The Cranberries announce US promo tour cities

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On his section of the official site, Fergal has confirmed that they will begin their promo tour in North America and will later continue to Europe.
Confirmed cities/locations for the August promo tour are:

· Los Angeles
· Boulder
· Chicago
· Minneapolis
· New York City
· Canada

More details on exact events and dates will come shortly. Meanwhile, the video shoot for “Analyse” will take place in London on August 3rd and 4th. The promo tour will then follow shortly, with live semi-acoustic performances. For September, the band will be in Europe, doing similar performances as in the US.

Fergal also responded to the “Top 10 Acoustic” poll, commenting that the band didn’t expect to see “Empty” and “Ridiculous Thoughts” on the list.

The HTML version of the site is still in production and should be ready late August. In other official site-related news, the mysterious “Open Gate” section which used to feature a confusing tomato thrown at the screen, now has a purpose. It will now be called “WUASTC”, featuring news and info on the album.

Ferg also recommends that if you’re a Formula 1 fan, you should definitely see a live race. “I was at the Silverstone Grand Prix in England last weekend to support the Jordan Team, and boy, what an experience! The sound from the engines just takes your breath away! Woo-hoo! It seems faster too, than it looks on TV,” he wrote.

Source: Official International Cranberries Homepage

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