“Live” DVD Released in France

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Retail stores in France and Germany are selling the DVD re-release of “Live” two days early. The Fnac store in Toulouse is confirmed to be selling the DVD. Other Fnac chain stores are likely stocking the DVD. Because of delays in Mexico, France is the first region to have the DVD in stores.

The bonus “photo gallery” only carries screenshots from the DVD and the jukebox only allows you to play audio from the concert.

According a post by Thomas on the Zombieguide Forums, the DVD video is not remastered: “They didn’t remaster it. The quality is the same as the 3 tracks we already had as bonuses for the Stars DVD.” Packaging is also minimal: “There isn’t any booklet. Just the DVD case.”

Check below for scans of the packaging and menu screen captures. Thanks to Thomas for the news and scans.

Dolores on “I Love the 90s Part Deux”

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Dolores O’Riordan appeared this week in several episodes of VH1’s “I Love the 90s Part Deux.” She appears in the 1990 episode talking about the Rugrats cartoon and in the 1991 episode talking about MTV Unplugged, among others.

VH1 cuts up celebrity interview clips and distributes them throughout every episode in the series, so we’ll see more of Dolores in the upcoming episodes, which debut every night this week. We will update this news page with her other appearences in the series, stay tuned…..

Don’t forget that there will be a special segment on The Cranberries’ “Zombie” in the 1994 episode which premieres Wednesday night at 10 PM EST. For the rest of the episodes, check the VH1 Schedule.

Click here to download a compilation of all of Dolores’s appearances of “I Love the 90s Part Deux” (DivX 5.2.1, 37mb)

1990 Episode
Other celebrities comment on how ugly the Rugrats babies are. Dolores pipes in that they have “massive heads, completely… BLAH!” When she says “BLAH,” VH1 uses an effect to stretch Dolores’s head to double its normal size.

1991 Episode
Dolores appears twice in the MTV Unplugged segment. At first, she says, “It’s great because it just makes you think about the music and not the style or the image.” A minute later, she says in a second clip, “The one that stuck out to me was the Nirvana one.”

1993 Episode
Dolores sings a line of Radiohead’s “Creep”: “I don’t belong here.” She then adds, “But we’re all creeps really, aren’t we?” Later, she announces the title of the movie Leprichaun and narrates that the leprichauns are are all “obsessed with money, money, money, money… uwaa!” while making her scariest possible face.

1994 Episode
The Cranberries get their own 3-minute spotlight. Several celebrities express their love (or hate) of the band. Comedianne Rachel Harris admits, “The Cranberries were an interesting band. I have to be honest, the reason that I found them interesting was the name Cranberries was weird. Cranberries: happy, red, juicy cranberries! They should have been called The Olives because that’s a little more robust and subtle.”

“I kind of was a little bit of a fan when they came out. She was kind of cute,” says Lit’s guitarist Jeremy Popoff.

“There’s something about those Irish female singers that just…. I’m going to say ‘raises my cockles,’ but I think you know what I’m saying when I say ‘cockles,'” jokes comedian Michael Ian Black.

Michael Colton proclaims, “Any band that names a song ‘Zombie’ automatically gets my vote!” (“Tanks/bombs/guns” jokes follow.)

Asked if he can imitate Dolores O’Riordan’s trademark yodel, Jamie Cullum responds, “I can’t really imitate it. I’d need someone to grab hold of my testicles to make it happen properly.”

But Dolores gets a chance to defend her yodel: “I didn’t think it was cool, but I just knew it was kind of different.”

Then several commentators try to sing the chorus of “Zombie,” with everyone except early 90s act Nelson falling flat on their face. (Though Nelson does an admirable job, in my opinion.)

1998 Episode
Dolores sings a line of Alanis Morisette’s “Thank You”: “Thank you silence.” In a segment about rave music, VH1 samples Dolores saying “boom” and makes a quick all-vocal dance beat (eerily similar to Björk’s new single “Triumph of a Heart.”). She then says, “I think you have to take something to get this music” with a knowing grin.

Thanks to several ZG’ers for the tip!

Source: Excusive

Elkland to Release “Salvation” Cover on Debut Single

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New York-based synthpop band Elkland is gearing up to release their first single, “Apart,” on February 1 on Columbia Records. The single contains a cover of The Cranberries’ “Salvation” as a B-side, though we can probably expect something more electronic than punk.

Elkland count Joy Division, The Smiths, New Order, and Björk among their biggest influences. In fact, the band recently got praise from the UK’s Record of the Day, who said “….no one else has recalled New Order quite so recently or so enjoyably.”

