“Audience” Magazine Cover Article

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A live shot of Dolores adorns the cover of a new issue of the European magazine “Audience”. The article mainly covers the recent leg of the “Loud and Clear” tour in Europe. Check it out:


Source: eBay

More Bonn Photos

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The Herald presents 11 exclusive pics from the recent Bonn gig, thanks toBernd Dittrich. These are a bit smaller than last time, so they should load better. If you check out pic #6, you’ll see that Bernd, who we now all envy, got to meet Fergal and Noel backstage (Bernd’s on the right). We may be able to get better quality shots up soon, so don’t forget to come back! [Update 6/22: Better quality photos below]

Exclusive Bonn Shot 1
Exclusive Bonn Shot 2
Exclusive Bonn Shot 3
Exclusive Bonn Shot 4
Exclusive Bonn Shot 5
Exclusive Bonn Shot 6
Exclusive Bonn Shot 7
Exclusive Bonn Shot 8
Exclusive Bonn Shot 9
Exclusive Bonn Shot 10
Exclusive Bonn Shot 11


Source: Exclusive, thanks to Bernd Dittrich

“Still Can’t…” Has Changed — Alot!

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You may have heard something about it, but not heard it for yourself. With the addition of “Still Can’t (Recognize the Way I Feel)” to the European setlist, the Cranberries have changed the song a bit, a la the new beginning to “Pretty”. I just got to hear the new version for myself last night, from the Bruxelles, Belgium show. Trying to describe a song is usually a bit tough, but put it this way — they’re giving the Yamaha a run for the money! There’s quite alot of keyboards now to the end, along with some added guitar chords. Quite a refreshing, new sound, and is probably one of the best benefits of collecting new live shows, as the band now won’t do any new songs for fear of bootlegging. (But won’t this only increase the demand for a new single, etc.?? That’s another rant…)

The show isn’t the best of quality, so I can’t wait til I get one with even better quality. Until then, I encourage you to check this one out.

Source: Exclusive (Editorial)

Free Cranberries Gig!

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According to cranberries.nets.pl, the venue for the upcoming Polish gig has been determined. The concert will take place Gdynia (in the north of Poland) on July 30th. What’s more? The concert will be entirely free, no tickets required! (I’m assuming there’s going to be alot of advertising to cover the costs…) Anyway, let’s just hope this doesn’t turn out like the free gig in Washington, DC awhile back, which ended up in a riot.

Official News

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Looks like a bittersweet mix of good news and bad news for European fans who planned on/are planning on attending gigs:

“Hello there! Yes, I know, it has been a long long time since I last wrote, my apologies, but we really have been busy. Right now I am on am on a small holiday, and as soon as I return I promise to write some more detailed stuff. There is however something important that I want to talk about right now.

A week ago on June 3rd, we were supposed to play a show near Leipzig in Germany, at the Woodstage Festival. As many of you may already know, we decided not to play the show. I understand that many of you were, and probably still are very angry or disappointed that we did not play. Let me try to explain why. We arrived at the venue, to receive bad reports from our crew. Firstly it was apparent that the security for the band could not be guaranteed. The backstage security to put it kindly was very lax. There was no guarantee for our safety, and our concern in the band goes mainly for our female front person Dolores. As well as the security issue, we also had a problem with the size of the stage. It was too small for us to set up the show we want to deliver. Upon booking the show, we were advised of completely different stage conditions. With these things in mind we decided not to play the show. Poor security was the main reason for our decision. Our sincere apologies to all Cran fans that made the journey to see us. We hope you will understand.

I also have an apology to our Scandinavian fans. We did a show in Umea, Sweden that we did not at all list on our website. This was not intentional, simply an oversight on our behalf. Ooops! Sorry. We will punish the webmaster.

Also, SPANISH FANS, some news for you. We have added an extra show in GIJON on Wednesday 26th July at the City Festival. We hope that this will also in some way make up for the cancelled Esparragorock show.

I am afraid I have some bad news for our Turkish fans. Our show there has been cancelled, as the promoter backed out. This is a situation beyond our control. It’s a real pity; we were so looking forward to playing in Istanbul.

That’s it for now. Many thanks to you all for your patience with us and this website.

