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We’ve seen bits and pieces of it over the last few months, but it has become more apparent with this latest news from the band’s official page. It seems that they are asking for fan input more than ever. Now, as the band prepares to go on a promotional tour next month, they plan to do a number of acoustic shows, playing about 10 songs at each gig.

With this, they are letting fans choose the setlist! Fans are to email cranberries @ with the subject MY 10 FAVOURITE SONGS and then to list their 10 favorite songs in the body of the email. Keep in mind they will be done acoustically, ie no “Delilah” submissions!

In addition to this, the official site recently polled fans to ask what kind of merchandise do they want most. Here are the results from that poll:

1. Videos
2. Posters
3. Coffee Mugs
4. Hooded Sweatshirts
5. Lithographs/Prints
6. Sweatshirts
7. CD Holders
8. Mouse Pads
9. Gold/Platinum Discs
10. Keyrings

New videos would be excellent. And in a result of complete irony, Coffee Mugs turned out high at the results, coming in at #3. Keep in mind that this poll was well before the title of the new album was revealed — “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”. Now, I ask you, what could a better tie-in?

But in addition to the poll, the official page is looking for even more input: “What artwork and design motifs you would like to see?”. Fans are asked to submit written suggestions only to cransurvey @, no artwork submissions.

And lastly in related news, many web users have been complaining about the difficulty of loading the new Thorgerson-designed Flash official site. DigialCC has begun work on an HTML version of the official site, due online in August.

Oh, and in case you’re vaguely wondering, here is what The Herald is submitting as our Top 10. Note the overabundance of B-sides. Now you figure that everyone is going to be submitting stuff like “Linger”, so what we would like to see is the band pick up and play some rare songs again!

10. Zombie
9. I Can’t Be With You
8. Daffodil Lament
7. False
6. The Icicle Melts
5. I’m Still Remembering
4. Paparazzi on Mopeds
3. Away
2. What’s On My Mind
1. Like You Used To

Source: Official International Cranberries Homepage

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