially your impressions of the new songs — MP3’s, setlists, merchandise/memorabilia scans, and pretty much anything related to the upcoming set of gigs. Send in your submissions here!

Huge thanks to Patrick Mann for the info and photos!

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Update: “7 Years” Song and Compilation Not Related

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Despite the coincidence of having two Cranberries releases with the name “7 Years,” both going unreleased, our official source has confirmed to us that it is exactly that — a coincidence. Our source confirmed to us yesterday that the unreleased 1998 Japanese “greatest hits” compilation and the unreleased 2001 “Wake Up” B-side are not connected in any way, other than sharing the same title.

“7 Years” was the final incarnation chosen for a Japanese greatest hits compilation that some fans will probably know better by its tentative title, “Odd Bits and Hits: Best & Rare.” The collection, which was to feature both singles and rarities, was to be released on June 22, 1998, originally for Japan only. Our source told us, “The ‘Odd Bits’ compilation became ‘7 years’ which was supposed to be a Japan only compilation but was rejected because Polygram wanted it to be a worldwide release of Greatest Hits, so it was pulled. Neither was released yet both were announced locally.”

The Russian bootlegged “Odd Bits and Hits,” which had essentially nothing to do with the aborted Japanese release, other than a stolen title

So neither “7 Years” nor “Odd Bits and Hits” made it to stores — but that still didn’t stop the underground music market from exploiting the titles. A Russian bootleg manufacturer put out a so-called “Odd Bits and Hits” not long after the cancellation of the Japanese release, no doubt hoping to score some name recognition from hardcore fans. The CD contains some easily- obtainable album tracks and B-sides, such as “So Cold in Ireland.” So beware — if you ever see a copy of “Odd Bits” for sale, this is most likely what you will be buying.

As for the song “7 Years,” it was an entirely new piece the band conceived while recording “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.” “‘Seven Years’ the song was a new composition written during the WUASTC sessions,” the band’s representative told us. (The Japanese compilation was not named after the song, as we had suspected.) Also, we’ve learned that the song was written by Dolores only, not by Dolores and Noel as we had previously reported.

Stay tuned to Zombieguide for more Cranberries news, as the 2003 European Tour kicks off today!

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Feature: The Unheard B-Side: “7 Years”

May 27, 2003  |  Comments Off on Feature: The Unheard B-Side: “7 Years”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

While doing our usual search for news, we at Zombieguide came across anarticle from 2001 at VH1 which read, “The Cranberries recorded 18 songs at Windmill Lane, 13 of which will end up on the record. The rest, including a cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘In the Ghetto,’ will be released as B-sides.” Doing some quick math, that leaves five songs as B-sides. But suddenly it struck us: only four have been released, namely “Capetown” (US version of “Wake Up”), Elvis’s “In the Ghetto” (International version of “Wake Up”), “Many Days” (Official page Internet download and Asian Tour Edition of “Wake Up”), and “Such a Waste” (“This is the Day” single).

Obviously, this leaves one song missing. So we decided to investigate, and lo and behold, we’ve discovered the answer.

“Yes, there is an unreleased track recorded for the ‘Wake Up and Smell the Coffee’ sessions. The track is called ‘7 Years’ and is written by Dolores,” a representative for The Cranberries told Zombieguide today. “It is a country- tinged song featuring a Pedal Steel guitar.”

The unfortunate news is that we will likely not be listening to “7 Years” anytime soon. As the rep told us, “At present, there are no plans to release the song which might be used in a ‘Complete Sessions’ for the album. The track is owned by MCA/Universal Music Group.” That final statement should be the most worrysome for fans — after the band’s January announcement that they have split from Universal, the chances of seeing future Cranberries releases from Universal have been severely dampered.

The Unreleased Japanese Singles Compilation “7 Years,” from 1998

The title immediately jerked our minds back to something that we had seen recently in the December Cranberries Special Edition of the Irish mag “Hot Press.” Mixed into a collage of band photos (page 70) is something peeping up from behind — a CD-case-proportioned card which reads “The Cranberries ~7 Years~” in a Calligraphy-style font indicative of “To the Faithful Departed.” The Japanese katakana text on the lower right simply reads, “Cranberries: Seven Years.”