Slan for now,


Source: The Cranberries Official International Homepage

Bonn Gig Photos

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We have a whole slew of new pics from the Bonn gig from June 1st. For those that were concerned about the Prague shots, Dolores is looking alot better in these pics…

Source: Ollis Homepage (German)

EXCLUSIVE: Bonn Concert, Setlist

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In case you weren’t aware, the Cranberries continued their Europe tour in Bonn last Thursday. Contributor Bernd Dittrich was luckly enough not only to meet Mike and Fergal before the gig, he also managed to snag the band’s setlist after the show! Check out the scan below. This is the same tracklist that the band played in Prague, but this is in the correct order.

Bonn Setlist:

Source: Exclusive, thanks to Bernd Dittrich

EXCLUSIVE: New Intro Music

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Another exclusive for you! Apparently, the band has now changed their pre-show intro music. The new music is described as “oriental” — a far cry from the intro music of past tours.

Source: Exclusive, thanks to Bernd Dittrich

EXCLUSIVE: Even More High-Res Prague Photos

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Zombieguide proudly presents six more exclusive photos from the recent Prague gig. Click below! (IMAGES NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Prague Gig 7
Prague Gig 8
Prague Gig 9
Prague Gig 10
Prague Gig 11
Prague Gig 12

Source: Exclusive, thanks to Bernd Dittrich

EXCLUSIVE: High-Res Prague Photos

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We bring you a hot exclusive: brand-new exclusive photo’s taken from last week’s gig at Prague, Czech Republic. These are GREAT shots, even though ameteurs. Great size for background wallpaper… Kudos to frequent contributor, Bernd Dittrich!

Prague Gig 1
Prague Gig 2
Prague Gig 3
Prague Gig 4
Prague Gig 5
Prague Gig 6


Source: Exclusive, thanks to Bernd Dittrich

Czech Magazine Articles

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Three new magazine articles have surfaced from the Czech Republic. The first one is from the Czech edition of Rolling Stone, whereas the other two are Prague concert reviews (with photos!). I can’t read them, but it’s nice to see that the second article gave the show a 4/5 stars.

Rolling Stone:

Lidove Noviny Review:

MF Dnes Review:

Source: “Everybody Else Is Doing It” Homepage

Prague Gig Review

May 25, 2000  |  Comments Off on Prague Gig Review  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Thanks again to our frequent contributor, Bernd Dittrich, we have an exclusive review of last Saturday’s gig.

“Hi Alex,
the concert in Prag was not on Monday, but on Saturday.
In opposite to the other concerts, they played in Europe on this tour, they played “Go your own way” and “I just shot John Lennon”. They didn´t play “You and me” and “Dying in the sun” this time.
I´m sorry, I don´t know the exact play list, but it was something like this:

Animal Instinct
Loud and Clear
Ode to my family
Desperate Andy
When you´re gone
Free to decide
Walzing back
Go your own way
Ridiculous Thoughts
Can´t be with you

I just shot J.Lennon
Just my imagination

As soon as I received the photos, I will send you some scans.
Greetings from

Source: Exclusive, thanks to Bernd Dittrich

Prague Gig and Poster

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For those that missed it, the Cranberries played a gig at Prague, Czech Republic, on Monday [correction: Saturday]. Hopefully, we’ll have pics and reviews soon, but for now, here’s a concert poster from the show.

Source: eBay

Sessions at West 54th Setlist

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The Sessions at West 54th homepage has uploaded the setlist for the upcoming Cranberries show. Televised tracks will be:

1. Linger
2. Desperate Andy
3. Promises
4. Zombie
5. Dreams

Yay. Same old, same old. However, “Desperate Andy” is one you won’t find everywhere, so that’s good 🙂 The show airs this Friday, May 12th. It’s a public TV show, so be sure to check your local listings for exact time and channel.

Source: “Sessions” Homepage

New Compilation

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Fans in New Zealand recently received a limited new compilation titled “Woman”, a collection of songs of female artists. The CD is being advertised on TV in the area and is available in stores. It’s an official item, marketed by Universal Music New Zealand Ltd/Sony Music Entertainment New Zealand Ltd. Tracks are:

1. Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like a Woman!
2. Jennifer Paige – Crush
3. The Corrs – What Can I Do
4. Mariah Carey – Without You
5. Celine Dion – Where Does My Heart Beat Now
6. Sheryl Crow – If It Makes You Happy
7. Janet Jackson – Runaway
8. Britney Spears – Baby One More Time
9. Jennifer Lopez – If You Had My Love
10. Gabrielle – Sunshine
11. Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (That Thing)
12. Des’ree – Feel So High
13. Stellar* – Part Of Me
14. Texas – Summer Son
15. Cranberries – Just My Imagination
16. Annie Lennox – No More “I Love You’s”
17. Jessica – How Will I Know (Who You Are)
18. Gloria Estefan – Don’t Wanna Lose You

Source: Thanks to Angela Brett

“You and Me” German MTV Version Tracks, Scans

May 5, 2000  |  Comments Off on “You and Me” German MTV Version Tracks, Scans  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Remember MTV Germany’s poll awhile back for the tracks to be included on the limited editon? The CD has been released and here are the results:

1. You and Me (Album Version)
2. Dreams (Album Version)
3. Zombie (Live, Enhanced Video)
4. Linger (Live, Enhanced Video)

As you may recall, the live tracks were recorded last December 9th in Paris for the upcoming “Beneath the Skin” VHS and DVD.

Source: eBay

Real Video Puerto Rico Performance

May 3, 2000  |  Comments Off on Real Video Puerto Rico Performance  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

El Foco has posted a RA clip of the Puerto Rico performance, which includes clips of “Promises” and “Animal Instinct”. Click here to download it. (LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Source: El Foco and The pretty Cranberries (Spanish)

Band Sues Universal?

May 2, 2000  |  Comments Off on Band Sues Universal?  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

European newspapers have been going wild with this recent story: The Cranberries are going to sue Island/Polygram/Universal for royalites. Is there any truth to this? Read the following article from Norwegian newspaper VG, translated by Frode Andersen

“Demand £ 2 mill. [Approx.]”
“The Cranberries sue their record company, Universal, for £ 2 millions [approx.]. The Irish popgroup claims that they have been conned for royalties in this amount for record sales outside of the U.K., in the time period between 1992 and 1997. The group has sold more than 30 million albums over the whole world during the last ten years.”

In case you’re not pound-friendly, £2 million is approximately $3.1 million US.

Source: Thanks to Frode Andersen

EXCLUSIVE: “You and Me” 2-track Single Scans, Tracks

April 30, 2000  |  Comments Off on EXCLUSIVE: “You and Me” 2-track Single Scans, Tracks  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Recently released is the 2 track version of “You and Me”. The single is a Euro-only release, although I was lucky enough to get it imported. Tracks are:

1. You and Me (Album version)
2. Dreams (Album Version)

Here are some exclusive high-res scans:

Cover and CD Scan
Back Cover Scan


Source: Exclusive

Zombieguide Exclusive: Yet More “You and Me” Video Stills

April 27, 2000  |  Comments Off on Zombieguide Exclusive: Yet More “You and Me” Video Stills  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Zombieguide Europe has posted 4 more exclusive shots of the You and Me video. Check them out here. (LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Source: Zombieguide Europe

EXCLUSIVE: Bury the Hatchet: Complete Sessions Scans

April 25, 2000  |  Comments Off on EXCLUSIVE: Bury the Hatchet: Complete Sessions Scans  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Thanks again to our contributor, Bernd Dittrich, we have scans of the just-released “Complete Sessions”. The inner art is very nice, as it is modern art-like renderings of BTH singles and related art. Also, the “eyeball” scene has been redone with a more surreal man facing the viewer (Put some pants on, man!). Enough of my yakking, check it out for yourself!

Digipack Outside
Digipack Inside Fold
Digipack Inside Art
CD Scans


Source: Exclusive, thanks to Bernd Dittrich

Zombieguide Exclusive: “You and Me” Video Stills

April 21, 2000  |  Comments Off on Zombieguide Exclusive: “You and Me” Video Stills  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The European leg of Zombieguide has an exclusive feature: screen stills of the “You and Me” Video! Check it out here. (LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Source: Zombieguide Europe

“Dreams” US Commercial

April 18, 2000  |  Comments Off on “Dreams” US Commercial  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

“Dreams” is being used in a US commercial for the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. The commercial can be seen mostly on the ESPN network. The song plays to past years’ highlights as well as to a CG computer animated cup.

