The Cranberries discuss “Wake Up” with Telehit, part 1

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As we reported to you yesterday, Mexican television station Telehit will be airing a brand new interview with the band on Sunday. We now have the first glimpse of that interview from the commercial airing on the station.

The commercial opens with shots from “Linger” and then “Dreams”. Then, the narrator begins, “She’s the third richest woman of the United Kingdom,” with a quick flash to a shot of Dolores’s eyes. “… and she’s aware of its social environment. She commands a band, one of the greatest.” Then it proceedes to a clip of “Zombie”. “They are The Cranberries, they have four albums and great songs, and they talked to us about their new album from Windmill Lane Studios where they have finished the recording of their fifth album.”

The video then cuts to a shot of Dolores and the band, as they say hello to Mexico. The screen then cuts to Dolores, saying, “You know, the Cranberries’ music is very emotional. We don’t have a certain technique to write our songs, it just flows from us.”

Look for Part 2 when the interview airs on Sunday. Thanks to Alfonso for the news.

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