Latest GH release info

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Universal Japan has just posted the first listing for The Cranberries’ “best of” disc, due out early this fall. As it is listed, the title is simply “Greatest Hits.” Although this could change to a more “creative” title, this is how it stands at the moment. It appears that the album will contain only 1 CD (as opposed to the rumored two) and will have a total of 16 tracks, which includes both “Star” and “New York Skyline.” The listing gives the release as late September 2002 in Japan, which gives us a more exact timeframe.

In related news, French mega-radio station NRJ recently ran a news short about the CD and also pinned its release to “September.” Thanks to Stéphane for that bit of info.

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Mexican newspaper article

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Apparently The Cranberries had good reason to deny the newspaper reports that hit the stands this morning — the one below reads, “The Cranberries already see their end” which is most certainly not true. Although the headline is very misleading, it does contain some important quotes, which we’ve translated below:

“That would be very nice, but we signed a contract for six discs, so first we have to release the Greatest Hits and another studio one, so that afterwards we can start our individual projects: I believe that we have many desires to take a break,” Fergal reportedly said.

Some of the other quotes are even more misleading, with the paper reporting that Dolores said, “It’s not like a marriage, and for that reason, I think we’ve spent too much time together. If we want to separate, we’ll do it”.

Although we can’t definitively deny these quotes (as some of the others in the article mirror the ones found in other reports), the band’s denial on Linea Directa earlier today should be enough to quell fans’ fears.

On another topic, the article also reports that Daffodil Lament is the imminent winner to the Official Site’s fan poll-contest, and will probably be included on the band’s “Best Of” disc this fall. Assuming that you haven’t thrown this whole article out the window yet, Dolores said, “We had a poll on the Internet page, where Daffodil Lament, a song which was never a single from the disc No Need To Argue, is winning.”

Thanks to Edgar Torres for the scan.

Also below is another press conference pic, sent to us by Uriel. Thanks to both.
But just remember — don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you read!

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9 85 Radio interview report

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At approximately 3:30 local time (4:30 EST), The Cranberries finally arrived at the studios of the station 9 85 Radio in Mexico City. The interview covered several topics (including an extensive conversation about drinking!), the most important of which are below:

Dolores talked extensively about the day she wrote one of the band’s new songs, “New York Skyline.” She said, “Usually when I decide to write a song like that, it usually happens to me when I’m very relaxed and I’m having a couple glasses of wine. And then my inhibitions and my walls are down so I don’t think about what I’m doing. It’s kind of like you just sit down with music and it just starts to come out, because usually songs like that, when you’re sober in the middle of the day, you’d probably be too conscious to talk about stuff like that. So, when I wrote ‘Zombie,’ I remember I’d come home at night when I’d been out partying for three or four hours. And I had this guitar music and I remember I started singing it and I was quite edgy as well… It was kind of something that was way deep down inside my soul and I was kind of, you know, too embarrassed to talk about it in sobriety. So that came after a social kind of thing as well. When you’re really reflective and relaxed, as I said for me sometimes I have a glass of wine and my heart opens up and I start writing better. I mean, artists use things sometimes to write and find a deeper part of their souls and usually all those tracks came after, you know, a bit of a social thing. The New York song came after our gig in New York, the first gig [in New York that] we did since September 11th. And it was a brilliant show, I mean the New Yorkers were amazing and it was amazing to be there, to be back there, you know, still a beautiful city and the energy was brilliant.”

Dolores then revealed about how she wrote the song, and even seems to reveal the first known lyrics from the song. She continued, “But then we had a few jars afterwards and I went back to my hotel room and I was on my own and I put on the music that the boys had recorded at soundcheck. I turned it up and looked out my window and I started writing, like, ‘I look across these city streets, my heart is cold as it beats.’ And I started thinking about it, you know, and then I just started writing down my thoughts. So, it just happens without thinking usually.”

And after Dolores mentioned “jars” about half-a-dozen times, the host couldn’t help himself and said, “I have to get one of those jars! … We only have Corona down here though.”

“I love it! It’s my favorite beer,” responded Dolores, “with a little bit of lime!”

While they were on the subject, Dolores gave out her recipie for her favorite alcoholic treat. “I have one for the Mexican people, ‘cos it’s very hot here in Mexico, a suggestion from Dolores! Get a watermelon, okay? Make a hole in the top. Pour a bottle of tequila into it. Put it in the fridge and then the next day when you have a party, slice it up, and when you eat it, you get wrecked off your head! (giggle)”

View some pictures from today’s interview below and don’t miss Dolores’ cute ponytail!

(Pictures no longer available)

The Cranberries say “No solo projects”

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More news from the show Linea Directa on the Mexican television station Telehit:

Several Mexican newspapers reported this morning that members of The Cranberries will be doing solo projects. The band just denied the report on their live Q&A session, and commented that it was a “bad translation.” It is assumed the new “independent compositions” will be within the context of the band and not as solo projects. Dolores also added that she would never think to take on a solo career.

In addition to the “Best Of” compilation, the band has also announced a DVD compilation of all The Cranberries’ music videos for release around the same time! Fans’ request for such a compilation has been high within the past few years.

The band has just left the Four Seasons Hotel where the Q&A session took place, and it is said that the door of the hotel was crowded by a myriad of fans. The band is on their way to the studios of 9 85 Radio for an interview within the next few minutes — expect an exclusive first-hand report of the interview (including pictures!) right here on Zombieguide within the next few hours.

Thanks to Arturo Garcia for the news. More news coming FAST!

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“Star” to be next single

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On the show Linea Directa on the Mexican television station Telehit, The Cranberries are currently hosting a live Q&A session with fans as we speak. They just announced within the last few minutes that “Star” will in fact be the band’s next single. The track was recorded earlier this month with Stephen Street at Criteria Studios in Miami for the band’s “Best Of” disc to be released around September. There’s no concrete information on the single’s release yet, but you can read fans’ impressions of the song when it was performed live in Atlanta on the 12th of this month.

Thanks to Arturo Garcia for the news. More news coming FAST!

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Reforma: The Cranberries desire a world of awareness

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The Spanish site Reforma has posted another very similar article about the band’s press conference yesterday which seems to clarify some of the topics the band discussed.
Here’s a rough translation:

The Cranberries desire a world of awareness


Dolores O’Riordan, singer of the group, showed that it is necessary to approach more serious topics to wake up the conscience of people


City of Mexico (25 June 2002). – They know that with a song they will not change to the world, but The Cranberries always considered it to be important to approach universal conflicts in his music, since they have done it with “Zombie” and “New York Skyline,” the last dedicated to the victims of the attacks of 11 of September last year.