Source: Exclusive, thanks to Cody Schaedler

Lots of Official News

April 16, 2000  |  Comments Off on Lots of Official News  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Source: The Cranberries Official International Homepage

“Hi, How;s it going?,

We are in Cadiz in the South of Spain. We were supposed to play the Esparrago Festival last night(15th April) but unfortunately the promoter cancelled the show because of the weather. We were all sitting in the lobby of the hotel, ready to go when our tour manager walked in and said that he was talking to the promoter and that it was unsafe to play the concert as the wind and rain were blowing directly onto the stage and there was a danger of electrocution. So, we said we would wait here until today(16th April) to see if conditions improved and we might be able to play this afternoon, but we’ve just been told that it’s not going to happen.

I feel really bad for all the people who were camping out.Our crew were down at the festival site all day yesterday and they said the mud and water was everywhere.So, our appologies to you if you were there, but I’m afraid the only person to blame is Mother Nature! Hopefully we can come back to Spain later this year and play somewhere else!

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, hopefully I’ll have better stuff to talk about next time,

talk to you soon,
(Cadiz,Spain 16th April)

Apr 16th 2000

How goes it out there in ‘Berry-land?

I’m sitting in our dressing room in Mexico City; last night’s show went great, we really had a ball! Brilliant audience here, as expected. Although I must apologise to all of you, as you had to wait for a few hours. Half of our equipment was stuck at customs in Miami and it didn’t arrive here ’till 8:00 and we had to delay the show ’till 9:00. But I was speaking afterwards to some people who had seen the show and they all said it was great. So hopefully tonight will be as good if not better (there’s always room for improvement!!!!).

There is a camera crew filming tonight also, because the two shows here were sold out and there were many people who couldn’t get tickets, so this is for you!! It will be shown soon on T.V. Azteca so watch out for it.

. Myself and Mike and Russ (our keyboardist) went out to the Pyramids here yesterday and it was amazing. We had a really cool guide called “Il Gorilla” who took us around for two hours, and then we had lunch with his family and friends. REAL Mexican food, nice and spicy yummm!! Dolores went out there today with her husband and they said that they really enjoyed it too.

Before we got here we were in Puerto Rico for the first time. We arrived there on Wednesday night and we did a quick rehearsal on Thursday. A few of us went out to Old San Juan with some friends that work with us, and did a bit of a pub-crawl; it reminded me a little bit of New Orleans, although everyone we met said it’s much better at weekends. Friday night was the gig, our first in a few months, and to be honest we had a really tough time because the sound on stage was crap. There was a deep “wooooh”type of drone going on for the whole show. Everyone was a bit pissed off afterwards because we thought the audience could hear it too, but luckily we spoke to a lot of people who said there was great sound out front, so that helped cheer us up!

Ok. I’d better go and start warming up as we are on in less than an hour, so I’ll talk to you soon,

(Mexico City, April 10th 2000)

Apr 14th 2000

The Cranberries returned to Ireland yesterday after three consecutive sold-out shows (in Puerto Rico and Mexico City).

The band returned to the road for their first performances in 4 months. Their equipment arrived late to Mexico City and the concert was delayed by 2 hours as the equipment arrived 30 minutes after the show was to begin at 7:00pm.
The audience response was intense and they sang almost every song for all three shows. The band experienced sound problems on-stage in Puerto Rico, but the sound out front was better then ever for all three shows. A new front-of-house sound engineer is working for the band who has previously worked for U2 and REM.

The DVD and Video cassette of “Beneath The Skin: Live In Paris” release has been delayed due to editing and authoring the DVD menu. It looks like August or September will be the new release date. The audio can be previewed next week, with the release of “Bury The Hatchet – The Complete Sessions” which hits the stores on 17 April 2000. Seven tracks are taken from the show, which was recorded in Paris last December.

Fans in Spain have been hearing “Dreams” in two commercials and the record company has added the single to the “Bury The Hatchet” album as a bonus disc. The album has re-entered the charts over the last two weeks rising to #20, after 51 weeks of release.

The 2000 Tour schedule has been updated and posted. Stay tuned for more updates.

New Media Articles

April 14, 2000  |  Comments Off on New Media Articles  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Two new magazine articles have recently surfaced in Eastern Europe. One is from a magazine called “Reflex”, where Dolores has the cover article. If you know Czech, check out the “Everybody Else…” page and see the text interview.


A second article from “TV” magazine (Czech) is an interview with Dolores after the recent APH Awards. Full page scan is below, including a pic of Dolores.


The Cranberries Press