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“Just My Imagination” Promo CD Pic

I finally got a scan of the “Just My Imagination” promo CD. Very plain.. not cover art. Take a look:


Source: eBay (

JMI Single Cover??

Now here’s where the speculation comes in. I think that the following image will be the cover for “Just My Imagination”:


Now why do I think this, you ask? As you can probably see, this is a pic from the postcards included with the program. NOW, each one of those postcards has coverart on them. On the back of each postcard, it says what the name of the CD it is that that art if from (Ex: Postcard with burning bear says “The Cranberries : Promises” on the back). On the last postcard with this image, it says “The Cranberries : Just My Imagination”. Judge for yourself.

Source: Exclusive!

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