MMM considers “I&I” feature

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We earlier reported to you that Canadian music channel MuchMoreMusic is going to prepare a new documentary, “The Story of,” on The Cranberries. We now have new info on this and the possibility of another special from MuchMoreMusic thanks to Vance. Here’s a copy of the email he received from host Bill Welychka:

Vance, We’re currently looking into going to Ireland in August for The Story of. AND, a possible I&I in September. It’s all to soon to tell….but stay tuned!

Bill Welychka Host/Producer – MuchMusic/MuchMoreMusic

So what is “I&I” ? “Intimate and Interactive”, a small, private gig that stays true to its namesake. It is said to be “the coolest hour you could spend with a band”, so we wish them the best of luck in getting a green light on the project.

Thanks to Vance for the news.

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