The Irish group will appear today and tomorrow at the Auditorio Nacional.


Dolores O’Riordan, singer of the group, showed that it is necessary to approach more serious topics to wake up the conscience of people


“It’s lovely to share more things about life, not only songs about love or about conflicts between men and women.


“It is important to compose serious songs, although we know that these will not change anything, but it will help people to find out about things that happen and therefore, we can wake up consciences. That’s something we can do,” also explained the guitarist.


During a press conference, at which they arrived after one hour of delay, the musicians remembered that “New York Skyline” was written after their concerts in the Great Apple.


This one subject will be including in its next album, they say, which will compile their greatest successes, which will be chosen by their fans via Internet.


“It was like a reflection on how people live at the moment in that city,” O’Riordan said.


The band, also formed by the brothers Noel and Mike Hogan, guitarist and bass, respectively, clarified that they will not resort continuously to this type of theme, since they could bore their fans.


“There will always be terrorism and it will always be cowardly because it is, simply, the nature of the human race, but we don’t want people to become bored with us,” expressed Fernal Lawler, drummer of The Cranberries.


Prior to their shows at the Auditorio Nacional (25 and 26 of June) and at the Auditorio Benito Juárez, in Guadalajara (the 28 of June), where they will present their fifth album called Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, the Irishmen assured us that they are concluding their present contract with the MCA label, [and] they will create a new sound with a basis in individual compositions.


Lawler indicated that it is necessary to explore other styles, but that [it] will be after a disc of greatest hits and another yet-unpublished one with the sound that until now has characterized them, as it is stipulated in their contract.


“This does not mean that we are going away to separate, but it will only be to get some freedom,” he indicated.


“We’ve never worried about being a fashionable band, but [only] to remain effective in the eyes of the people,” concluded O’Riordan.


So now we’re not only talking about a sixth album, but a potential seventh one as well, with a foundation on individual compositions from each band member. Interesting…

Source: Reforma

The Cranberries to “record separately” ??

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Discussion board member cwinter sent us a tip about an article on which bears even more surprising news from yesterday’s press conference! According to the article The Cranberries will be recording on “separate ways”.
Here’s a rough translation:

The Cranberries Will Record on Separate Ways

The members of the Irish band The Cranberries revealed yesterday in Mexico their plans to record separately. “We’re not married, we’re free inside the band, it’s more about exploring, not about breaking apart,” said the vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Dolores O’Riordan yesterday.

Does this mean a Fergal Lawler solo album is in our future??! Shocking indeed. We await further comment from the band…

Source: Emol

Press conference: 1st picture

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Yahoo! has posted a photo of the band from their press conference yesterday in Mexico.
We’ll have more images soon, but until then, enjoy this first look.

Source: Yahoo! News

The Cranberries to allow MCA contract to expire (UPDATED)

June 25, 2002  |  Comments Off on The Cranberries to allow MCA contract to expire (UPDATED)  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Weeks ago, drummer Fergal Lawler put the situation very bluntly on the official page, saying, “We weren’t sure what to expect as some (not all), members of our record company informed us that in their eyes, “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” is “over” in America, and they have moved on to other things. Not exactly the words of encouragement you would like to hear as you are about to embark on a U.S. tour!!! But thanks to you, our incredibly supportive fans we say F*** ’em!!! We are here to play music and enjoy every minute of it, and thankfully that’s the way it’s been working out!”

Their response? According to the band’s press conference today, drop MCA! In all honesty and reason, why would they keep a record company that not only does no work for the band, but slaps them with an insult like the one above? After only a year of being signed onto MCA’s boat, they are abandoning ship, and fast.

UPDATE – JUNE 25 – 9:00 PM

It seems our translation was interpreted a little bit on the liberal side. Judging from other information flowing out from the press conference, it seems most likely that The Cranberries will simply fulfill the 6- album requirement that they signed on with and then allow the contract to expire with Universal. That is, after they’ve fulfilled it, don’t expect them to re-sign for more CDs on any Universal label anytime in the future.

It should be noted that the upcoming “Best Of” disc is still on track for a September release on Island Records. The just-reported article from Reforma breaks the news, although it does no mention where the band is looking for a further record company. If someone can provide us with a better translation than our rough one below, please email it!

World-wide situation worries The Cranberries


They consider to compose relevant songs on more serious topics although they recognize that a song will not change the world


Mexico City (24 June 2002). – The Irish group The Cranberries considered it important this Monday to approach universal conflicts in their music as they have done with “Zombie” or “New York Sky Line”. However, they recognized that a song cannot change to the world.


Dolores O’Riordan, singer, indicated that she won’t always do it because they could bore their followers, but this type of situation has to be shared.


“I believe that life is much more enjoyable, not only with songs about love or children, its great to compose songs on more serious topics even though I do not believe that a song changes the situation, but wakes up people’s consciences that it happens.


“I believe that there will always be terrorism and it will always be cowardly because simply it is the human race”, indicated the singer in a press conference.


Prior to their presentations at the National Audience and Benito Juárez in Guadalajara where they will present their fifth record production titled “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee,” the musicians indicated that now that when they conclude their contract with this record company [MCA], they will create a new style.


Without any pretensions of splitting up, Fergal Lawler, drummer of The Cranberries considered it necessary to explore greater musical styles, but that this will [not] be [until] after two more discs, one of greatest hits and another unpublished [studio] one, with the sound that until now has characterized them.


In addition, they announced that the concerts will be the 25 and 26 in the City of Mexico and the 28 in Guadalajara.

There you have it, we’ll have more from the press conference ASAP!
Thanks to Arturo Garcia for the tip. Also thanks to Matias “Walko” Walkoski for some help with the translation.

Source: Reforma

Reforma: “World-wide situation worries Cranberries”

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The Mexican news site Reforma has posted a quick blurb from the band’s press conference in Mexico City earlier today. Although it lacks any real new concrete info, it’s a fascinating read none-the-less. Thanks to Arturo Garcia for sending us the tip.

World-wide situation worries Cranberries
They excellently consider to compose songs on more serious topics although they recognize that a song will not change the world

Mexico City (24 June 2002). – The Irish group The Cranberries considered it important this Monday to approach universal conflicts in their music as they have done with “Zombie” or “New York Sky Line”. However, they recognized that a song cannot change to the world.

There you have it, we’ll have more from the press conference ASAP!

