More Webcasts Announced for Loud and Clear Tour

July 23, 1999  |  Comments Off on More Webcasts Announced for Loud and Clear Tour  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Check this out from the Walzing Back homepage:

“LaunchLive and IPIX images are going to make it possible to see The Cranberries live in concert via the internet while they are touring this summer. IPIX images has develloped [developed] a new technology that enables web-surfers to see imersive 360 degree videos. Their isn’t a lot of information released about this yet but I do know that you will need a Pentium 3 processor, a version 4 of Internet Explorer or Netscape, an Internet connection and a free membership from LaunchLive available here.”

You’ll need to go to for the free membership.

Well, sounds cool!

Source: Waltzing Back homepage (

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