The image above comes from the unreleased Japan-only singles compilation “Seven Years,” (probably the same release as the fabled unreleased “Odd Bits and Hits”). Is there a connection between the song and the unreleased 1998 compilation? Many artists name their greatest hits compilation after the title of a bonus track — after all, even “Stars: The Best of…” was named after its bonus track.

The song and compilation “7 Years” are not related, see our update here.

As surprising as a 5th unreleased B-side from “Wake Up” may be, it’s certainly nothing new from The Cranberries. Many times in the past, the band has recorded tracks in the studio which, for one reason or another, never end up released to the public. Dolores told MTV News in a 1996 interview that the band usually has a few tracks that they record but never release. For example, last year’s “To the Faithful Departed: The Complete Sessions” release shows a studio chart that clearly shows that there was at least an attempt to record the song “False” during the late 1995 session. “False” is one of the band’s oldest songs, dating back to at least 1992. Furthermore, Fergal Lawler revealed via the Official Page last year that the band had tried to record the “Wake Up” track “Dying Inside” both during the “Faithful” and “Hatchet” sessions, but abandoned both attempts.

The Complete Cranberries Song List will be updated soon with the new addition.

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World Cup Goalie Splits Over Cranberries Gig

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The Croatian soccer team Dinamo Zagreb is losing goalkeeper Tomislav Butina over some much-publicized brawls with coach Miroslav Blazevic last year, one of which erupted over a Cranberries concert. Butina was placed as one of 23 to be put on Croatia’s national team last year.

Conflicts between the player and coach first started last year when Butina spent too much time talking to reporters before training session, causing the entire team to start the session later than was planned. Worse yet, Butina skipped a game last October to show up at The Cranberries’ Halloween concert in Zagreb. The Croatia team lost the match 3-0, with Butina’s concert-caused absence “further infuriating his coach,” according to Planet Football.

Butina, who’s been on the Zagreb team for over 11 years, will be heading to the Belgian champions Club Brugge, who reportedly offered a much higher salary than their Croatian counterparts.

Source: Planet Football

Cranberries on MTVLA Weekend Wrapup

May 20, 2003  |  Comments Off on Cranberries on MTVLA Weekend Wrapup  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

What do Cranberries fans have to say about The Cranberries’ presence on MTV Latin America over the last several days? It’s been good… but it could have been better. On one hand, Latin American fans of The Cranberries enjoyed an hour-long video homage to the band with The Cranberries edition of “Videologia.” On the other hand, Dolores was not included on MTV Latin America’s “MTV 10 Years: Top 20 Women Weekend.”

On May 14th, MTV Latin America featured a full hour (double the half-hour length reported earlier) of The Cranberries, featuring ten of the band’s most popular music videos. Included in the batch, were “Stars”, “Promises”, “Animal Instinct”, “Salvation”, “Zombie”, “Dreams”, “Ridiculous Thoughts”, “Ode To My Family”, “Linger” and “Just My Imagination”. In addition to the viewing the videos, fans had the opportunity to submit their own personal comments about each. Aired comments from hosts included admiration for Dolores’s “70’s look” in the “Animal Instinct” video, the notion that Dolores looks like “a crucified Cleopatra” in the “Zombie” video, and a generalized comment denoting the band’s accomplishment with album sales throughout the years.

All in all, not bad. Fans were, however disappointed with MTV Latin America’s omission of Dolores O’Riordan during the station’s “MTV 10 Years: 20 Women of Rock Weekend”. Female artists highlighted were, among others, Jewel, Björk, and Celine Dion. Though Dolores was nominated for the special, she was not included in the final 20. The Cranberries, were however, mentioned between the countdown, and aired as an extra clip with the music video for “Zombie”.

Thanks to Cranberrygirl and Sigma of ZG Mexico for the news.

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Album 6 Programmer Revealed

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An update on the site for The Smoothside Organisation shows that The Cranberries have been working with Music Programmer Matthew Vaughanon their new material since February. Vaughan’s past clients include Pulp, Elton John, INXS, Depeche Mode, Jamiriquai, XTC, William Orbit and Texas.

