Telehit to air new interview Sunday in Mexico

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Telehit, a major music channel out of Mexico City, will be airing a brand new interview with The Cranberries this Sunday. Telehit is a subdivision of Es Mas, as the interview was listed on the official page last month.

The new interview was conducted by host Diego right inside Windmill Lane Studios, where the band was recording “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”. A commercial is also being shown on Telehit for the interview and shows some teaser clips of it. The band says hello to Mexico at the beginning of the clip and then short clips of other topics are shown. Dolores then says that their music is very emotional. In the next teaser, the band says that there is no specific technique to their writing, but rather the music just “flows” from themselves.

The hour-long interview will air Sunday July 8th at 5:00 PM and again at 11:00 PM (Mexican Time).

Thanks to Alfonso for the news.

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