You can listen to their debut single “Apart” from Elkland’s website, with a video to come soon. “Apart” comes from their forthcoming 12-track album “Golden.”

Source: Press Release

The Cranberries “Live” DVD Released Today in Mexico

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Universal released The Cranberries’ “Live” on DVD today in Mexico. Mexico is the first region in the world to get the DVD.

Online Mexico-based retailer Mixup has the DVD available to purchase on their website for $189.00 pesos MX (~$16.85 US).

Sigma of the This Is the Day Cran Fan Club tells us that he preordered his DVD from Mixup and that they shipped his order today: “My online order is already done and accepted! I also asked about how long it will take to arrive at my home and they told me around 2 or 3 days, so… I’ll have it before Friday. Also, the pre-sale was until today so no more orders will be taken [for the pre-sale price].”

Update: A Universal representative told Sigma from the Zombieguide Forums that the DVD has experienced a delay and that it should be distributed within the next few days. Addiitonally, an email sent from MixUp to customers states:

Unfortunately UNIVERSAL MUSIC MEXICO had an important delay in the distribution of this edition. With all and the compromise that they had with is for this DVD’s delivery, this one will be after the date told, by the moment we still don’t have the new distribution date but in the moment we have more news we will tell you. That’s why we apoligize with you, because the delay in distribution is out of MixUp’s control.

Zombieguide will have a full report on the contents of the final DVD once some fans get their hands on it! “Live” will release on January 24 in Europe, February 2 in Japan, February 8 in the US, and February 9 in Canada.

Source: Exclusive

Cranberries to Feature in VH1’s “I Love the 90s Part Deux” 1994 Episode

January 11, 2005  |  Comments Off on Cranberries to Feature in VH1’s “I Love the 90s Part Deux” 1994 Episode  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

We’re not sure how they missed them the first time around, but VH1 is including The Cranberries in the 1994 installment of the new series “I Love the 90s Part Deux.”

Running with the theme that 1994 was “the most frightening year of the 90’s,” VH1’s summary page says, “Dolores O’Riordan was yodeling about zombies, Beck was singing in Spanish, and the Benedictine monks were chanting about. Only god knows what – literally.”

As has become the standard with VH1’s “I Love the…” series, we can expect other artists and celebrities to chime in with their memories of the song and any special stories they have about it — and probably some making fun of Dolores’s characteristic vocal tics as well.

You can catch the 1994 episode of “I Love the 90s Part Deux” when it debuts on Wednesday, January 19, at 9:00 PM EST in the US. It will also repeat several times, so check the schedule for more dates.

If you miss it, Zombieguide will cover it as soon as it airs, including a video capture.

Thanks to imnotblind for the tip!

Source: VH1

Rumor: Cranberries Could Play Tsunami Relief Irish Mega Gig

January 2, 2005  |  Comments Off on Rumor: Cranberries Could Play Tsunami Relief Irish Mega Gig  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Today’s Sunday Mirror published an exclusive scoop that organizers in Ireland are putting together two massive concerts to benefit Asian tsunami victims, and that members of The Cranberries may be asked to perform.

While most of the details are still not finalized, the massive benefit concert will be split between a Republic-sponsored Dublin concert and a UK- sponsored Belfast concert. Organizers would ideally like to see U2 headline the benefit concert. A host of other A-list artists to be invited to perform include Westlife, Brian Kennedy, Girls Aloud, The Corrs, Enya, Van Morrison, Daniel O’Donnell, The Undertones, Ash, Samantha Mumba, The Thrills, Christie Moore, Ronan Keating, and The Cranberries. Also invited are Irish- rooted acts Lisa Stansfield, Joe Elliott and Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones.

The article states that only a few artists have been contacted thus far, but that the interest has been “very, very positive.” If the Cranberries accept, they will play in Dublin. No date has been announced, but this would be pivitol, as Dolores is due to give birth in March.

The Irish government has already pledged 10 million Euro while the UK has pledged £50 million to sponsor such a gig, though the proceeds raised are expected to be much greater.

The concert will also be simultaneously broadcasted by the BBC and RTE. Pop star Dana, who came up the idea for the concerts, tells the Sunday Mirror: “I spoke on the phone to RTE Director General Cathal Goan and Mike Edgar at the BBC in Belfast last Friday and they were both very receptive to the idea. What we have in mind here is staging two concerts, one in Dublin, the other in Belfast in a hands-across-the-border co-operation style with both shows being broadcast on BBC and RTE simultaneously.”

Further details on concert venues are expected to be decided by next week.

Source: Sunday Mirror (Ireland)


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