All Tour Dates Cancelled

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This really should come as not much of a surprise. Due to Dolores’ delicate condition four months into pregnancy, all tour dates left on the European leg have been cleared. The official page explains:

“July 29th 2000

Hi, it’s me the bearer of bad news again. OK where to begin?? First of all we’d like to apologise to anyone who came to Zeebrugge in Belgium to see us, we didn’t make it there in time to play because our plane had broken-down and we had to wait for another one to arrive. So by the time plane no.2 arrived we had lost our slot to play.

And there’s more, as you have already heard we have cancelled our remaining four gigs. Dolores went for a check-up to her Gynaecologist and was recommended to get a lot more rest. She was flying from Ireland to the gigs in various parts of Europe and most flights were at least 2 1/2 hours long, so that’s 5 hours flying a day plus a concert. It’s hard enough to do that shit when you are fully fit, not to mind being 4 months pregnant. We have always said that health must come first, so apologies again to anyone who was due to see us, I’m sure you understand. The important thing is that both Dolores and her baby are fine. Don’t worry, we will be touring again when we finish this new album next year so we will DEFINATELY play these shows then.

Speaking of the new album we begin recording on the 21st of August in Dublin. We have six weeks booked and we have about ten songs. When we finish after that we will take some more time to write and rehearse and then finish off the album. We said we wouldn’t rush or put any pressure on ourselves, so when we think it’s ready, then we will release it. I’ll fill you in on all the latest going’s on in the studio and I also have some photo’s from the tour which I’ll put up when Rainer our webmaster gets back from holiday’s.

That’s it, apologies again,

Talk to ya’ later,


July 27th 2000

For health reasons, it was necessary to cancel the last 4 remaining “Loud And Clear Tour” shows in Spain (26th July) , Switzerland (28th July), Poland (30th July) and Denmark (12th August). As was earlier mentioned on this web page (see below) Dolores is expecting a child, and it was not possible for her to continue performing without health risks. The band wish to convey their deepest regrets to all fans who had planned to go to the shows.

A personal message from Fergal will follow soon.”

Source: The Cranberries Official International Homepage

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