Illawarra Mercury: “Zombie” Best Song of Summer 1994

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In their January 9th issue, editors of the Australian newspaper “Illawarra Mercury” compiled a list of the best songs of summer from the past 10 years, and The Cranberries’ are at the top of their list for the 1994-1995 season. In order to be considered, all songs on the list had to spend time at #1 on the Australian charts.

According to the paper, “Zombie” is one example of an “upbeat, party song that wedges itself so far into your head nothing short of a lobotomy is going to get it out… That song that is always being played in the car radio; the one that you’re singing in your head and you don’t even know how it got there. In fact, you didn’t even know you knew the words.”

“In the hottest months of the year we were listening to Dolores O’Riordan bang on about ‘their tanks and their bombs and their bombs and their gons’, Okay, the last word was actually ‘guns’, but her accent twisted it into ‘gons’. A serious song about the conflict in their Northern Ireland homeland, it might have skated under our… radar if it weren’t for the really cool grinding guitar that runs through the song. Released during the tail-end of grunge, it was a guitar sound we were used to.”

Here’s the full list of “Best Songs of Summer” that the editors picked for the past 10 years:

Other notable contenders of the past 10 years mentioned are No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” and Oasis’s “Wonderwall.”

Source: Illawarra Mercury Auctions 7 Cranberries Gold Awards for Charity

January 17, 2004  |  Comments Off on Auctions 7 Cranberries Gold Awards for Charity  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries, Sweden’s largest online CD, DVD, and game vendor, is teaming up with Universal Music Sweden to auction a series of gold and platinum award plaques for charity.

CeDe manager Eric Bachmann told German newspaper Blick,”Right now we have a minimum bid for each item. For Sting’s double platinum that includes an original autograph, we’ve set it at 1200 CHF ($960 US)… [there are] seven gold disks from the Cranberries. In addition platinum and gold from Sheryl Crow… all between 100 CFH ($80) and 300 CHF ($230).” Other Universal artists in the auction include Zucchero, The Cure, Andrea Bocelli, Texas, Metallica, and Tears for Fears.

The seven gold awards from The Cranberries are all in recognition of sales of 20,000 in Sweden for “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.” The seven plaques were presented to MCA, UMI International, Mike Hogan, Noel Hogan, Fergal Lawler, Jay Boberg (MCA President), and Lewis Kovac (former Cranberries manager). Currently, all seven stand at around 300 CHF, or about $230 US. The auctions end on January 22nd and you must be registered to bid.

The three charities receiving the proceeds from the auction are Terre des Hommes (Land of the People), Stiftung der Elternvereinigung krebskranker Kinder (Fund for Parents of Children with Cancer), and Susy Utzinger Stiftung für Tierschutz (Susy Utzinger Fund for Animal Protection).

Click the golden flash banner on the left side of to access the auction site. Changes Servers

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Although The Cranberries’ Official Website has been mysteriously inactive for months, a look at the website’s registration record suggests that there has been some movement behind the scenes, as the website was transferred this week to a different hosting company.

On January 6, the Official Website was transferred from Irish-based hosting company Elive to Atlanta-based Interland, a company that specializes in small- and medium-sized businesses. Elive was also Zombieguide’s previous hosting company. Elive had hosted the Official Site since it opened in January 1998.

A whois database lookup for the site shows that Alan McEvoy, The Cranberries’ longtime financial consultant, has been designated as the administrative contact after the band parted ways with former manager Lewis Kovac in September.

It appears that the bare-bones website for Timeless Music Management is still hosted by Elive and that no changes were made to the registration record.

In related news, the shopping cart function on the “Shopping” section of the site has been disabled, making it impossible to purchase anything from the site. (Update: Savannah has posted in the Forums that the shopping cart is working, although it still doesn’t functionn for us.)

No word on why the band’s administration ended their long-term relationship with Elive. The lack of any updates in the past 4 months caused some to fear the worst for the site’s future. However, the server move suggests that the site will be online at least for the foreseeable future.

As to when we’ll see an official update, that’s anyone’s guess. Until then (and even after then), stay tuned to Zombieguide for the latest Cranberries developments, official or otherwise.

Source: Exclusive

Ronan Keating Spreads Cranberries Christmas Joy

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On Christmas Day, Britain’s BBC Radio 2 invited Irish celebrity Ronan Keating to host an hour and a half special entitled “Ronan Keating’s Celtic Christmas.” Keating was not only hosted the show, but was given full control over what songs were played on the program. In a move that the BBC website called “surprising,” he chose a Cranberries song for the program, along with selections by fellow countrymen Christy Moore, Clannad, Thin Lizzy, The Pogues, and Jackson Browne.

No word on what song he played during the evening Christmas special.

Source: BBC Radio 2

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