Source: Reforma

Busy day in Mexico City

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Dolores & Co. hosted a proverbial blitzkrieg of promotional events in Mexico City today, including a press conference, a radio interview, and an autograph signing session, with more coming this week.

The promised press conference took place at the Four Seasons hotel in Mexico City. Our own Eduardo from Zombieguide Mexico was one of the select few able to attend the conference, and we’ll hopefully have lots of photos and information once he checks in with us. Also in the day was an interview for the station Orbita 105.

Rounding out the afternoon was an autograph session at the Mixup Plaza Loreto which began at approximately 2:50 PM. Some fans began lining up at Mixup as early as midnight last night. Our contributor Arturo arrived in line at 3:30 AM and was the 12th person in line. He remained there for the next 12 hours to get a chance to meet the band face-to-face. Autographs were available only to people holding a copy of “Wake Up And Smell the Coffee,” and were generally restricted to one per person. However, Arturo was sly enough to own all four international copies of the album and had them all signed by the band! Only the first 200 people were guaranteed a signing, but the band stayed long enough to sign an additional 100 for the long line of people gathered at the Mixup.

Tomorrow, the band will appear on Telehit’s Linea Directa television show to answer fans’ questions live on the air. Also, the band will be doing an interview for 98.5 Radio. And of course, all of this is a only an hors d’ouvres for the big event, the band’s first concert in Mexico City for the Wake Up And Smell The Coffee World Tour.

Thanks to Arturo Garcia for all the news.

Source: Exclusive

Clarification on “iosa”

June 24, 2002  |  Comments Off on Clarification on “iosa”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Thanks to none other than Niall Quinn, we have a little bit of clarification on yesterday’s reported news. With the addition of a little bit of research, it seems the title is most probably “Iosa” (with an I, not an L, pronounced “Ee- Oh-Sa”). This is in fact the Gaelic word for “Jesus,” recurrent in many hymns and prayers. This seems to best match Dolores’ words on the video.

However, it is possible that the title could also be “A Iosa.” This title, as Niall told us, translates better as “Dear Jesus,” as “Iosa” alone is “Jesus,” and the “a” particle is somewhat untranslatable. However, the extra syllable does not fit Dolores’ introduction nearly was well as “Iosa.”

Well, students, there’s your Gaelic lesson for today. Study it well, there’ll be a quiz on it tomorrow!

Source: Exclusive

Julieta Venegas to open Mexican gigs

June 23, 2002  |  Comments Off on Julieta Venegas to open Mexican gigs  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Several Mexican newspapers have reported this weekend the Mexican rock singer Julieta Venegas will open for all three of The Cranberries’ Mexican tour dates. One paper, “El Universal,” interviewed the singer on what she thought of opening for such an enormous act. Here’s a translation of the article, thanks to Scott!

The Mexican assures the contract was made between the Irish band and a girl who sells her dates.


For the first time in her career, Julieta Venegas will be opening three concerts for a band like the Cranberries, who counts with a ten year career and is the second most important band after U2.


But the singer says she didn’t have to do anything to appear as the opening act for the gigs that Dolores O’Riordan and company will be offering in Guadalajara and in the Distrito Federal (Mexico city).


“The contact was made thanks to a girl who sells my dates in the United States and they did it directly with her; she told them about me, I imagine they liked my music and I’m looking forward to see them at the concert to say hello.” said the singer who was born in Tijuana.


It has to be mentioned that Julieta was the opening act for bands like Soda Stereo, los fabulosos Cadillacs, and Suzanne Vega. For the next concerts she will sing a selection of songs of her two previous albums.


Besides these special presentations, Venegas said that today she is leaving to Los Angeles, California, to look for a producer for her next album which according to her “will have more influences, not that much rock, but disco and hip-hop; besides I think it’s too early to talk about my new material, but I already have the lyrics for all the songs”, she said. The recoding will take place at the end of the year and the beginning of next year is the temptative release date.


Among other projects she’s done this past days, the Tijuanan specified that she recorded the cover of “El liston de tu pelo” of the Angeles Azules, for the film “Asesino en Serio” from Antonio Urrutia, where she is accompanied by Jarabe de Palo (Spanish band).


Likely, she participated in the recording of a pair of songs for the new discogrphic material of Celso Piña (Colombian artist), who is planning a crossover with rockers.

Source: El Universal

London 1991 mystery solved!

June 23, 2002  |  Comments Off on London 1991 mystery solved!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

“And this is an Irish song that I wrote about my grandfather and it’s called ‘Iosa’,” Dolores told the audience.

It’s been a years-old mystery that we at Zombieguide have just put together for ourselves, although apparently there have been a few that have known it for a long time. The title of the previously-unknown song performed in London on November 14, 1991, is “Iosa”, an address in Gaelic (native Irish language) that translates as “Jesus.” The song appears to be entirely in Gaelic, which would explain why no one has been able to transcribe any of its lyrics.

The information comes out of the November 16th, 1991 issue of the UK’s New Musical Express which had a summary of the concert only two days after it took place.

This marks the first and only time that Dolores has composed a Cranberries song entirely in Gaelic. Dolores is fluent in Gaelic and even attended Lauren Hill Seconday School, an all-Gaelic-speaking high school in Limerick. However, she dislikes the idea of mixing “trad” (traditional Irish elements) with modern rock ‘n’ roll, so the band has shyed away from such hybrids.

The death of Joe, Dolores’ intimate grandfather, in early 1991 was evidently a strong impact on her life — it also spawned the track from 1996’s “To The Faithful Departed” which bares his namesake.

No matter what the case, this is the only known performance or recording of “Iosa” and it seems that there will not be another one again anytime soon.

Thanks to Rach and Dolores159 for the help!

Source: Exclusive

TITD 5-track Maxi released

June 22, 2002  |  Comments Off on TITD 5-track Maxi released  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

More than a month after the European 2-track release of the “This Is The Day” single, Universal made a surprising move this week by silenting slipping out a brand-new 5-track maxi version of the single in Germany.

Tracks are:

1. This is the Day (Album Version)
2. Such a Waste (unreleased)
3. Animal instinct (Live from Vicar Street, November 11, 2000)
4. Time is Ticking Out (VIDEO)
5. This is the Day (VIDEO)

Below is a scan of the new single’s cover with the tracklisting seen to the left. We’ll have more information on the new single as we get it!

Promo release bits

June 21, 2002  |  Comments Off on Promo release bits  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Universal has put out a few promo releases in weeks past, most of which we have already reported on, but here’s some better images of them. The only newcomer here is a Taiwanese “Wake Up And Smell the Coffee” DJ- only sampler CD, which is dated for 2002.

