The Cranberries discuss “Wake Up” with Telehit, part 2

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As we reported earlier, a brand new interview with the band was aired last night on Telehit in Mexico. We have a detailed look at the new interview, thanks to Alfonso. If you missed Part 1, check past news.

The special aired with clips of the band’s videos, including, in order: “You and Me”, “Free to Decide”, “I Can’t Be With You”, “Ode to My Family”, “Salvation”, “When You’re Gone”, and “Promises”.

After the intro was over, we finally were able to get a glimpse of the band. Dolores, clad in a black shirt and black suit, sat comfortably and “looking beautiful” with the rest of the band. Diego, who hosted the show, asked, “How was the recording of this album?”. Dolores responded, “It was a quick recording,” adding that they finished it in Dublin in four or five weeks. Dolores then went on to discuss her babies, and then to explain that their music is emotional, not technical (see Part 1 for more on this).

Diego told the audience that he was able to hear 6 of the new tracks of “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”, and he commented that they were “heavy”, but that two of them were “softer” than the rest. “That’s our style, there are many things like anger, sadness, or happiness, those kinds of things move you to write in a particular way,” responded Dolores.

So what kinds of music do the band members enjoy? All agreed that they liked genres such as electronic much more than they do boy-/girl-bands.

“The promotional tour will begin in August and the gig tour early next year,” Diego told the audience. But will they be touring Mexico? “Yes! Of course! Definitely!” the band promptly replied. “Next year?” Diego inqired. “Yeah, next year,” said Fergal. Dolores also added, “Or maybe before, but only for TV or radio”.

So what does the band do in their free time? All four said they enjoyed the cinema, etc. Dolores said that one of her recent favorites is “Hannibal”, and that in the end, you see the story in a much different perspective.

“There’s so much conciousness in this album, about things that are really important,” said Dolores about their new work. Fergal had his own spin about it, saying, “Not everything in life is work.”

Now that “Bury the Hatchet” is over two years old, what does the band think in retrospect and how does it compare with “Wake Up”? “Bury the Hatchet was like looking into the past and starting all and starting all over again, but this album is like looking forward, like moving on,” said Dolores. Frequent readers of the Herald will recall that this statement mirrors Dolores’s interview with MTV Italy last year. At that time, she said, the new recordings were “kind of like moving on and starting a whole you thing, you know? So it’s kind of like beginning again in a way.”

The band also mentioned about touring with R.E.M., recalling the brief tour that the two did together in 1995. They said that they were still in touch with the band that that they are very down-to-earth people.

Lastly, what current artists does the band admire? It’s a varied and somewhat bizarre list, to say the least. Here were their responses: U2, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Eminem, Dido, Annie Lennox, Sinead O’Connor, and others. Thought- provoking, to say the least.

Many thanks Alfonso for the info.

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