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From the official page:

“August 9th 1999

Hi there, how’s it going?
We are back in the USA again. We kicked off our new leg of the “Loud and Clear” tour in Tampa, Florida two days ago. It was great to play again after our eight week break, and we weren’t too rusty (I think!!?).

We have changed our set list quite a bit since the last tour. Dolores asked us if we would be up for trying “God Be With You Ireland”, the song she wrote for a movie (The Devil’s Own). It sounds very powerful so I think it will be a permanent resident in the set for a while.

We did a video for “Just My Imagination” in Dublin just before we came over here it will be released (only in America) in a couple of weeks. I’ll see if I can put it up here for you.

O.K.,. that’s about it , I’ll talk to you soon,
All the best,


Hmmm… Just My Imagination will be a US-only release? Sounds like it to me! Cool!

I wonder what the video’s concept or director is? They may have stuck to Olivier Dahan again.

That’s the news for now.

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