There are four tracks on the disc:
1. Analyse
2. Never Grow Old (which is mistakenly written as “Never Growing Old”)
3. Wake Up And Smell the Coffee
4. Every Morning

Also below are a nice scan of the disc art to the European “This is the Day” promo (1-track) and the rather generic liner notes found in the US release of the promo (also 1-track).

Promotional material for remastered albums

June 19, 2002  |  Comments Off on Promotional material for remastered albums  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Earlier today, Universal Music sent out their “New Release Books” to retailers covering new releases for the dates of July 23rd and 30th. The Cranberries’ remastered “Complete Sessions” albums are of course due for individual release in the United States on July 30th and have secured a 2-page spread in the books. Zombieguide was able to obtain images of the promotional materials, which appear nearly identical to the Treasure Box promotional info. Check them out below.

Source: Exclusive

Next album to include “songs in Spanish” ?!

June 17, 2002  |  Comments Off on Next album to include “songs in Spanish” ?!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Spanish-language publication Emol posted a rather shocking piece of news today, which states that The Cranberries next record (assumed to be referring to the sixth album on track for release next year) will include “songs in (Castilian) Spanish and Latin rythms”!
Here’s the full, albeit short, article:

The Cranberries will record in Spanish Mercury
Monday 17 of June of 2002
The Irish band announced that its next disc will include songs in Castilian and Latin rythms, although its singer, Dolores O’Riordan, does not speak Spanish. The album does not yet have a release date.

Wow. We’ll definitely be awaiting some futher, um, commentary on this. Thanks to cwinter for the tip.

Source: Emol

Sprite promotion in Italy

June 17, 2002  |  Comments Off on Sprite promotion in Italy  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Universal Music and Coca-Cola have teamed up in Italy for a new summer promotion called “1 Sprite 1 Song.” Patrons can buy a can or bottle of the soft drink Sprite, obtain a secret code, and go to the drink’s Italian website at to download one of over 100 different songs. The Cranberries are among the very few select artists listed on the product’s label (below), which is pretty cool if I do say so myself. The Cranberries’ offerings include “Analyse (Oceanic Remix)” and “Time Is Ticking Out” available for download from the site. The biggest drawback is that the downloaded song will expire (and therefore no longer be playable) on Dec. 31st, 2002.

Thanks to Mattia Sarzi Madidini for the news.

Source: Cranberries Videography


June 15, 2002  |  Comments Off on Curious…  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The recent release of the Les Printemps de Bourges bootleg carries a curious little surprise on the back — for us anyway. The CD lists Zombieguide for its “customers” to check out for “other info on the internet” (although it should be noted that we had nothing to do with its production). A nice little surprise it is (much more than, say, having our artwork stolen), so thanks out there, whoever you are!

Source: Cranberries Tape Trader

New CNN interview recorded

June 15, 2002  |  Comments Off on New CNN interview recorded  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Zombieguide has learned that a new interview has been recorded for American news channel CNN earlier this week. Reportedly, Dolores had just finished filming a new interview for the channel hours before the Atlanta gig on Wednesday night. We don’t have any information as to when the interview will air (whether it be on TV or on the network’s website), but we’ll let you know when we get more information.

Source: Exclusive

Press conference in Mexico scheduled

June 15, 2002  |  Comments Off on Press conference in Mexico scheduled  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries are scheduled to be in attendance at a press conference on Monday, June 24th in Mexico City. The event is being hosted by Mexican TV station Telehit, who has begun promoting a contest for it on its airwaves. Fans are encouraged to send their questions to Telehit via email and the top five questions will be the first ones asked at the conference. The press conference will also be broadcasted on the network’s “Linea Directa” show.

We’ll have a summary of the press conference as soon as it happens, so be sure to check back. Thanks to Scott for the info.

Source: Exclusive

Article in “Chastain Park Concert Series”

June 14, 2002  |  Comments Off on Article in “Chastain Park Concert Series”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The newest edition of the “Chastain Park Concert Series” magazine has an article featuring The Cranberries to promote this week’s concert in Atlanta. Thanks to Paul Beardsley for sending us the scans!

Source: Exclusive

More “Star” impressions 3

June 13, 2002  |  Comments Off on More “Star” impressions 3  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

We’ve got yet more impressions of “Star,” performed Wednesday night in Atlanta, GA, these coming courtesy of Gambit455 and (yet more from) Paul Beardsley, who attended Wednesday night’s show:

The concert in Atlanta was great!! I truly enjoyed it …every bit. She talked to the audience a great deal more than she did in 99 in Manassas, VA at the Nissan Pavilion. She apologized for not being there on the 30th. And, said thank you to the audience for coming back. She talked about the weather, mentioned how she had an ex-boyfriend from Atlanta who talked and said ‘ya’ll’. The crowd laughed. She dedicated Zombie to the Americans and said how bad terrorism is. And also mentioned she was taking her children to EuroDisney on their break after Atlanta. She called Taylor her ‘little man’. Also, Dolores’ voice was spectacular. She did wonderful … If there was an exception it had to be Time Is Ticking Out. It seemed the band was a bit off when playing that one.


But the new song was excellent. At the beginning, I tried to figure out if they were improvising on an old song but they weren’t…I turned to my sis and said “Oh my God…It’s a new song”. And it rocked!! It was a really great song. I loved it… Not just because I’m a Cran fan. But I enjoyed it very much. I liked the part which goes “I’ll take you just the way you are”… and the beginning starts “The stars are out tonight…” and it has a real catchy tune, like the official website says. I don’t think it sounds like When You’re Gone at all, as previously stated. At the end, Dolores stated “That’s a brand new one. We’ve never played it before”.


The outfits were cute. The stage was perfect. The audience loved it (especially Linger and DREAMS!! < everyone stood at dreams. It was a fantastic concert – well worth the 5 hour drive both times…hehe 🙂




“About “Star”, with all the action going on at the concert, I really couldn’t give an honest review. I was totally thrilled to be hearing new material, but without hearing the song a couple times, I can’t really say how good it was. It’s kinda like when I bought BTH and thought that I had wasted money. Now it’s one of my favorite Cranberries albums. Same with WUASTC.


