New bootleg “Loud and Clear” released

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The volume of Bury the Hatchet-era commercial live bootlegs has been scarce over the past two years. Last year brought us “One’s Better Self”, “The Undead”, “Little Fruits”, and a few other titles basically all consisting of the April ’99 Germany show.

Now just recently released in Europe is the new bootleg, “Loud and Clear”. It marks the first, and only, live commercial bootleg of 2000. The show was recorded at the Theatre Antique de Fouriere on July 24th, 2000 in Lyon, France. This show also marks the last gig in the Loud and Clear 1998-2000 Tour. Although the tour is officially recognized as the 1999-2000 tour, the band kicked it off in Oslo, Norway in December 1998 for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. The back insert also bears the name of one brave man, Vince Dome, by stating that he recorded the show.

Tracks are:

1. Intro (new one)
2. Promises
3. Loud and Clear
4. Linger
5. Wanted
6. Salvation
7. Desperate Andy
8. Go Your Own Way
9. Daffodil Lament
10. When You’re Gone
11. I Can’t Be With You
12. Free to Decide
13. Waltzing Back
14. Zombie
15. Ridiculous Thoughts
16. You and Me
17. Just My Imagination
18. Animal Instinct
19. Dreams

My first encounter with this show was on eBay, from where the pictures came. I thought that because I hadn’t seen it elsewhere that the packaging, etc., was a one-of-a-kind homemade effort to peddle a live show on eBay. However, lately the CD has been popping up in stores across Europe. Sebas tells The Cranberries Herald that some shops across Spain carry the CD for a price tag of approximately $10 US.

Luckily, The Herald was able to get a copy of the show from a European trading friend. First, I can tell you that the quality is excellent if this Vince Dome person is an ameteur. Grading it, I give the quality a 9.5/10. In addition, The Cranberries Herald has some exclusive MP3 clips for all those interested in downloading. First is the brand new intro, which is quite suspenseful, and hopefully something we can look forward to for the next tour. Note that these are just sample MP3’s and the actual sound quality is better than I can capture.

New Intro (MP3, 435k)
Loud and Clear (MP3, 538k)
Ridiculous Thoughts (MP3, 481k)

Enjoy, and also check out the full size cover art, back art, and disc art. (No longer available)

Partial Sources: eBay, also thanks to Sebas

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