MCA reprimands Edge 102 over “Analyse” airplay

July 21, 2001  |  Comments Off on MCA reprimands Edge 102 over “Analyse” airplay  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

While roaming the streets of downtown Toronto, I stopped by Edge102, the radio station famously known for being the first to play The Cranberries latest single, “Analyse”. Curious to know how they got a hold of the promo three weeks early, I questioned them about it. Though they didn’t answer my question, their response wasn’t nearly what I expected. The deejay started to laugh and said, “Hee hee, we actually got in trouble for that !” He went on to tell me that the band didn’t really mind, but it was the record company who emailed them complaining about it (Apparently because of promotional purposes). But I’m sure we all are very content with Edge102’s mistake… How much longer could our eager ears wait to hear some new Cran-tunes?

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