The Concert:
“You’ll know IT”
We, my son Patrick and I, arrived at the park about 3:00 PM. The gates were wide open so we walked in and checked out my seat for the concert. I was impressed, row 7 seat 15 in the pit! We left soon after this to avoid being thrown out. After a quick trip to gas the car, I decided to scout for a good parking spot. I noticed a white van in my rear view mirror as I was driving past the rear entrance to the park. I was told later that the band had been in that vehicle. Damn! Missed them! Around 5:00 PM the soundcheck started and I heard Analyze! WOW! This was going to be good!
We met some really nice people before the show that I need to mention. Kenny was a trip in his beanie cap. And the other “10 year” fan whose name I failed to get. We had a great time discussing past and future CB hits. The entire band was AWESOME!!!!!!! Fergal appeared to be putting everything he had into his drums. He really appeared to be getting into it. Noel was on the other side of the stage from me so I didn’t get the whole effect of his performance. Mike, “DO IT MIKE!!”, was right on! He was directly in front of my seat for the entire night. Dolores was a real treat!!!! She really puts on a great show! If you’ve never seen her in person, you’re missing a real GEM! Her vocals were Outstanding! With so much going on, it’s like the whole concert was a dream. I was really rockin… Hearing “Star” was the highpoint because I’d been watching the setlists from all the past shows and had never seen a deviation anything like this! All of the songs were perfect in my opinion. It would have been a perfect night if some of the “non-rockers” hadn’t gone to security to have my son (and all the row in front of them) sit down so they could watch the show. Real Losers! EXCELLENT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!
I was too slow to get a setlist, damn! But, as the crowds were ushered out, I had a stage hand retrieve a small feather that Dolores had pulled out of the green boa she was wearing during “Pretty”. I’ll place it with my ticket stub in my collection of concert memorabilia.
“I’ve been to a hell of a lot of great concerts in my days, including U2 last May, but The Cranberries in Atlanta were 100 times better than either.
“I wonder if I can find a reason to be in San Francisco next month?



Again, if you attended Wednesday night’s gig in Atlanta, please send us your full impressions of the song, including lyrics or anything else you can remember about it! In the meantime, Zombieguide will have more impressions of the song up as soon as possible.

Source: Exclusive

More “Star” impressions 2

June 13, 2002  |  Comments Off on More “Star” impressions 2  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

We’ve got yet more impressions of “Star,” performed last night in Atlanta, GA, these coming courtesy of Paul Beardsley, who attended last night’s show:

“My first impression of the new song (as a Cranberries fan) were great! I knew it was something different when they started playing! But, thinking back about the song, I can’t recall anything that would make it a hit on the current charts…


“The concert was awesome!! I’ll try to put something together tonight about it. I tried to get a setlist but was too slow to the stage after the concert. I did manage get some pieces of the green boa ‘D’ wore during ‘Pretty’ .
More to come,
Paul B.”

Again, if you attended last night’s gig in Atlanta, please send us your full impressions of the song, including lyrics or anything else you can remember about it! In the meantime, Zombieguide will have more impressions of the song up as soon as possible.

Source: Exclusive

More “Star” impressions

June 13, 2002  |  Comments Off on More “Star” impressions  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

We’ve got more impressions of “Star,” performed last night in Atlanta, GA, these coming courtesy of Colin E. Tingle, who attended last night’s show:

“I thought the song was great! The music was good, and the lyrics are just as poetic as their other songs. I don’t know why people are so down on the song, perhaps it’s because it was the first time everyone had heard it. I found it quite good and will become a favorite, in due time.”

Again, if you attended last night’s gig in Atlanta, please send us your full impressions of the song, including lyrics or anything else you can remember about it! In the meantime, Zombieguide will have more impressions of the song up as soon as possible.

Source: Exclusive

First “Star” impressions

June 13, 2002  |  Comments Off on First “Star” impressions  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Earlier today, Zombieguide reported that the new track “Star” was played publicly for the first time last night in Atlanta, Georgia. Fans’ impressions of the song are trickling in; here’s one from Zombieguide visitor Bella, who posted her thoughts in the forum:

“It’s really not that good. She said it’s a new song, and when they started playing it, I thought it was ‘When You’re Gone.’ It’s the same ol’, same ol’.


“It has the whole doo-bop thing going on. And the lyrics are the worst part, “Will you be there, be my star? I never thought you’d get this far.. star, star, star”


“Its just like ‘When You’re Gone’…. boring.”

So there you have it — the first report isn’t so positive, but we’ll see what others have to say.
Again, if you attended last night’s gig in Atlanta, please send us your full impressions of the song, including lyrics or anything else you can remember about it! In the meantime, Zombieguide will have more impressions of the song up as soon as possible.

Source: Exclusive

“Star” performed live in Atlanta!

June 13, 2002  |  Comments Off on “Star” performed live in Atlanta!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

It looks like the delayed Atlanta gig was definitely worth the wait. For the first time in several years, The Cranberries have played a previously- unreleased song on tour, according to the setlist posted on the band’s official page. The new song “Star” was sandwiched in the middle of last night’s setlist in Atlanta, Georgia between “How” and “Free to Decide.”

The band began to shy away from playing “new” songs on tour beginning with the Loud And Clear World Tour in 1999, warned by their record company (Island at the time) of bootlegging. In fact, this is the first “unreleased” track on record to be played on tour since 1995 — a time when the band would play up to six or seven “future” songs that were taken from the forthcoming “To The Faithful Departed.” Even the current Wake Up And Smell The Coffee World Tour has been fairly devoid of surprises.

It seems likely that the track will remain in the setlist for the next few gigs for all you lucky fans in Mexico and possibly Europe. Could “New York Skyline” be close behind?

If you attended last night’s gig in Atlanta, please send us your full impressions of the song, including lyrics or anything else you can remember about it! In the meantime, Zombieguide will have fans’ first impressions of the song up as soon as possible.

Source: Cranberries Official Website

Full article from “Reforma”

June 11, 2002  |  Comments Off on Full article from “Reforma”  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Zombieguide has translated the full Fergal Lawler interview from Reforma, in which he speaks for the first time about the band’s two new songs, entitled “New York Skyline” and “Star”. Check it out below

The Cranberries dedicate a song to NY
The track will be included in their upcoming “Greatest Hits”
By ALBERTO CASTLE/ Reforma Group


City of Mexico (11 June 2002). – The pain that the terrorist attacks on New York, which happened on Sept. 11th of last year, has caused to The Cranberries has become a new song that the Irish band will include in a greatest hits album that will be released this autumn, revealed drummer Fergal Lawler on Monday.


“New York Skyline” was written three weeks ago during The Cranberries’ first performance [since the attacks] in the city of New York.