This is, as far as we know, the first time The Cranberries have hired a programmer to assist with their recording, as most basic programming tasks can be handled by the producer. In case you’re not entirely sure what the programmer does, here’s a description: “A programmer is hired for his collection of instruments, sounds and samples, and is expect to be able to produce exactly the right sound for the occasion, and maybe do a bit of playing on the side… The programmer will also have a fantastic memory for sounds, and when you need a string sound that is just so, the programmer will be able to call up a few patches and demonstrate them to you so that you can choose the best… It is quite common for a producer to regard a programmer as a kind of producer’s assistant. The producer will give the programmer an idea of what he wants, then go away for an hour or two and leave the programmer alone with the equipment to see what he can come up with.” (For a more in-depth description, click here.)

A short bio on Matthew Vaughan, a listing of past credits, can be found here. The page additionally includes an MP3 sample of his past works (XTC, Jamiriquai, Alabama 3, etc.) so that you can get a taste of both his work and maybe of what’s to come.

Source: The Smoothside Organisation

Lots of Cran on MTVLA

May 14, 2003  |  Comments Off on Lots of Cran on MTVLA  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Tonight at 6:00 PM (Mexico local time), MTV Latin America will present a new episode of the show “Videologia” with The Cranberries as this show’s artist. The program will present a half-hour of The Cranberries’ videography with additional commentary for some clips.

Additionally, MTVLA viewers have another good chance at seeing The Cranberries again later this week. On May 17th, the channel is showing its new special “MTV 10 Years: Top 20 Women Weekend”. MTVLA’s website is currently polling visitors to compile the final Top 20 Women — click here to vote! (You will need to create a screen name.) Dolores O’Riordan is one of 80 women nominated for the list — Zombieguide will let you know this weekend how she fared.

In related news, magazine Rolling Stone is polling site visitors to find out which 100 bands have the best live performance. The results will be published in an upcoming issue. The Cranberries aren’t among the options, although write-in ballots are being accepted at the bottom. You know what to do!

Source: Zombieguide Mexico, Rolling Stone

Universal Mexico Comments on Cranberries Departure

May 9, 2003  |  Comments Off on Universal Mexico Comments on Cranberries Departure  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Granted, we’re a bit late with this news story, but there’s some interesting information here which is worth being repeated.

Recently, our affiliate to the south, Zombieguide Mexico, got the opportunity to question The Cranberries’ representative from Universal Music Mexico about the band’s January announcement that they were leaving Universal Music effective immediately.

To start, the representative stressed that they had not yet been officially advised from Universal headquarters in New York that The Cranberries were no longer part of the company. However, they admitted that they had seen the band’s press release and were aware of the current situation. The representative speculated that Universal would soon issue their own official statement, although, to date, one has not been made yet.

When asked about how this will change the distribution of the band’s past CDs in Mexico, it appears little will change. The CDs on the Universal label will continue to be manufactured as normal, although in smaller quantities as public demand for each CD goes down. The rep warned that in the unlikely event that demand for the discs dips too low, the albums may be put out of print permanently.

Next, Zombieguide Mexico inquired about rumors that the band’s original album releases were to be replaced by the newer Complete Sessions releases. This is already the case in the United States, where the original CD editions “Everybody Else…,” “No Need to Argue,” and “To the Faithful Departed” are officially out of print, replaced with last year’s “Complete Sessions.” Finding sealed copies of the originals in retail stores is now nearly an impossibility in the US (which may be for the better, since the CS releases carry several bonus tracks at a comparable price to the originals).

The representative responded that Universal Mexico has not received any instructions to discontinue the original releases, and therefore both the originals and Complete Sessions are still readily available in Mexico.

The Universal rep additionally commented that for special releases like singles (most of which are already out of print) and limited editions, most supplies are already exhausted and that no more will be produced. Universal recommends that people try special ordering items, as most “special” items will no longer be available.

Source: Zombieguide Mexico

Special Edition “Empire Records” to Release on DVD

May 9, 2003  |  Comments Off on Special Edition “Empire Records” to Release on DVD  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Ever since its release in 1995, the film “Empire Records” has become a full- fledged cult favorite in its own right. And to boot, sales of the original DVD release seem to be healthy enough to spawn a special edition release of the movie.

