November Gig Announced!!

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A press release was released yesterday on the official page announcing an intimate gig next month in Dublin for Saturday, the 11th as part of the Ericsson MTV Europe Music Awards 2000 Party. The release strongly hints at the possibility of new songs being performed, commenting that the band has just finished two months of recording and will perform a “limited” set. Tickets are extremely limited and available through many contests in Europe. Check the official page for all the info!!

Source: The Official International Cranberries Homepage

Official News

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The official page has updated with more news of the new album’s progress, although not written by a band member. Also some more tidbits of info about the DVD release that have already been known for awile have been posted. In addition, the “Live in Paris” VHS on CDNOW seems to be the Japanese version which will go on sale sooner than the US version. To read the update, click here. (LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Source: The Official International Cranberries Homepage

Remix Not New

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Apparently, the remix of “God Be With You” used in the film “Turks” was not brand new. Radio stations in Ottawa also broadcasted a remix of the song in 1998, so the mix can be traced back as at least two years old. Still no other info about the origin of the mix.

Source: Exclusive, thanks to Luc Levesque

New “Linger” Intro

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The Cranberries have changed the intro music for their mega-popular song “Linger”, and was played earlier this year at several festivals. We have this clip of the new beginning, taken from “Les Eurockéennes de Belfort”, a French festival this summer. Thanks to Jesus Castillo for the snippet!

New “Linger” Intro (MP3, approx. 500k) (LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Source: Exclusive, thanks to Jesus Castillo

“God Be With You” Remix in Movie

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Those in Australia got the chance to see a made-for-TV movie that aired last night titled “Turks”. It appears to have been American-made. The movie follows a character named Sergeant Turk and his son, which is where the title comes from. In one scene, an innocent man is charged with a crime that occured 18 years before. Meanwhile, in the background plays a newly-mixed version of “God Be With You”, the song Dolores originally recorded for “The Devil’s Own” in 1997. I will see if I can find more info about the movie itself — any other info appreciated.

Source: Johannes Schmidt

“Live in Paris” Aired Globally

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Over the past week, several TV stations across the globed have aired the entire unabridged “Live In Paris” (December 9th, 1999) concert that will be released on VHS and DVD. One such station, located in Australia, was Fox8 which ran the 90 minute show on Tuesday. This comes as no surprise, as some stations in Asia were able to broadcast the concert as early as April. In addition, the ending credits served as a major advertising space for the VHS and DVD, informing viewers about its January release. The easy capability of home-recording the show suggests that Image Entertainment is relying heavily especially upon the DVD extras to sell the show.

Source: Exclusive!

Exclusive: “Les Eurockéennes de Belfort” Details

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As announced earlier, French channel MCM aired highlights of the summer festival “Les Eurockéennes de Belfort” on Wednesday. Two songs were broadcasted:

1. Promises
2. Loud and Clear

Although short, it was described as “very electric” and also showcased Dolores’s new green guitar.

Source: Exclusive, thanks to Dan Lepalud

“Beneath the Skin” Videoclip

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Zombieguide is pleased to present a steaming video clip of the upcoming VHS & DVD “Beneath the Skin”, provided by The 2-minute clip of “Zombie” is encoded in Real Video Sure Steam to ensure the optimum video stream for your internet connection, anywhere from 28.8k to 100k a second quality.

“Zombie” live, from “Beneath the Skin” (Real Video Sure Stream) (LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

This clip is courtesy of

“Beneath the Skin” Preorders

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You are now able to preorder both the VHS and DVD of “Beneath the Skin” through and receive a whopping 30% off of the retail price.

Preorder DVD Retail: $24.99 DVDPlanet: $17.49
Preorder VHS Retail: $19.99 DVDPlanet: $13.99

Also, the release has now officially been pushed back to January 2nd.


MTV Europe Special to Air

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Once again, for those in Europe, there will be yet another Cranberries TV special airing. MTV Europe will be airing “All Time Top 10: The Cranberries”, which will feature the best video clips of the band. It will first air next Tuesday, October 10th at 10:00 PM and again on Sunday, the 16th at 1:00 AM. These times apply to most of western Europe, but be sure to double-check your listings locally.

Source: Exclusive, thanks to Jesus Castillo

Exclusive: DVD & VHS Cover, New Info.

October 3, 2000  |  Comments Off on Exclusive: DVD & VHS Cover, New Info.  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The first images of the upcoming DVD and VHS release have been released. Check out these exclusive high-res scans, with some gorgeous Storm Thorgerson art:

Included with these shots are some new info. Unfortunately, the release has been pushed back a week, making the new release date Janurary 2nd, 2001. However, to compensate, there have been even more extras added to the DVD! Including the previously announced stuff (see below), the omake section will include:

-“Technician’s Documentary”, showing all the steps that went into creating the DVD
-“How”, peformed live, 1993

In addition, the “Screensaver” extra announced previously has now been renamed as a “Looping art gallery”. This clarifies it a bit, as it will probably be album art as well as a variety of Thorgerson art from the BTH singles. This should assure people that this is not the “Salvation” screensaver found on the US “When You’re Gone/Free to Decide” single.

Once again I remind webmasters that if they borrow these images, please credit — I no longer tag pictures or use scripts, but they can be reinforced if needed. Please, don’t ruin it for everyone.

Coming Soon: Pre-orders for the VHS and DVD at 30% off

Source: Exclusive!

Czech Unplugged Show to Air

October 2, 2000  |  Comments Off on Czech Unplugged Show to Air  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

For those who get the Czech TV Program CT2, there is yet another Cranberries special this week. An unplugged Cran performance will be broadcasted this Friday, October 6th at 23:05, local time. (Hopefully this is not the MTV Unplugged show, but a new show instead).

Source: My Cranberries


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