In a telephone conference from Puerto Rico, Lawler indicated that song in question, called “New York Skyline”, will try to show the feeling that has permeated in the Great Apple in the nine months since the attacks on the Twin Towers.


The musician remembered that their video clip for the track “Analyse” was recalled due to images of airplanes flying over skyscrapers and of a chalk outline of a body on the sidewalk.


“Honestly it’s one of the worst videos that we’ve ever done, the director didn’t get the idea of what we wanted. That video came out four weeks before the attacks, and once we saw the similarity with the attacks, we decided to recall it so that we didn’t hurt anyone in such terrible times.”


“‘New York Skyline’ was written three weeks ago when we had our first performance in the city since the attacks. The song speaks a little bit about how the spirit of New York is nowadays,” he said.


Scheduled to arrive in Mexico in two weeks with the Wake Up And Smell The Coffee World Tour (25 and 26 of June in the National Auditorium, and the 28 in the Benito Juárez Auditorium in Guadalajara), Lawler added that the compilation disc will contain all of the radio hits of their career, and in addition to “New York…”, it will include “Star,” another unpublished song.


According to the companion of Dolores O’Riordan (vocals), Noel Hogan (guitar) and Mike Hogan (bass), the difference between the next disc and the box of 4 albums titled “Treasures Box,” is that the box contains no previously-unreleased material.


“When we record an album, we usually record 19 or 20 songs and only choose 14 [for the album], so there are always excess tracks. Bury the Hatchet even took a second disc to contain all the extra songs.”


“Actually, the box came about so that fans could have all our songs, the published ones, the unpublished ones, and B-sides.”

Source: Reforma

New song titles revealed!!

June 11, 2002  |  Comments Off on New song titles revealed!!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Zombieguide has just learned that The Cranberries drummer Fergal Lawler has just divulged the titles to the two new tracks currently being recorded with Stephen Street. The reported titles for the two new songs are “New York Skyline” and “Star”. The information reportedly comes from an interview given to a Mexican newspaper, while the band is currently in Puerto Rico at the moment.

Fergal noted that “New York Skyline” was written about the horrendous terrorist attacks on American soil last September — a topic which Dolores told Edge 102 late last year that she had already written some songs about.

Dolores told the Canadian station in November, “There’s been a couple of songs actually that have definitely been affected or influenced by what happened, you know? So hopefully you’ll see those kinds of things next year. As I said, I didn’t want to kind of run out, jumping on stage singing all that stuff, which is the one route one can take, but I just personally felt safer at home and just felt that’s where we should be. So if you get inspired to write lovely songs or whatever, then good, you know, whatever.”

Fergal did not give any further information about “Star” beyond its title.

The full article is in Spanish we’ll have a translation as soon as possible!

Major thanks to Ana Paola Espinoza Medina for the news.

Source: Reforma

Exclusive: “Anything” demo downloads

June 10, 2002  |  Comments Off on Exclusive: “Anything” demo downloads  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The year was 1989 and in the town of Limerick, Ireland, a novice group collectively known as “The Cranberry Saw Us,” were putting together some tracks to put down as a demo tape. The four — Niall Quinn, singer; Noel Hogan, guitarist; Mike Hogan, bassist; and Fergal Lawler, drums — were only teenagers with an average age of 16.

As the end of the year approached, however, Niall was becoming concerned about the time he invested in the band. In his mind, he was firstly and primarily a drummer for The Hitchers. He wanted to be sure that his reputation would remain that way and he wouldn’t become instead “the singer for The Cranberry Saw Us.” Mike, Noel, and Fergal were also anxious to record a demo of their new mass of songs. Niall remembers: “The lads were gung ho to book a day in Xeric Studios and record a few songs. I was a bit hesitant if only for the simple reason that I couldn’t afford it. The plan was for each of us to chip in fifty quid which would be enough to get us a day. Truthfully they may as well have been asking me to chip in fifty million. I didn’t have it and had little way of raising it. In the end I managed to scrape £25 together and that was through calling in a lot of favors.”

The band booked January 7th, 1990 at Xeric Studios and recorded their first and only demo, titled “Anything,” the title being an alluding tribute to the English guitar band Ride. The art to the demo was hand-done by Noel, who ironically misspelled “Cranberry” (as “Cranbery”).

To read more about the early ‘Sauce, visit Zombieguide’s Ultimate Bio or check out our Interview with Niall Quinn, taken this past January.

We want to take this time to thank Mr. Quinn for sending us these files to share with you! So without further delay, click below (Link no longer available) to download the full version of The Cranberry Saw Us’ first demo, “Anything” with vocals by Niall Quinn.

“Anything” Demo by The Cranberry Saw Us, 1990
1. Throw Me Down a Big Stairs (MP3, 1.8 mb)
2. How’s It Going to Bleed? (MP3, 2.8 mb)
3. Storm In a Teacup (MP3, 2.6 mb)
4. Good Morning God (MP3, 2.0 mb)

Click here to visit the Media Vault to download these archived tracks! (Link no longer available)

Additionally, we have lyrics transcribed for all of the songs, so click below(Link no longer available):

“Throw Me Down a Big Stairs” lyrics (coming soon)
“How’s It Going to Bleed?” lyrics
“Storm in a Teacup” lyrics
“Good Morning God” lyrics
(Note that the lyrics aren’t exactly right at the moment, so they will be updated as needed. If you have corrections/suggestions, email them to

Webmasters: You may post these files on your site, but you must include a link to on the same page. The files must be hosted on your own server. Or, alternately, you may link directly to this page but not to the files themselves. Thanks for your cooperation!

Source: Exclusive

“Best of MTV Unplugged” image, tracks

June 9, 2002  |  Comments Off on “Best of MTV Unplugged” image, tracks  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Zombieguide reported days ago that The Cranberries are featured on a new “The Very Best of MTV Unplugged” compilation in Europe. We now have the full tracklisting and scans, thanks to Pedro Miguel Gomes Augusto of Cranberries-PT.

1. Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven
2. Alanis Morissette – Ironic
3. R.E.M – Losing my Religion
4. Sheryl Crow – Strong Enough
5. Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way
6. Page & Plant – Gallows Pole
7. Bryan Adams – Summer of 69
8. Paul Simon – Mrs Robison
9. Annie Lenox – Here Comes the Rain Again
10. Paul McCartney – Every Night
11. Rod Stewart – Tonights the Night
12. The Cranberries – Linger
13. Kd Lang – Constant Craving
14. The Corrs – What Can I Do
15. Seal – Kiss from a Rose
16. Live – Lightning Crashes
17. Noel Gallagher – Don’t Look Back in Anger
18. Sting – Walking on the Moon

Additionally, the CD will be released in the UK tomorrow, June 10th.
We’ll have more info on this CD as it arrives, so check back.