“Empire Records Remix: Special Fan Edition” releases on DVD next month in the US. New features for the disc include 16 minutes of previously-unseen footage, new digital transfer, four additional scenes, three music videos, trailers, Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, audio commentary with director Allan Moyle, widescreen anamorphic format, and closed captioning. No word yet on what music videos will be included.

“Empire Records” featured The Cranberries songs “How” and “Liar.” “How” received a prominent place during one scene of the movie, although not included on the soundtrack. “Liar,” on the other hand, was put on the OST, no doubt to lure in fans who didn’t yet have the B-side on an album. (“Liar” was even made into a promo single for the movie.)

“Empire Records Remix” will release on June 3rd with an MSRP of $24.99

Source: Amazon

“Linger” on MTVLA’s Top 20 Videos of 1993-2003

May 9, 2003  |  Comments Off on “Linger” on MTVLA’s Top 20 Videos of 1993-2003  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

This year, MTV Latin America celebrates its tenth anniversary and is doing so by presenting the best in music from the past ten years. The channel has allowed viewers to vote on their favorite videos from the past decade, and The Cranberries have secured a position on the list.

The Cranberries’ 1993 video for “Linger” landed at the #10 spot on the top twenty videos. MTVLA has compiled the Top 20 into an extended TV special which has been broadcasted several times on the channel within the past few weeks.

Thanks to Sigma of Zombieguide Mexico for the tip.

Source: MTVLA

A Long-Haired Dolores On Drums

May 4, 2003  |  Comments Off on A Long-Haired Dolores On Drums  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

In a letter posted on the Cranberries Official Site on Friday, Dolores writes from The Cranberries’ Kilmallock studio about her new do (“long” and “70’s hippish”) and how playing drums is an emotional release. Mellow and upbeat, Dolores tells fans that she is excited about the band’s upcoming rehearsals on Monday, and how the band is enjoying the inspiration of spring.

Dolores also writes that she is amused and excited about the notion of touring with The Rolling Stones, in particular, the show including AC/DC.

On a personal note for the band, Dolores reveals that Noel’s daughter is enjoying better health, and that Noel is especially excited about The Cranberries’ tour and rehearsals. Fans will remember that complications with the health of Noel’s daughter had previously prevented him from touring with the band during the early phase of promotion for “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” and was an intermittent challenge for him throughout 2001.

Sounding optimistic about the season, the attitudes, and the future for the band, Dolores’s letter to fans is, as usual, an uplifting read. Oh, and this one ends with Dolores’s own wise advice: “Eat loadsa garlic!”

Source: Cranberries Official Site

“Stars” on Argentinian Summer 2003 Sampler

May 2, 2003  |  Comments Off on “Stars” on Argentinian Summer 2003 Sampler  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Universal Music has included The Cranberries’ most recent single “Stars” on a new sampler of music in Argentina for Summer 2003. The 17-track sampler has been sent to media outlets “for broadcast only” and is jam-packed with all of Universal’s biggest artists (Although note that not all of these are on the Universal label in the US). The phrase on the cover reads, “We’ll walk all summer long… so that you hear our releases.”

The full tracklisting is:

1. “Electrtical Storm (William Orbit mix)” by U2
2. “Underneath it All (Acoustic Version)” by No Doubt
3. “I Have Seen” by Zero 7
4. “Lost Cause” by Beck
5. “Misunderstood” by Bon Jovi
6. “Tight (Remixec by Randy McMann)” by Inxs
7. “Stars” by The Cranberries
8. “Lose Yourself (Album Version – Explicit)” by Eminem
9. “Starry Eyed Surprised” by Paul Oakenfold
10. “All the Things She Said” by T.a.t.u.
11. “Hey Sexy Lady” by Shaggy
12. “Help Me” by Timo Maas
13. “It’s In Our Hands (Remix)” by Björk
14. “All the Things She Said (Extension 119 Club Vocal Remix)” by T.a.t.u.
15. “Take Me Home” by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
16. “Help Me (Deep Dish Attacks Mars Remix)” by Timo Maas
17. “Through the Rain (Full Intention Club Mix)” by Mariah Carey

This very well may be one of the last Cranberries-related promotional releases from Universal that you see, after the band announced their departure from the label this past January.


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