Dolores O’Riordan in Collaboration with Graham Hopkins

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Former Therapy? drummer Graham Hopkins is collaborating with Dolores O’Riordan on her solo album, which is coming “soon” according to one of his other collaboraters. Hopkins will be playing drums on O’Riordan’s solo album.

Hopkins has played percussion on several big Irish albums, including those of The Frames and Gemma Hayes. His collaborations are so numerous that talk show host David O’Doherty teased him, “You’re probably the most thanked person after God in liner notes in the world with the amount of records that you play on.” Hopkins added that in between live gigs with his band Halite, “I’m drumming with various people doing bits and that and just generally having fun.”

This is the first news of Dolores in the studio in Ireland. Most of the past news came out of her sessions at Metalworks Studios in Toronto.

Source: Paula Toledo

Statue of Hogans’ Ancestor to be Erected in Downtown Limerick

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A statue commemorating Michael Hogan, a noted Limerick poet and ancestor of brothers Noel and Mike Hogan, is set to be built in the middle of the city, today’s Limerick Post reports.

An American decendent, Peter Hogan of Savannah, Georgia, donated over 10,000 Euro for a statue of Hogan, popularly known as the Bard of Thomond, to be erected in the city’s Castle Plaza, outside of King John’s Castle.

Hogan, who died in 1899, did not get much recognition — or wealth — for his work during his lifetime. It was not until 1924, 25 years after his death, that his Lays and Legends of Thomond was put into hardback edition.

In 1999, Noel and Mike Hogan funded a reprint of Lays and Legends of Thomond almost entirely out of their own pockets. Though Michael Hogan had no children of his own, the Hogan brothers are indirect decendents of the poet.

You can read the full article over at the Limerick Post. Thanks to an Irish fan for the tip.

Source: Limerick Post

Storm Thorgerson: Navajos Almost Confiscated Bury the Hatchet Art

April 19, 2005  |  Comments Off on Storm Thorgerson: Navajos Almost Confiscated Bury the Hatchet Art  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

In a new interview in promotion of his ongoing exhibition world tour, Storm Thorgerson revealed for the first time that a Navajo guard demanded to confiscate all of the film containing Bury the Hatchet’s cover art during the photo shoot — only to find out that it was a joke.

Thorgerson admitted to Fmagazine that he and his crew were trespassing on Native American reservation grounds in Monument Valley, Utah, to photograph the cover for Bury the Hatchet.

“So what did I have here in Monument Valley? I had an eye and a naked man. We were filming in what are the sacred lands of the Navajo Indians and out of nowhere in this big, wide-open space, a Navajo appears in a truck. He jumps out of the truck, a big huge guy, broad rather than tall, with incredibly jet-black hair and he walks over. We’re all going, ‘Oh my God, what is this, what’s happening?’ He comes over, puts his hand on my shoulder, and says, ‘I confiscate all your film and your props.’”

“He just appeared out of nowhere and he was built like a brick house. He had no neck at all, it just went from his head to his huge body,” he recalled.

Thorgerson, who said he’s never had his equipment confiscated, said, “For one moment, I was utterly terrified.”

“Then he burst out laughing and we start swapping e-mail addresses. We couldn’t believe it! It was absolutely hysterical.”

“You always worry as a photographer if they’ll take away your camera and confiscate your film. Then you’ll come back empty handed. Coming back empty handed is a very difficult to say to the client. If you say, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t have the shot,’ then it doesn’t sound very good. Most clients are very unimpressed. It’s easy to fail. It’s easy not to do it. So to not come back with a picture is like a cardinal sin. You always have to come back with something. If the stuff has been taken by police — or in this case, a Navajo — what are you going to say? Will the band ever believe you anyway? So when you get home, and you tell the band, they go, “Oh yeah right! Pull the other one! Are you fucking kidding? You must be mad! I’m not going to believe that!”

Thorgerson also got the chance to talk about the making of the Wake Up and Smell the Coffee cover: “We built a tower and put 100 gym balls on top of the tower. It has a tilting ramp. We’d bounce them off the tower and onto the beach. It was fantastic, absolutely fantastic, just the way I had imagined it. They all bounced like crazy.”

You can listen to them both at Fmagazine (Oct. issue) or download the audio clips for Bury the Hatchet and Wake Up and Smell the Coffee here.

Thorgerson’s US exhibition tour kicks off in Chicago on May 12.

Source: Fmagazine

Storm Thorgerson US Exhibition Opens in Chicago May 12th

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The 2005-2006 “Taken by Storm” US tour of the art of Storm Thorgerson will officially kick off on May 12, 2005, at Chicago’s Inspire Fine Art. Thorgerson, who designed some of the most iconic album covers in rock history, such as Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, created the covers for The Cranberries’ Bury the Hatchet, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee and Beneath the Skin: Live in Paris.

The US tour will be a continuation of the premiere exhibition in London that took place on September 21, 2004.

The Chicago exhibit will run from May 6th – June 5th, with the official opening night on May 12th. There will also be an “Experience the Storm” event on May 13th, and a fan club night on the 20th.

For those on the west coast, the “Taken by Storm” exhibit will be moving to Los Angeles (Glendale), CA, from July 31st – October 9th. The exhibit will be part of the larger “Art in Music” exhibition at the Forest Lawn Museum.

For more information on the upcoming US exhibitions, check for the latest information. You can also purchase prints from the site, including the 19′′ x 19′′ Bury the Hatchet print, limited edition of 125. The tour will be sponsored by and promoted by Media Bitch, who generously donated our “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” artist’s proof giveaway last fall.



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