Source: Exclusive

The Cranberries to perform in Monaco late July

June 9, 2002  |  Comments Off on The Cranberries to perform in Monaco late July  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

French music mega-site FNAC has begun selling tickets for a Cranberries gig in Monaco, France for July 30th and 31st at The Sporting Club.

Monaco is considered one of the most affluent areas of France, and because of it, tickets are a whopping 50,50 € (approx. $48 US) for the concert alone and 97,50 € ($92 US) for the concert and a dinner.

The date comes as the third European tour date announced for this summer. Although the official site has yet to confirm all of these dates, a summer Euro tour seems almost certain.

Thanks to Stéphane for the news.

Source: Exclusive

Crans to appear on “International Sanremo” comp

June 9, 2002  |  Comments Off on Crans to appear on “International Sanremo” comp  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries’ live performance of “Analyse” will be featured on the Italian release of “International Sanremo 2002” this week. The band performed the song at the annual concert back in March, which was broadcasted live nationally in Italy. The disc will be released on June 11th in Italy. Those willing enough to seek it out are recommended to import!

If anyone can get some better scans of this release, be sure to send them our way.

1. Lacrime Dalla Luna by Gianluca Grignani
2. In Your Eyes by Kylie Minogue
3. Ricomincerei by Gianni Fiorellino
4. Overprotected by Britney Spears
5. Casamia by Timoria
6. Vive el Verano by Paulina Rubio
7. Doppiamente Fragili by Anna Tatangelo
8. Only a Woman Like You by Michael Bolton
9. Il Passo Silenzioso Della Neve by Valentina Giovagnini
10. Analyse by The Cranberries
11. Tracce Di Te by Francesco Renga
12. Out of Reach by Gabrielle
13. Somethin’ Stupid by Nicole Kidman
14. Get Up! by Beverley Knight
15. Family Affair by Mary J. Blige
16. Calling by Geri Halliwell
17. Brown Skin by India Arie

Source: Exclusive

Exclusive: remastered album release dates

June 4, 2002  |  Comments Off on Exclusive: remastered album release dates  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Earlier today, Universal Music updated their Business-to-Business-only Extranet site with some new information regarding the new individual album re-releases, information which Zombieguide was able to obtain. According to the new catalogues, the remastered re-releases of “Everybody Else…” through “Bury the Hatchet” will hit store shelves in North America on July 30th. The new remastered albums are simply individual, separate releases of the four CDs found in the newly-released Treasure Box boxed set. It was originally believed that these individual releases would not be out until fall.

The new remastered albums, which contain all of the B-sides from that album’s recording, will replace the original issues of the albums, which are now out of print. Cassettes of the original releases will still be available in their original form. You read it here first on Zombieguide!

Source: Exclusive

RARE “London Underworld 1991” downloads!

June 3, 2002  |  Comments Off on RARE “London Underworld 1991” downloads!  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Mediocre gear and squalid touring conditions heightened the problems and shows suffered as a result. When the band arrived in London to play their first gig after signing to Island, at The Camden Underworld, the media were not impressed. The show was crammed with industry insiders, and you could count the number of ‘normal’ punters on one hand, a sign that the band were indeed very big news in a very small world

wrote Mick Carran about the band’s performance in London on November 14, 1991.

[We were] four timid little teenagers, front person standing sideways like a statue, afraid to budge in case she tripped in fell. We weren’t performers at that stage, but it was the potential they saw

Dolores later recalled about their early live set, seen typically at the London ’91 gig.

Luckily for us, one of the “industry insiders” in London snuck a videocamera into The Camden Underground in late 1991 to capture the young band on film. As a result, the very first known Cranberries live recording was born. The video is a rarity, even among collectors — where one devoted fan reportedly paid well over $100 US to obtain an early-generation version of the video.

Apart from a scarce collection of the band’s early songs — including all four tracks of the “Uncertain” EP performed live — the bootleg contains another very desirable feature. The band performs an unknown song halfway through the gig. Dolores does introduce the song, but the audio quality is so poor that her words are not audible. It has been suggested that this is Niall Quinn’s “My Granny Drowned in a Fountain on Lourdes,” but given the quirky early The Cranberry Saw Us’ style, this is almost certainly false. The track has not appeared on any other Cranberries recording known to surface.

The Untitled track is considered one of the rarest Cranberries tracks known to exist, and Zombieguide is proud to present it in its entirety for download! (Link no longer available)

· Them (Live at The Camden Underworld, London, November 14, 1991) (MP3, 2.1 mb)
· Nothing Left At All (Live at The Camden Underworld, London, November 14, 1991) (MP3, 2.6 mb)
· Iosa (Live at The Camden Underworld, London, November 14, 1991) (MP3, 2.7 mb)
· Uncertain (Live at The Camden Underworld, London, November 14, 1991) (MP3, 2.0 mb)
· Pathetic Senses (Live at The Camden Underworld, London, November 14, 1991) (MP3, 2.3 mb)

(Please note that these are encoded at a low bitrate due to the low quality of the original source. The quality lost is negligable.)

Is this your first time hearing this untitled Cranberries song?
Post your thoughts about it on the Zombieguide Discussion Forums!
And now, below, view some exclusive images taken from the video of the early concert.

Webmasters: You may post these files on your site, but you must include a link to on the same page. The files must be unmodified and be hosted on your own server. Or, alternately, you may link directly to this page but not to the files themselves. Thanks for your cooperation!

Source: Exclusive

Summer dates for Spain, France

June 2, 2002  |  Comments Off on Summer dates for Spain, France  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Several various sources in Europe have reported upcoming Cranberries tour dates on the continent, and all of the accounts match up very well.

Days ago, a newspaper in Málaga, Spain reported that the band would be playing in the city this summer. Now, with a little bit of research, it has been discovered that the tentative date for this show is July 24th, with Australian Blonde as the opening act.

French ticket site TicketNet has just posted yet another tour listing, this time for July 28th at the Theatre Antique in Vienne, France, which will be a summer festival. The site is currently selling seats at a price of 36 Euro.

In related tour news, Dolores told a sold-out crowd in Vienna, VA, last week that the band would be returning to North America in a brief period of time. “We’re not lying this time!” she joked with the crowd, as Dolores has made many such promises to audiences in the past with little follow-up. There’s no information of exactly when the band will be returning to North America after the current tour, but if MCA is smart, perhaps they’ll return this fall to promote the upcoming “greatest hits” disc.

