First Roxy gig details, setlist

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This past Tuesday, The Cranberries performed at Los Angeles’s The Roxy, their first public performance since last November. We now have first details from the show, including an incomplete setlist.

The first part of the show was:

1. Zombie
2. Analyse
3. Time is Ticking Out
4. Free To Decide
5. Linger
6. Animal Instinct
7. Never Grow Old
8. When You’re Gone
9. Dreams
10. Promises

However, after the first ten songs (done semi-acoustically), the band returned a short time later with a short encore of new songs. We do not yet have the listing of these, but perhaps we’ll have them shortly.

Before playing the new track “Never Grow Old”, Dolores explained that she wrote it after the birth of her second child Molly, now six months old. Also noteworthy is that Noel was absent for the concert. Backup guitarist Steve Demarchi took his place.

Look for more on the Roxy show very shortly — an exclusive full-fledged review will soon be available at Zombieguide Concerts!!

Partial Source: Cranberries Tape Trader

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