Exclusive: Hi-Quality “Analyse,” “Time is Ticking Out,” “Carry On” clips

July 19, 2001  |  Comments Off on Exclusive: Hi-Quality “Analyse,” “Time is Ticking Out,” “Carry On” clips  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

?Following our last posting of low-quality “Analyse” clips, Zombieguide has been fortunate enough to acquire high-quality clips of “Analyse”, along with two other songs (and possible future singles), “Time is Ticking Out,” and “Carry On”.

Unlike the last set of clips, these new MP3 clips are of CD quality and slightly longer than a minute each.

Analyse High-Quality Clip (MP3 format, 2.4 MB) (link no longer available)
Time is Ticking Out High-Quality Clip (MP3 format, 1.5 MB) (link no longer available)
Carry On High-Quality Clip (MP3 format, 1.8 MB) (link no longer available)

“Carry On” sounds to be a beautiful, quite personal song, in the vein of the EEIDSWCW? B-side “What You Were”. Meanwhile, “Time is Ticking Out” sounds overly familiar, thanks to the early clip we heard from last November. It’s a double-sided song, weaving environmental awareness with a love theme.

Many thanks to an anonymous fellow Cranfan for the clips!

So what are your opinions about the new track? Head over to the discussion boards and join in.

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