Is another Euro tour on schedule? The Magic Eight Ball says, “Signs point to yes!”
Thanks to Stéphane for the tip.

Partial Source: Cranberries of Prat

“This Is The Day Of Barcelona” bootleg scans

June 2, 2002  |  Comments Off on “This Is The Day Of Barcelona” bootleg scans  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Yet another bootleg of the March 15th Barcelona, Spain gig has been released under the title “This Is The Day Of Barcelona.” Spanish site Cranberries of Prat was able to get ahold of some scans of the new boot, which is basically a variant of Barcelona 2002 and Wake Up Barcelona.

Disc 1:
1. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
2. Zombie
3. Analyse
4. Time Is Ticking Out
5. Animal Instinct
6. You And Me
7. Ode To My Family
8. Just My Imagination
9. Loud And Clear
10. Desperate Andy
11. Pretty
12. When You’re Gone
13. I Can’t Be With You
14. Waltzing Back
15. Free To Decide
16. Salvation
17. Ridiculous Thoughts

Disc 2:
18. Promises
19. Linger
20. I Really Hope
21. This Is The Day
22. Dreams

Source: Cranberries of Prat

Zombieguide @ Wolf Trap: the flashlight

June 2, 2002  |  Comments Off on Zombieguide @ Wolf Trap: the flashlight  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

So you say you want another perspective on Zombieguide’s pilgrimage to Wolf Trap?  No? Too bad! Here’s more impressions of the show, this time from my amigo Chris, who attened the Meet and Greet and was my helper monkey with taking pictures, etc.

Hey everyone. I’m Chris; Alex’s friend who went to the Baltimore Mistletoe Meltdown. After coming back from Wolf Trap, let me just say one word. Wow. The whole experience was absolutely amazing. The concert was really great! The set list was especially good for someone like me with limited knowledge of songs by The Cranberries. The lighting was great, the songs were fantastic, and seeing Dolores up close dancing was pretty damn awesome. One thing that I found kind of odd however, was the lack of people standing in the crowd. I’ll note that I didn’t really stand up much until half way through, but I don’t think more than 5-10 people in the rows in front of us even stood until the final song. Dolores made many attempts to get people to stand up, even by taunting us, to no avail.


During some of the more electrifying songs, Alex and I, two of the probable ten people in the whole audience who had glow sticks would wave them at Dolores. During one song while we were doing so, she held out the microphone in our direction and winked. That was really awesome! As for the show, it was one of the most exciting times I’ve had in a long while.


However, there was an event Alex and I took part in prior to the show. This of course was the “Meet and Greet”. Around 7pm, about an hour and a half before the Meet and Greet, Alex and I experience a few looks when talking about meeting The Cranberries. We even had two ladies come up to us and freak out. I think they got the impression that Zombieguide was handing out Meet and Greets. We didn’t bother to explain it, so oh well. We then of course met board member Yusef. After some waiting around, and discovering are awesome seats (which were in the fourth row, only a couple of seats left from direct center), we met up with Yusef again, his friend, and two other ladies who had meet and greets also. We spent a good twenty minutes sitting in a nice little lobby section by the entrance to the dressing room. After Alex, Yusef, and the other two ladies talked about Cranberries stuff that I simply had no idea about, I saw Dolores lead the band in. Alex then scream “Oh My…” After Alex and Yusef and the ladies shook Dolores’s hand and gave her a hug, they moved on to talk to others. It was at this time I was standing by Dolores and we casually said “Hi” to each other. By now, most of you may think I was undeserving, but I’ll be the first one to admit it. After handing her my ticket and asking for her autograph, the nervousness kicked in and I muttered a choking “Thanks!!”


Most of my meet and greet was spent taking pictures for Zombieguide. It was then, that I saw Don, Dolores’s husband. I swear that for one second, I had mistaken him for wrestling superstar and legend, Hollywood Hulk Hogan. After slightly laughing to myself, I tried to get a picture of Dolores signing Alex’s poster. I was unable to do this however, as Don was always within five feet of Dolores and just gave me a blank stare. This image came to my mind, as I pondered whether of not to ask him to move please.


I thought it best not to ask him to move. He looked rather threatening. After Alex got all of his autographs, I handed him the camera back and then mingled with the band. Standing next to Fergal, he greeted me with a “Hi Again”. I shook his hand and apologized that we didn’t have any soiled napkins from $20 Super Dogs for him to sign. He just smiled and replied, “That’s good!”


After a minute or two, I went over to gather up the “swag” that we didn’t get signed, when suddenly; Don was coming after me with his flashlight!


All he said to me first was “Move’, while waving his flashlight around. I gave him a scared and confused look when he said again in a nicer tone, “You’re gonna have to move out of the way so you can take a picture of the band”. I suppose I am being hard on Don though. After all, what are we to him than just some snot-nosed little brats that want to get near his wife? After saying goodbye to the band, we were quickly led up to the ground floor again and back to our seats. It seemed like “meet and greets” are very nerve racking for the people in charge of protecting the band.


Well, that was it. I can definitely say that this was better than the Mistletoe Meltdown; however there was the lack of excitement of chasing down a bus to get a signature, as well as the time of near solitude given for a short interview. All in all, it was a great experience that I can’t wait to experience again!


One last word, sorry for the unprofessional pictures. My hand was shaking with nervousness like crazy; so much that I barely could hold down the button half way on the camera to focus it without taking a picture.

New French-only “TITD” promo

June 2, 2002  |  Comments Off on New French-only “TITD” promo  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

MCA France has released another version of the “This Is The Day” promo as a France-only release. The promo contains only one track, but does flaunt some variation in artwork over the previous release. The art seen on this version of the single mirrors the album cover art for “Wake Up” in Europe.

Source: Exclusive

Crans on “Very Best of Unplugged” comp

June 2, 2002  |  Comments Off on Crans on “Very Best of Unplugged” comp  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

According to a major Portuguese music news site, MTV in Portugal has released a brand new compilation earlier this week on May 27th. The disc, titled “The Very Best of MTV Unplugged,” features a variety of artists including Alanis Morissette, Bryan Adams, Sting, The Corrs, and of course, The Cranberries. The Cranberries’ featured track is “Linger”, which was included in their Valentine’s Day 1995 performance in New York for MTV Unplugged. We’ll let you know as soon as images of the new release are available!

Source: Cranberries-PT


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