French “This is the Day” single TBA

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Reputable French music television station M6 Music has revealed a limited French release will soon be making its way to store shelves. Previously- announced track “This is the Day” is currently scheduled for a release sometime in the near future as a single for France.

It is unknown if the track could be the second single from “Wake Up” or if it will be a France-only release. Non-single album tracks have a reputation of being very popular in France, where “Shattered” made it to the Top 10 radio airplay shortly after the release of “Bury the Hatchet”. Limited singles are also no strangers — recall that France got the very limited “Hollywood” single in 1997. If the track is indeed only limited to France, both “This is the Day” and “Analyse” may be competing for radio airplay.

Rolling Stone, who presumably got to hear the track, described it as “anthemic”.
MCA has yet to confirm the news, but we’ll have more info as it’s available!
Thanks to Dan for the news.

Source: M6 Music

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